Wednesday, May 22, 2019

EltaMD: the Ultimate in Sun Protection

     In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month we wanted to create our beautystoredepot divas a simplified guide to Dermatology’s premiere sun care brand EltaMD.  EltaMD stresses the importance of protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays and informs us of the negative interactions and contributions the sun can potentially create in our skin and inside our bodies.  EltaMD says sun protection “is essential to good health and contributes to a sense of well-being” and we completely agree!  Here are some essentials to help with your decision on what EltaMD sun care best suits your skin care needs and compliments what you need from your protectants for just face, just body or BOTH.
     For the face, the top selling products will be both the EltaMD UV Clear and UV ReplenishEltaMD UV Clear is unique in that it is formulated for acne-prone, hyperpigmented and rosacea-prone skin types.  Containing both physical and chemical sunscreens, this liquiform protectant also contains 5% Niacinamide helping blemished skin as well as discoloration.  For drier, stressed skin types EltaMD has formulated their NEW UV Replenish SPF 44.  This wonderfully silky SPF lotion contains 100% Physical sunscreen protectants (10% transparent Zinc Oxide as well as 5.5% Titanium Dioxide) for gentle yet powerful sun protection!  What sets UV Replenish apart aside from the that is the infusion of hyaluronic acid that keeps drier, dehydrated skin “replenished” and looking supple under the Summer sun.  Other EltaMD options specifically for the face are: UV Elements, UV Daily, UV Facial and UV Physical.
     As for the body, EltaMD has covered all bases with: UV Aero, UV Lotion, UV Sport and UV Spray.  The two most popular being UV Aero and UV Sport.  UV Aero SPF 45 most notably because it is a continuous spray making it easy on the applicant by allowing for application in the hardest to reach places.  This oil-free, full-body sunscreen was created for all skin types with both physical and chemical actives providing fast, convenient protection for everyone!  Not far behind is the EltaMD UV Sport SPF 50 designed for a more active consumer.  This formulation does not rinse off in water and will not drip into eyes with perspiration.  It contains an 80 minute wear before re-application is encouraged making it ideal for use by outdoor athletes, children or those who are in for an extended hike or a long day out on the beach.
     Not really someone who wants two products for face AND body?  EltaMD kept this in mind and created two simplified sunscreens UV Pure and UV ShieldEltaMD’s UV Pure SPF 47 is a 100% physical sunscreen that embodies almost everything about a traditional physical sunscreen.  It is a thicker consistency that will benefit from emulsifying in hands prior to face and body.  Next is EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 that contains both physical and chemical sunscreens allowing for a sheer, lightweight formula.  It blends easily into the skin with no residue making it wonderful for those with normal to oily skin types.
     From simply walking down the street to extended family beach trips, sun protection is vital to the skin’s survival.  We encourage you to relay any questions to our exemplary customer service team to fit you in the best EltaMD sunscreen to get you through these blazing summer months and for year around protection.  We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous summer and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot


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