Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Clarisonic Versus PMD Clean Start.....and the winner is??

Let me first start out by saying, if you aren't already using some sort of cleansing brush then I would strongly encourage you to do so immediately.  Not only will a cleansing brush or device clean your face between 2-5x better than a washcloth or using your hands, but it will also allow your product to penetrate deeper and provide much better results.  Now that we have covered this.....we can move on to the battle!

I have been a Clarisonic girl for almost 15 years now.  I purchased my first one in my mid to late 20's and have been hooked ever since.  I was swayed to try a Foreo by a rep a few years back and loved the fact that there would be no more replacement brushes, but couldn't get behind the way I held the device and it just didn't feel as if my face was getting as clean.  But, since we recently added to our inventory the PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device and since it has been a few years, I decided to give it a whirl.

I get the PMD home and open the box....already dreading the whole having to charge it for a few hours before use, BUT much to my surprise there are no plugs and it is battery operated.  This is automatically a plus for me.  Why you ask?  Well this means no more bathroom needed counter space for the base AND no wires.  I was still curious to see if it would have the same amount of power behind it, but it definitely does!

It did take a few days of me getting use to not having the feel of the brush head.  I also had gotten use to seeing the brush head get dirtied up with my makeup and/or product...I know, kind of strange, but it was good to see how much was coming off and I felt like once it was clear I knew my face was completely clean.  However, I am not the best at replacing my brush heads and it can get really disgusting underneath.  Additionally, the expense of having to replace the heads definitely adds up.

I have now been using the PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device for two weeks and I am in love!  My skin actually looks smoother which completely surprised me as I was only hoping for it to match the Clarisonic. I have officially made the switch and below are the reasons why.

  • PRICE - The PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device is significantly less expensive than a Clarisonic (Clarisonic ranges from $129-$350 and the PMD is only $99).  In addition, you no longer have to replace brush heads which is yet another savings.  My battery is still going strong after two weeks, so I definitely feel like this expense will be far less than the cost of replacing brush heads.  
  • EASIER TO USE - The PMD is lighter than the Clarisonic and thinner so it's even easier to grip and use.  
  • NO MORE CHARGING! - It would never fail that my Clarisonic would need to be charged at an inopportune time....but not any more!  As long as I have a battery, I am good to go!
  • MORE COUNTER SPACE AND NO MORE WIRES! - This is a complete personal preference, but I am enjoying the extra counter space since I no longer have the base AND really loving not having any wires.  Granted, I could have kept it underneath my bathroom sink, but when you are charging it so often, it just ultimately ended up staying out.  
  • SIMILAR IF NOT EXACT MODES - The PMD also offers 3 different speeds along with the anti-aging massage option.'s official.  I am now a PMD Clean girl!!  Give it a try, I assure you you won't regret it!

Until next time.....stay you and stay beautiful!

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