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Osmosis - Harness the Power of a Healing Balm

Harnessing the Power of a Healing Balm
 6/18/2018  Osmosis Skincare  0 Comments

Whether it's just seasonal or climate-based dryness, a high caffeine diet, or a result of over-exfoliation, sometimes your daily moisturizer just doesn't cut it and you need something that packs a little more punch. Continuing on our journey through the Moisturizing Collection, we are thrilled to dive into the power of Remedy Healing Balm, an ultra-hydrating mask that works to repair the barrier instead of "coating" the skin. It's just the boost of soothing moisture you need when dry skin takes its toll.

Remedy is chock-full of anti-inflammatory and healing agents that work to encourage and support the skin's natural recovery functions, soothing irritation and alleviating redness. It reduces visible signs of stress in the skin while preventing further damage.

Ingredients to Love

Shea Butter

Rich with hydrating and conditioning agents that contain a fatty acid profile (crazy good for the elasticity of the skin) and assists with protection and cellular repair.

Licorice Root Extract

Contains a high content of potent antioxidants, while providing anti-inflammatory, lightening, calming, soothing, and immune-boosting benefits. It helps to normalize oil production while fading dark spots and blemishes, PLUS it offers anti-aging properties. This powerful ingredient just about does it all!

Gotu Kola Leaf Extract

An antioxidant-rich plant extract that delivers a source of amino acids to assist in healing and minimize scarring. It also contains soothing properties!

Wild Cherry Bark Extract

Has historically been used to treat rashes, psoriasis, and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties as it helps to soothe, detox, and heal.

When to Call on a Healing Balm

When you need more than a sheer daily moisturizer, healing balms may be your answer. If your skin is not taking to a lighter moisturizer, it most likely means there is a greater underlying problem and the skin is in need of repair. Remedy is excellent for sunburns, post-procedure, and other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis to promote healing of the irritation and soothe redness.

PRO TIP: This can also be used as an intensely hydrating sleep mask because of the thick viscosity. Apply to the face before bed and wake up with a smooth, supple complexion.

Shop your Healing Balm here!


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