Monday, November 26, 2018

A Hidden Gem....Brave Soldier

Having been in the beauty industry for almost 15 years now, I have tried my fair share of products.... most especially facial cleansers.  I have used over the counter facial washes, incredibly expensive, anti-aging, mid-grade.....seriously, you name it and I have probably tried it at some point and time.

However, I have now been using the same facial cleanser for 2 years and I have no plans on switching.  This cleanser always provides an amazingly fresh feel, incredible clean, and manages to replace moisture that I loose throughout the day.  It has also now become my 9 year old daughter's favorite face wash too!  She has just recently started struggling with an occasional blemish and ever since she began using this face wash, her blemishes have decreased substantially.

So what is this amazing face wash?  How much is it going to cost me?  Both of the answers will most likely surprise you.  It's the Brave Soldier Clean Skin and it is only $18.00 for 8 ounces!!!  That's right ladies and gentlemen....$18!!!!  And it only takes a small amount per use too.  When it was just myself using the face wash, it would last me for around 6 with my daughter and husband using it...well, let's just say it definitely doesn't last as long, but still a completely amazing value.

Another hidden gem from Brave Soldier is the Shower Shave.  This is another fantastic value at only $18 and I love the fact that it's another product that my hubby and I can share.  This doesn't only save us money, but also saves shower space....which can prove to be a challenge.  The Shower Shave helps to provide me with an incredibly close shave and leaves my skin smooth and silky.  Better yet is that both of these products come in a sturdy and easy to use pump.

Want your chance to win a full size Clean Skin for yourself?  Simply comment on this blog with your holiday wish and email and we will randomly select a winner....or maybe even two...I am feeling a bit "Santa like" today. 

Don't forget, if you ever have any beauty questions or concerns feel free to contact our friendly customer service team toll free at :  1-800-926-5219 or over live chat.  

Until next time.....stay you and stay beautiful! 

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel - What Is It & How Does It Work?

If you are like me and you hear the word "Peel" in regards to skin care, treatments, procedures, etc. and you automatically think of all of the post procedure photos of people with red, peeling skin and it usually looks really painful. So you think, "I really want my skin to look refreshed, younger and rejuvenated, but that looks like it hurts, so is it worth it?" What I can tell  you is that yes, the chemical peels that result in all that redness, peeling and irritation are effective and can produce incredible results, but the truth is, you don't necessarily have to undergo all of that to have great results.  It's true! Though the word "peel" makes most people think their skin should peel off, there are peels on the market that don't actually make you peel? Weird, right? Well then why call it a "peel"? I don't actually have an answer for that, but I CAN tell you about a new peel-less peel that works fabulously without the pain, peeling and irritation AND it can be done at home!  The product is Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel. 

How does it work? This maximum-strength exfoliant delivers powerful results with no downtime. It is composed of a unique complex of phytoactive AHA extracts, Lactic Acid and fermented plant enzymes helps reveal new, firmer skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing dulling surface debris without causing dehydration. In additoin, a Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme and Rice Bran Extract help even skin tone by resurfacing the skin and accelerating cell turnover while smoothing Australian Caviar Lime Extract brightens skin for a more radiant complexion. 

Sounds pretty great, right? I can attest to that. I have been very please with the results of this peel.  Dermalogica  recommends a  kick-start phase for users looking to achieve accelerated results. Start your Rapid Reveal Peel regimen by using one tube every day for 3 days. After the third day, transition to using one Rapid Reveal Peel tube every week. I chose the accelerated kick-start and have been very impressed. So if you are interested in a chemical peel, but too afraid to dive deep into the more intense peels, then this product is for YOU! Give it a try and you will notice results after the first use! Rapid Reveal Peel comes in a 10-pack (0.1 US FL OZ / 3 ml per peel), complete with travel bag and suction cup for increased visibility and ease of use. Get yours TODAY and get fabulous skin for all of your Holiday plans! 

How To Use Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Osmosis - Harness the Power of a Healing Balm

Harnessing the Power of a Healing Balm
 6/18/2018  Osmosis Skincare  0 Comments

Whether it's just seasonal or climate-based dryness, a high caffeine diet, or a result of over-exfoliation, sometimes your daily moisturizer just doesn't cut it and you need something that packs a little more punch. Continuing on our journey through the Moisturizing Collection, we are thrilled to dive into the power of Remedy Healing Balm, an ultra-hydrating mask that works to repair the barrier instead of "coating" the skin. It's just the boost of soothing moisture you need when dry skin takes its toll.

Remedy is chock-full of anti-inflammatory and healing agents that work to encourage and support the skin's natural recovery functions, soothing irritation and alleviating redness. It reduces visible signs of stress in the skin while preventing further damage.

Ingredients to Love

Shea Butter

Rich with hydrating and conditioning agents that contain a fatty acid profile (crazy good for the elasticity of the skin) and assists with protection and cellular repair.

Licorice Root Extract

Contains a high content of potent antioxidants, while providing anti-inflammatory, lightening, calming, soothing, and immune-boosting benefits. It helps to normalize oil production while fading dark spots and blemishes, PLUS it offers anti-aging properties. This powerful ingredient just about does it all!

Gotu Kola Leaf Extract

An antioxidant-rich plant extract that delivers a source of amino acids to assist in healing and minimize scarring. It also contains soothing properties!

Wild Cherry Bark Extract

Has historically been used to treat rashes, psoriasis, and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties as it helps to soothe, detox, and heal.

When to Call on a Healing Balm

When you need more than a sheer daily moisturizer, healing balms may be your answer. If your skin is not taking to a lighter moisturizer, it most likely means there is a greater underlying problem and the skin is in need of repair. Remedy is excellent for sunburns, post-procedure, and other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis to promote healing of the irritation and soothe redness.

PRO TIP: This can also be used as an intensely hydrating sleep mask because of the thick viscosity. Apply to the face before bed and wake up with a smooth, supple complexion.

Shop your Healing Balm here!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pevonia - Classic and Timeless Beauty

In the world of skin care, there are a few names that are synonymous with the words "Classic" and "Timeless". You may think of product lines such as Estee Lauder or Chanel when you think of those words and skincare combined. One name that you may or may not be familiar with is Pevonia. Pevonia has been a premier company in the world of skin care and were the first company to develop a Spa Skincare Line exclusively for elite spas and Professional Aestheticians (Estheticians for us US folk!) Pevonia's first skin care products launched in 1991 by combining effective, natural and safe skincare ingredients with decades of skincare knowledge and experience. 

This Holiday Season, Pevonia and have teamed up to provide our customers with an exclusive by providing a deluxe sample of their Lumafirm Body Moisturizer Firm and Glow to try-on and indulge your skin with this powerhouse treatment. Pevonia's Lumafirm Firm & Glow quickly firms, smooths and brightens tired, stressed skin.  With a creamy consistency, skin will feel invigorated with hydration.  Additionally, Lumafirm Body Moisturizer can counteract hyperpigmentation! Sounds ideal right? In addition to the Lumafirm, beautystoredepot customers will also have the opportunity to try Pevonia's Award Winning Myoxy CaviarTimeless Balm Cleanser. The Timeless Balm Cleanser is an anti-aging, sulfate-free, foaming cleanser for dry, mature skin with lines, wrinkles and loose, sagging skin. This cleanser also removes makeup and debris to refresh, hydrate and repair without drying aging skin. Pevonia's Myoxy Caviar products are formulated with up to 19 vitamins and contain iron, magnesium and phosphorus which are needed by cells to utilize oxygen more efficiently and to improve cellular metabolism. It also improves mitochondrial ATP which restores and recharges cells to function at a higher capacity. It contains phospholipids that are nourishing and restoring for the cellular membrane. Pretty brilliant! Create and improve your timeless classic beauty and prevent your skin from showing all of the tell-tale signs of aging with the help of these 2 incredible Pevonia products.

So, "How can I try these awesome Pevonia products?" you might say.  Beginning Black Friday (yes, the day after Turkey Day), on orders $125 and up you have the opportunity to qualify for's exclusive (and Famous 😉) Black Friday Swag Bags containing some of's most amazing and most loved products. 

Be sure to keep an eye out on our website, and social media for our exclusive Black Friday sales and swag bags and be sure to take advantage of our exclusive savings! 
And that's NOT ALL! is also having free product giveaways! Submit your answer, photo, etc. and you could be one of our lucky winners of some of our favorite full sized products! 

Questions? Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-926-5219 or by live chat

Friday, November 9, 2018

Get a Grip!


         Do you notice after an hour or two your eye shadow starts disappearing?  Or perhaps that beautiful plum color dulls after a half-day?  Maybe even your eyelids are a little slicker than you’d like making it hard to blend your shadow?  Well fear not bsd divas!  PÜR Cosmetics has created an eye shadow that will help limit oil production, hold pigments true-to-color and won’t limit your blending power. 
Get a Grip is applied directly to the eyelid prior to your eye shadow application.  A quick tip from our residential make-up artist is to apply eye shadows first (especially heavier, bolder looks) before your foundation.  Even though fallout is extremely limited due to primer being used, to avoid any smudging or discolorations, it is always best to apply shadows first and complete the look with your full-face foundation, contour, et cetera after. 

Once Get a Grip is applied, you can easily transition into your selected look for day or evening.  Because you used primer, your eye shadows will remain true to color and any fallout from the eye pigments, shadows or glitters used will be minimal.  Another plus about PÜR’s Get a Grip is the ease of blending when used.  Sometimes eye shadow primers can be so tacky and sticky it makes it harder to blend your shadows with fluidity.  With PÜR’s shadow primer this doesn’t become an issue.
If you need any tips and tricks or perhaps insights into 2018 fall makeup looks or questions about any other PÜR Cosmetic products please defer to our exceptional customer service team via email, web chat or by calling 1-800-926-5219.  We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous Holiday and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Billy Jealousy: NOT Just for Men!

          Alright beautystoredepot divas and gents, it's that time of the year where we start doling out the specials on all of our exclusive brands! One of those being Billy Jealousy who believe “an investment in your appearance can really pay off”.  Billy Jealousy is a line of cosmeceutical products scientifically designed to help cleanse and promote the overall health, texture and tone of skin and these formulas are blended to deliver optimum performance.  As a woman, I believe there is a common misconception that brands geared toward men can only be used by men. Well today I'm here to challenge that! I used for a Billy Jealousy’s core products: Hydroplane, Illicit, White Knight and Fuzzy Logic to see how they worked for me and here's a play-by-play of my experience.
          Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream is pretty self explanatory. As a shaving agent, it helps the razor to glide on top of the skin without nicking to reduce inflammation and provide a more efficient shave. I found this to be true with hydroplane as my razor slid a top my skin leaving it silky smooth and smelling amazing!  With a frictionless shave and refreshing fragrance from the essential oils that produce an amazing aroma, I find this to be a winner for both men and women alike!
          White Knight Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser was the next product I tried from Billy Jealousy and it threw me for a loop. I was not at anticipating such a rich lather, but knowing that it is a primarily men's face wash I can see how that would help with softening the hair follicle to help while shaving coarse facial hair. Even though the cleanser has a rich lather you feel squeaky clean due to the Willow Bark & Papaya Enzyme ingredients that provide mild exfoliation and remove dead skin cells.  Additionally, it removed ALL of my make up and left no residue or greasy feeling on my skin. Which was a pleasant surprise considering it was so creamy and rich.

          Next was the Fuzzy Logic Strengthening Shampoo. I absolutely adored this shampoo! It smells like the holidays rich in Peppermint and it left my hair thoroughly clean without feeling dried out. Definitely a clarifying shampoo but I very much appreciated the cleansed and NOT dry feeling once I finished with my shower.  This is actually a DHT blocking shampoo that helps fortify hair especially at the crown of the head from those experiencing hair loss in that area.  This is generally due to an increased production in DHT and considering both men and women experience this pattern of hair loss, this is another great product to share with your partner.
          The final product I reviewed was the a Illicit Body Wash. This body wash smells like the way I’d imagine a man’s man to smell. And I could bathe myself with it every day! This body wash is rich in notes of citrus, bergamot, tea, ivy and sandalwood leaving my senses invigorated and, most importantly, my skin completely soft and moisturized.
          All-in-all ladies and gentlemen, whether you are buying a gift for your man, need products to share between the two of you, or just plain love amazing hair care, skin care and body care, Billy Jealousy will have you covered regardless of gender.  The only thing you need to have in common is you love the BEST of what the industry has to offer.  For additional information, please defer to our exceptional customer service team via email, web chat or by calling 1-800-926-5219.  We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous Holiday and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot!