Tuesday, October 2, 2018

How to Balance Dehydrated Skin

          Experiencing flaking around the nose and inner cheek area?  Is your skin a bit duller than usual?  Are you seeing accelerated signs of aging? If you said yes to one or all of these, your skin may be experiencing dehydration.  Climate change, lifestyle, sun exposure, age and even the incorrect skin care can all be contributing factors to dehydrated skin.  Luckily, dehydration is a condition that can be corrected with an increase in water consumption as well as the induction of the proper skin care into your routine.  The beautystoredepot consultants are here to give you a guideline to restoring supple, radiant skin.
          Even though you may drink the recommended amount of water you are suggested to drink daily, the skin is going to be the last organ that will reap any benefit from your consumption.  All your other organs will absorb the water first and, though the skin is the largest organ the body has, it is the last to ‘drink-up’ any water you ingest.  Avene considered this when they chose to utilize their natural resource.  Avene’s Thermal Spring Water as a biologically pure, naturally occurring hydrating mist for the surface of the skin.  Originating as pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral salts, the spring water makes its 50-year journey through the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France.  The water comes in a easy to spray bottle and is a wonderful topical option to give your skin the glass of water it needs.  In a large or small size, you spritz your Thermal Water anywhere.  Have your large bottle on your bathroom counter and your small one your purse for easy application wherever your day takes you!
          There are some skin care products that don’t only provide your traditional resource of hydration such as water.  We here at beautystoredepot have many products that are high in hyaluronic acid and squalane which are two primary ingredients in re-hydrating and balancing skin’s hydration levels.  Both assist in correcting and boosting hydration.  Although some of the products we use help boost collagen and elastin or even reverse sun damage such as Vitamin Cs and Retinols can reveal younger skin it can also cause our skin to become sensitive over time incurring dehydration.   Overexposure to Retinols, vitamin C, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, non-waxy alcohols or even peppermint in skin care exacerbates symptoms of dehydration such as increased oiliness with flaking around the lips and nose areas, dulling skin tone and patchy dryness.  A great way to keep balanced is by using the more caustic serums in the evening (also preferable because your cellular renewal rate is accelerated while sleeping allowing Retinols and vitamin C products to absorb and increase efficacy) and use your re-hydrating serums and creams during the day or even integrate a nice treatment mask once or twice a week.   A great hyaluronic acid treatment masque option is Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque.  This masque contains a unique cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness while helping stimulate skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor while lycopene-rich Tomato Seed lipids restore skin's protective barrier, enhancing moisture levels for healthier, smoother skin.  You’ll be able to see a visible difference in suppleness as well as the skin will instantly appears more radiant.  A serum option that may be a new favorite of yours is Rx Systems HA Serum!  A little bit of this serum goes a long way and feels refreshing on the stressed, dehydrated skin.  After use for just two weeks you’ll notice a long-term difference in the skin’s texture.  If you’re in search for an entire line dedicated to getting your skin balanced and hydrated look no further than G.M. Collin’s Hydramucine line for dehydrated skin conditions.  They have everything from Hydramucine Optimal Serum to a Gel to a more emulsive, lipid-replenishing Cream to address either dehydration with oilinesss associated OR drier, chapped skin that just needs a boost in hyaluronic acid.  G.M. Collin Hydramucine Skin Care Regimen will have your skin ready and raring to go in tip-top shape.

          For additional information or tips and tricks to assist you in your effort to correct unbalanced skin, please defer to our exceptional customer service team via email, web chat or by calling 1-800-926-5219.  We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous fall and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot.

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