Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Elite Summer Sun Protection

          Here at beautystoredepot, we pride ourselves in the ability to procure our customers the very best in cutting-edge sun care technologies.  In an effort to continue providing exceptional customer service, we wanted to create a guide for our BSD customers to help direct you to the right Sun Care brand that will best fit your sun protection needs and cater most to your skin type.

          EltaMD remains one of beautystoredepot’s top picks for sun care defense and has earned a prestigious reputation due to their technological advancements in this field.  They have dedicated themselves to incorporating multiple sunscreen properties of defense and at the same time cater to those with certain skin types.  For example, EltaMD’s UV Clear (offered in a tinted option as well) ) is designed to be used by those with acne-prone, rosacea-prone and hyperpigmented skin or UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 that is formulated specifically for mature skin types or those with dehydrated skin conditions.  Another positive of using EltaMD is the ease of application in which they considered greatly when creating their products.  This can be seen in both the UV Aero Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 as well as the EltaMD UV Spray Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 with their inclusion of continuous or trigger sprayers.  Great options for a busy summer day when you are ready to get out in the sun and enjoy all that the season has to offer!  Additionally, EltaMD creates sun care for post procedural skin, water resistance, sensitive skin types, physical-only, extended outdoor/active-lifestyle use all the while remaining fragrance, paraben and oil free as well as non-comedogenic.  All-in-all, EltaMD is a multidimensional line you can feel confident in and help your skin combat the effects of sun damage.

          iS Clinical is another prestigious brand that provides high-quality, efficient sun care in addition in conjunction with skin care benefits.  In iS’ Extreme Protect SPF 30 not only have they created a sunscreen with multi-level broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, but also incorporated protection against environmental stressors with their patented Extremozyme technology as well as providing an antioxidant-rich protective barrier that helps to reduce scar tissue.  In addition to Extreme, there iS Clinical’s Eclipse SPF 50+.  Eclipse (also offered in a tinted Beige option) is a 100% all-physical broad-spectrum sunscreen that is ultra-sheer and fast absorbing with a weightless finish.  With the creation of this product iS demonstrates how much sun care has evolved.  In the past, physical sunblock was a difficult to distribute, thick, pasty, white cream that was near impossible to blend into the skin.  Well not anymore!  iS Clinical’s dermatological advancements in sun protection, have transformed the once disadvantageous opacity of physical blockers (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) and overcome them with utilization of microencapsulation and incorporation of antioxidants. Formulated specifically for daily use and extended outdoor activity, ECLIPSE SPF 50+ is a unique fusion of scientifically advanced physical sunscreens that incorporates their Transparent Titanium Dioxide and Micronized Zinc Oxide.  Both of these combined create a physical barrier to reflect and absorb UV radiation and continue to be the most effective ingredients in sun defense.

From simply walking down the street to extended family beach trips, sun protection is vital to the skin’s health.  EltaMD and iS Clinical are only two of many brands we carry and believe in.  From Glytone to Avene, beautystoredepot will always provide its customers with elite brands that continue to advance in sun protection and skin care.  We encourage you to relay any additional questions to our exemplary customer service team to fit you in the best sunscreen to get you through these blazing summer months and for year around protection.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous summer and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot.

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