Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fancy Feet Without The Salon Cost

Before I had my beautiful kiddos, I was able to manage to get either a bi-weekly or at least monthly manicure and pedicure.  Now, however, the time just doesn't seem to be there and I can find much better ways to spend my $50-75 than on a single nail service for myself.

Time, however, is still an issue and I know every busy Mama can relate!  Fortunately, I have discovered a few products that have made my feet much more happy and presentable....even better? Cost effective too!

I had been eyeing the Footlogix Double Sided File for a few weeks and dropped the hint to my husband for a stocking stuffer.  He delivered and I couldn't be happier!  This is my first stainless steel file and they are ah-mazing!  It leaves my feet smooth and it's so much easier to clean.  I am now making it a priority to use the file once or twice a week and the results have been fantastic!

After my first use I remembered I also had One Minute Manicure under my bathroom sink and thought "Why not?"  I used a little on both feet before I went to bed and then applied Cuccio Naturale Vanilla Bean and Sugar Blend.  This lotion is fantastic for your feet since it's fast drying but incredibly hydrating.  The results?  My calluses are vastly improved and no more cracks anywhere! Now if I could just manage to polish straight!

You can purchase all three of these products for under $65!  That's the average price of a spa pedicure with a salt or sugar scrub, but you will have enough product for multiple pedicures and the foot file should last a very long time!  It only takes a small amount of the One Minute Manicure AND don't forget to use it on your hands too!  This stuff is magical and has been one of my all time faves for years!  I even caught my husband using it the other day.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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