Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brand Spotlight: iS Clinical

Hey beauty lovers! I hope you all enjoyed my Top 10 BSD Products blog I previously posted! For today’s blog I wanted to feature a brand that has always stood out to me, and that nearly anyone would benefit from.

iS Clinical by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE products target a variety of skin concerns such as anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, as well as acne. This brand carries top quality cleansers, treatment serums, moisturizers, as well and sun care products.

iS Clinical uses the most innovative ingredients on the market and the products are each formulated by a world-class team of in-house experts including pharmacologists, geneticists, biologists, and physicians. The results from these products are truly phenomenal, and have more than a decade’s worth of backing in clinical studies and articles proving the brand to be superior and highly successful in today’s skincare and anti-aging industry. Not only do the products provide long-term, permanent results, but one of their products is also known to provide results within as little as ONE HOUR. Seriously. PS: although it is always recommended to speak with your practitioner/obgyn first, iS clinical products are pregnancy/nursing safe!

CLEANSE.        TREAT.        HYDRATE.       PROTECT.

This is the daily beauty regimen suggested by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE to achieve healthy, beautiful, and flawless skin.

The iS Clinical cleansing products are great for both men and women, of all skin types and provide 5-in-1 benefits in each of the cleansers such as:

  • Make up Removal
  • Eye makeup removal
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Exfoliation

The second step is to treat your skin by targeting your specific skin concerns and conditions. Whether that be anti-aging, acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, etc., there is something for everyone in the treatment line that can drastically improve the quality of your skin. Clinically powerful, yet gentle, the treatment products are proven to be highly successful in treating and addressing any of your skin concerns! If you’re unsure which of the treatment products would be the best fit for you, you can always give us a call and one of our beauty experts can assist you in finding the right products for your skincare needs.

The INNOVATIVE SKINCARE moisturizers are known to dramatically improve your skin’s texture and hydration. These products provide both immediate and permanent results. Keeping your skin hydrated is vital to maintaining firmness, as well as preventing aging, resulting in healthy, beautiful skin.

The final step for healthy skin is to protect, protect, protect! It is so important to be using a daily sunscreen for everyone! Regardless if you prefer the sun in efforts to obtain a nice summery glow, or if you unaware that you are actually doing significant damage to your skin by not applying a sunscreen in the A.M., it is absolutely crucial to protect your skin DAILY and iS Clinical has some great products to offer you for this. 


The Youth line by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE cannot go unmentioned. These products are absolutely phenomenal and well worth splurging over to improve aging skin with permanent and immediate results! These products increase the production of collagen and elastin, and provide skin protecting antioxidants resulting in healthy, more youthful skin!


The **LIMITED EDITION** Simple Summer Skin Kit is an exclusive two-step kit that covers the entire four-step beauty regimen recommended by iS Clinical. The two-product kit CLEANSES, HYDRATES, TREATS, and PROTECTS your skin, while only using two of the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE products! The products in this kit include a iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, as well as the iS Cosmeceuticals Extreme Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen. The Cleansing Complex is beneficial for both men and women of all skin types.
  • This cleanser is formulated with healing ingredients and antioxidants that provide a deep, yet gentle cleanse while maintaining your skin’s natural essential oils, that are necessary for great skin. It can also be used as a conditioning treatment for your face by massaging it into your skin for several minutes.
  • The iS Cosmeceuticals Extreme Protect SPF 30 is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides both UVA/UVB protection. This sunscreen repairs & protects collagen and cell DNA with their extremozyme technology. This sunscreen is also great as a daily moisturizer as it hydrates the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provides antioxidants that continually shield and protect your skin from sun and environmental damage.
Save time and money (serious savings here) with this Simple Summer Skin Kit and achieve a healthier, more youthful, and beautiful complexion this summer.
**Can only be purchased by email or phone at this time**

That’s a wrap! Although I wish I could go into greater depth and detail for each of the iS Clinical products, that would require several blogs to cover the numerous benefits and specially formulated ingredients for each of their products. So please, please, get in touch with us for more details, recommendations, or any questions you may have regarding the iS Clinical line and one of our beauty experts is always more than happy to assist you in finding the right product or regimen to address your skin concerns!

Contact us via email at or call us at 1-800-926-5219, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm CST. 

Until next time, take care and stay beautiful y’all!

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