Thursday, April 14, 2016

Complete the Look with Lip Color!

It seems like a simple proposition, doesn’t it? You see someone, maybe a celebrity, maybe your best friend, maybe a random woman on the street, who has IT. The look. The look you’ve always loved and wanted to pull off but could never quite manage. The look you aspire to when flipping through fashion magazines or websites, the look your lady-crush has pulled off effortlessly. And you notice something: the lips make it. Yes, it’s the accessories and the clothes and the hair and the rest of the makeup, but it’s all pulled together by the right lipstick.

So here’s the proposition: you’ve spotted the look, you’ve registered the importance of the lip product, you’ve committed yourself to finding it, trying it. It’s easy; all you have to do is buy it, right? But then you get online or to the store and see the endless options. Not only are there approximately a billion colors (nude? Nude on whom? What is the right red for my skin tone?), but there are half a billion different types of products as well! Lip Glazes, lacquers, sticks, glosses, creams, stains…Where do you begin?!

I recently felt this way. I looked through our lip products on our site and in our warehouse and didn’t know where to begin. And that’s where this blog comes in. It’s not just an excuse for me to purchase one of each of our lip products, I promise. But I was curious. What are the differences? What do they do? Here's a brief answer for at least five of these products. If you want more, let me know. I really tried everything I could get my hands on! ;)

1.    Pur Minerals Lip Lure – Fancy
Alright. This is all about honesty. I like Pur and I'm hesitant to say anything counter to that affection, but I have to remain honest. This product freaks me out.

Now, this could all just be that I'm inexperienced (still) when it comes to makeup, or that I (still) feel like a little girl playing in her mother's makeup every time I wear dark lipstick, or that, really, my logic is somewhat lacking when it comes to applicators, but...this freaked me out! There's a sponge, and a twisty bit, and the product is all thick and dark and, and...and I'm a wimp, because it actually goes on really smoothly and easily. I may not be a biggest fan of the shade I chose, and I really think a lip liner is necessary with the lack of accuracy of the sponge-tip, but it's actually a kind of cool lip lacquer. And it is a lacquer rather than a gloss or a stick. It doesn't have the shininess of a gloss or the thickness, really, and it isn't a cream like a lipstick. Instead, it goes on in a solid gel-like layer that lacks any pretense of liquidity.  It dries quickly (not as in being drying to your lips, but sets) to a non-sticky, not particularly glossy finish. Honestly, ten minutes later and I can barely feel it on my lips at all, a godsend to those of us who obsessively pick at anything on our lips. After wearing this for hours, I still received compliments on the saturated color.

2.    Pur Chateau Kisses Plumping Lip Gloss - Tickled
Age-defying is the name of this game, even though the packaging and names are youthful. It boasts Resveratrol from Bordeaux, and a lovely, light vanilla-esque scent. Nothing too heavy, for which I am grateful. I'm also absurdly pleased with the fact that it doesn't taste like anything! Not being much of a lipstick wearer, I need very little incentive to gnaw colors off of my lips, and a yummy flavor is more than incentive enough. This product comes with your standard gloss applicator, though it is angled, and that's nice. My lips were very chapped when I put it on, but the gloss soaked in nicely and lightly stained them a pretty pink. It isn't sticky (which is wonderful) or thick and mucous-y, and my lips don't stick together when I make funny faces at the mirror. All in all, I'm pretty impressed with this gloss! And it did stain my lips, in all fairness. Of all the products I tried in this go-round, this Gloss lasted the longest, making it seem more like a tint than a gloss.

3.    Luna Star Klee Girls All-Natural Mineral Flavored Lip Gloss - Brighton Ensemble
If you've ever had your makeup stash ransacked by little fingers, Luna Star Naturals has the answer. This brand specializes in all natural, harmful chemical-free makeup for kids. It may be silly for me to have added this to the list of lip products to try, but we've gotten questions about what these lip glosses are like and I wanted to be able to answer them. The answer is simple. They smell delicious. They taste good. They are definitely NOT highly pigmented. I'll repeat that: these lip glosses are not highly colored. I chose Brighton Ensemble to test thinking that, even if the color was garish, at least it’s a subtle pink. I was not disappointed. What your kids (or you) will find is high shine and that's about it. Which is perfect for what it is. Your kid loves red? You can safely buy Sequoia Beat and not fear that your child will be plastered in fire-engine-red. Kid-safe and parent approved!

4.    gloMinerals Perfect Lip Duo - Royal
Oh, my goodness. This product. I bought the color Royal, thinking to step up my romance game (dark rosy colors and plums seem romantic to me), and this delivered. On one end is a fairly standard lipstick, creamy and dark (and obviously moisturizing). On the other end, a gloss that perfectly complements the first side! I love the combination! I find the lipstick a bit dark on its own, but the gloss lightens it up beautifully. This combination has a bit thicker, stickier texture than the GloMinerals Lip Gloss that I’ve tried, but I don't find this a negative. This is meant to be a bolder look, and it succeeds. I like it, especially for nights out.

5.    gloMinerals Suede Matte Stick - Pinup
Pinup is the reason I have invested in a lip liner. Obviously, red lips aren't my go-to, but it is an essential look for any woman to have in her toolbox. Every now and then you just need the drama and confidence a red lip inspires. I have tried this staple in a number of different products, and I have to say the Suede Matte Stick takes the cake without question. Glo dropped this stick and their crayons last year and everyone in our office was smitten. Of the new Glo lip products, this one lasts the longest. Through coffee and lunch, it will stay, and stay gorgeous. You might need to reapply before drinks with the ladies, but it's worth it!

So there you have it, a brief overview of five of our more unusual lip products. There are many, many more, a type for every desire. And we’re happy to talk about them! Really, our entire office has makeup for days. If you want to chat or have a question, that’s what we’re here for. Let us share our obsession with you! ;)

‘Til next time, stay classic…

Contact us via email at or call us at 1-800-926-5219, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm CST. 

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