Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bioelements NEW Plump Start!

Loss of firmness? How to get plump skin.
As you age, your skin gradually loses volume and fullness. Natural chronological aging brings on a breakdown of your skin’s connective tissue and the surrounding dermal matrix’s ability to function optimally, which appears via lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity and fullness.
There are also environmental factors that contribute to your skin's loss of fullness. UV exposure is the biggest environmental stressor that ages your skin, along with pollution, climate, high winds, and secondhand smoke. They all cause free radical damage and inflammation, and degrade your skin's collagen and elastic.
How to plump up skin
Bioelements new Plump Start is a plum-infused antioxidant concentrate that instantly improves fullness and smooths out fine lines.  Powered by Collagen-4 Complex™, this intensive plumping concentrate surges moisture deep into surface levels and soaks skin with vitamin C charged antioxidants to scavenge skin-aging free radicals. Three Australian wild plums plus a moisture-magnet marine bio active push hydration through the epidermis to help support skin’s natural volume. It’s intelligent hydration that reads your skin and penetrates where it’s needed – to visually improve the look of skin’s wrinkle valleys and crevices.

The benefits of Plump Start
·      High level antioxidants scavenge free radicals from 70 – 85%*
·      Delivers a continuous veil of hydration for instant youthful fullness, and long-term improvement of lines
·      A “liquid filler” that’s completely different from standard hyaluronic acid formulas
·      Collagen-4 Complex supports volume and reclaims youthful fullness
           *Based on wild plum in-vitro testing

Use Plump Start two ways
In the AM, apply a thin layer on clean, dry skin. Follow with your normal daily moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen.
In the PM, apply a generous amount to your skin before bed for an intensive overnight skin soak.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top Beauty Picks for Valentine's Day

Hello Gorgeous!

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's Day beauty is all about being seductive, sultry and having the obligatory pop of red (or pink if you're not feeling particularly bold)! We've handpicked a few of our favorite beauty items for Valentine's Day, and really any day that you want to feel confident and beautiful. Read on for our picks!

1. gloMinerals Powder Cheek Stain in "Rosy"

Don't be afraid of this seemingly too-dark cheek stain. Yes it's vibrant, but just act accordingly and apply less than you would a normal blush, in order to avoid looking like you just came out of a boxing ring. We recommend using a texture brush, like the gloMinerals Texture Brush, in order to achieve a light-weight application on the apples of your cheeks. This shade looks great on any skin type and gives a nice, healthy flushed look to your skin. Plus, because it's a stain, it's sweat resistant and lasts all day long!

2. gloMinerals Smoky Eye Kit

This smoky eye kit has everything needed to get those sultry bedroom eyes that seem to turn everyone into an instant super-model! There are four flattering shades in this mini palette, which comes with instructions on how to perfect the look. Plus, it's formulated with gloMineral's antioxidant blend, so it's actually good for your skin! We recommend that you use a lid primer first, so you can avoid the dreaded midday creases. 

3. Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray

This is a pretty sexy hairspray! It holds curls beautifully, while not making them feel like they are glued together. It has a light fragrance and gives your hair ultra-tempting texture and body! Tease it up and spray it some more, because there is nothing sexier than big, beautiful hair...especially if it's fragrant and touchable!

4. gloMinerals Suede Matte Crayon in "Bombshell"

A bombshell is a very attractive woman, and this shade is perfectly named because it really does make you feel like a bombshell! It's a sexy red lip that has a velvety smooth finish and conditions your lips with mango oil and shea butter. There is also a hint of peppermint in the formula, so it feels very refreshing! If you're looking for a bold, beautiful red, you need this! And don't let the matte scare you away...if you're not into the matte look, add some shine with a little lip gloss.

5. Cuccio Colour Nail Polish in "A Kiss In Paris"

Red nails are classy, bold and beautiful. Step up your nail game this February with this beautiful shade of red. Remember to always wear a base coat and top your magnificent manicure off with a top coat. A base and a top coat will extend your magnificent manicure's lifespan tremendously. For more tips on achieving stunning hands and nails, you can view our hand blog here:

6. Osmosis Colour Smoky Eye & Bold Lip Kit

So we've talked about bold lips and we've talked about smoky eyes...Why not showcase an item that gives you the tools for both of these looks? This little value set comes with a liner and a glaze for your lips, as well as a mascara, liner, and watercolor for your eyes. Use it wisely and you'll be looking absolutely breathtaking for an evening out! And since Osmosis is rooted in skincare, you can feel good about what you're putting on your face when you use their makeup.

Need more beauty advice? We're here to help! 
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