Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Beauty Trends

A new year can mean a lot in the beauty products, new styles, new trends, and new ideas! From fashion shows to the Golden Globes, we're seeing some amazing hints at 2016 being another bold and beautiful year! Read on for some tips on how to pull off these exciting new trends!

Pony Play

There's a few new twists on your favorite lazy day up-do! We saw two variations of the classic ponytail at the Golden Globe Awards. Saoirse Ronan had her hair tied back with a beautiful piece of golden twine. This look was achieved by first prepping the hair with mousse and then rolling the twine around her hair. Now that's something we have to try! Olivia Wilde, another Golden Globe stunner, also played with the idea of a ponytail by sporting a loose, "barely there" ponytail that featured cascades of wavy, beautiful hair! She accompanied this look with heavy burgundy eye makeup, which paired brilliantly with her blue-green eyes. If you're looking for her waves, spritz on some Enjoy Texturizer to enhance your hairs volume and create texture.

Glitzy Eyes

Whether it's going bold with glitter, or easing into it with some metallic shimmer, we're seeing some fantastic shiny eyes this year! Show your interpretation of this fun trend with the gloMinerals gloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit or achieve a subtle glitter with the gloMinerals Jeweled Eye Pencil in Fizz!

Twisted Locks

Braids are so in right now. This was made clear at the Golden Globe Awards, where it wasn't just the ladies who were rocking the braids! Jared Leto said goodbye to the man-bun and hello to the stylish man-braid. He gets two thumbs up over here! Another fantastic braid we saw was on Rooney Mara. Her high and tight, sleek braid was executed perfectly! Braiding can be hard, but we've got some expert tips for you! Dry shampoo, bobby-pins, and tiny elastic bands are your best friends! Don't be afraid to go messy, and when all else fails, there is hairspray! It's easier to work with not-so-clean hair, but if you do happen to desire a braid on your squeaky clean hair, add a touch of texture with a spray like Rusk Thick Body And Texture Amplifier.

A Vision in Blue

Be it a pop of color or an extreme azure lining, blue is making it's mark in the beauty world! This look can be seen all over the runway and it's quite an attractive statement! We've been experimenting with the Pur Cosmetics Double Ego Liner in order to give our eyes a burst of color! This trend is a reminder of the eighties and is quite fun to play around with!

Sweet Lips

We're seeing a lot of candy coated lips this season! From J.Lo's candy apple red, to Laverne Cox's black cherry, it's clear that we'll be seeing a lot more deliciously dark shades this year! Don't be afraid to dip into this trend. In order to pull the perfect pout off, try going matte. Glossy is beautiful, but can be messy, especially when going dark! We recommend gloMinerals Suede Matte Stick in Port or gloMinerals Suede Matte Crayon in Bombshell.

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