Wednesday, December 23, 2015

All I Didn’t Get for Christmas Sweepstakes!

Christmas is almost here!! I hope you are still excited, still decking halls and fa-la-la-ing, maybe even still shopping. All of the gifting and participating and joy are wonderful, but I have to ask: throughout these last two months, have you taken any time for yourself? Have you halted the holiday baking, skipped a party, avoided the dashing hither and thither long enough to take a moment to just…breathe?

It is almost impossible, this time of year, to justify taking a day to just stay home and BE. Between work and gifting and holiday cheer, you have a lot of demands on the limited resource that is your time. We were thinking of you when putting this particular prize together. For all of our other gift baskets, we have talked about gifting the goodies. This one I want you to win for YOURSELF. This is the big one, the massive one, the one that will cover the little tiny disappointments of the season. Remember how you really wanted that Sircuit Clarity Sulfur Mask but instead bought something for your daughter? Now’s your chance to make up for that for free. The Pedigenix Foot Care System you really needed after cooking and cleaning for a month but that somehow was left off your Christmas list? Not a problem. Win it.

Use the Osmosis Skincare Set to remind your skin how young you really are! Go big or go home with Rock Your Hair’s fabulous shampoo and conditioner, sure to set your limp locks ablaze with attitude! Luxuriate in your bag-less eyes and lack of crows’ feet with Instantly Ageless’ instantaneous solution! The best part of this particular sweepstakes is that you get entire skincare regimens from some of the best names out there – Sircuit, Glytone, Osmosis and Jan Marini. You will definitely find a product or a brand that you love. And then you’ll know. Not only will you have fabulous skin to help you start off the New Year properly, but you will know what you love, what to ask for, what to pursue for your skin. And knowing those things is half of the skincare battle. 

You’ve taken care of your friends and family all month. Let some of our favorite brands (like Rock Your Hair, Jan Marini, EnjoyInstantly Ageless, Osmosis and Glytone) take care of you. You’ve earned it.
Happy Holidays, beautiful. As always, you deserve to feel your best. Anything we can do to help you through the Holidays and into the New Year, in thanks for your loyalty and dedication, we’re all for. Just give us a shout! 

Feel free to contact is at or call us at 1-800-926-5219!

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