Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Do I Get him?

Hey, lovelies!

I keep saying it and I know how corny it sounds, but I really cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. All of a sudden, Thanksgiving is HAPPENING. Which means that Christmas is right around the corner and, though I acknowledge that gifting isn’t the point of this season, it's a pretty fun part of it. At least until the anxiety sets in.

Don't Panic!

We're here to help! Kimberly has been working on some great gift ideas and she'll be sharing what she's come up with to help you out in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, I have another pressing issue:

What do I get him??

Fathers, brothers, best friends, boyfriends, sons, husbands...the men in our lives are troublesome, especially when it comes to Holiday shopping. What's a girl to do?

The easy answer almost always has something to do with facial hair. Beard oils, mustache waxes, creams; whether he wants to keep it (Movember!) or lose it, the answers are here. Personally I love the little travel or trial sets. Most men have a fairly short attention span (like me!) when it comes to these things. By giving him a trial version, you make the whole experience a little less intimidating. Plus you can show him how you feel about his compliance with rewards! Kisses always pay good dividends.

 The athletic, active or otherwise sore man in your life might benefit best from something that will soothe muscles or injuries. Therapearl packs are perfect either for a specific area (like a wrist or ankle), or more generally. Does he come in from the yard needing a quick way to cool down? Would it be handy to give him some portable heat to slip in his pocket? Men and boys alike could benefit from this treat in their stockings!

It's easy to wax poetic about our favorite products, but not all men are down to tell you what they love or want or need. Sircuit makes beautifully laid-back products. You're probably not going to have an in depth conversation about the exact pattern of dryness on his face, but slip Supermild into his evening routine or Crystal Creme into his shower, and you might just get to see a whole new level of the confident, handsome guy you love.

Is he outdoorsy? Loves a good hike? Perhaps his favorite activity is sitting by the pool reading and you've gotten him a book subscription for the year. Awesome! Only one thing is missing from his pool-side instant vacay - sunscreen! And not the smelly, sticky, white smearing kind so many of us remember, and dread, from our childhoods. EltaMD specializes in being both absurdly affordable and wildly inoffensive. It's perfect to take on that holiday cruise!

Some men (ahem*my brother*ahem) get all sorts of sensitive about the packaging their products come in. If it's too colorful or pretty, they become worried that what they're using is for women, concerned that they may actually become a woman if they use said product. To be fair, though skin is skin, there are some man-specific concerns that a number of brands try to address (see the grooming kits above). But if skincare in general is the concern and packaging is something that will concern your recipient, Dermalogica may be the way to go! With dedicated lines for any issue, their gender-neutral packaging holds safe, effective, well-known products that have been developed and used since 1983. It’s a great (and greatly varied) line that has something for everything he’s looking for.

About his hair. He has a product that he uses daily in his hair that gives him a certain…je ne sais quois? You love it, as you love him, but you still want him to have clean hair beneath all of that product. Enjoy is affordable, delicious smelling and healthy-hair-inducing, and spoiling him with Enjoy will help him achieve “a good hair day every day!”

See? I told you not to panic! We’ve got your back when it comes to shopping for that special guy, no matter who he is. And all of us here are happy to talk to you about questions or concerns. If he doesn’t know how to use it and you’ll strangle him if he asks again, send him our way – we’ll help him out! And don’t forget that a number of these very awesome products and brands will be given away in our Sweepstakes – sign up and save yourself some money this Holiday Season!


Happy Holidays!!!
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