Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Do I Get him?

Hey, lovelies!

I keep saying it and I know how corny it sounds, but I really cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. All of a sudden, Thanksgiving is HAPPENING. Which means that Christmas is right around the corner and, though I acknowledge that gifting isn’t the point of this season, it's a pretty fun part of it. At least until the anxiety sets in.

Don't Panic!

We're here to help! Kimberly has been working on some great gift ideas and she'll be sharing what she's come up with to help you out in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, I have another pressing issue:

What do I get him??

Fathers, brothers, best friends, boyfriends, sons, husbands...the men in our lives are troublesome, especially when it comes to Holiday shopping. What's a girl to do?

The easy answer almost always has something to do with facial hair. Beard oils, mustache waxes, creams; whether he wants to keep it (Movember!) or lose it, the answers are here. Personally I love the little travel or trial sets. Most men have a fairly short attention span (like me!) when it comes to these things. By giving him a trial version, you make the whole experience a little less intimidating. Plus you can show him how you feel about his compliance with rewards! Kisses always pay good dividends.

 The athletic, active or otherwise sore man in your life might benefit best from something that will soothe muscles or injuries. Therapearl packs are perfect either for a specific area (like a wrist or ankle), or more generally. Does he come in from the yard needing a quick way to cool down? Would it be handy to give him some portable heat to slip in his pocket? Men and boys alike could benefit from this treat in their stockings!

It's easy to wax poetic about our favorite products, but not all men are down to tell you what they love or want or need. Sircuit makes beautifully laid-back products. You're probably not going to have an in depth conversation about the exact pattern of dryness on his face, but slip Supermild into his evening routine or Crystal Creme into his shower, and you might just get to see a whole new level of the confident, handsome guy you love.

Is he outdoorsy? Loves a good hike? Perhaps his favorite activity is sitting by the pool reading and you've gotten him a book subscription for the year. Awesome! Only one thing is missing from his pool-side instant vacay - sunscreen! And not the smelly, sticky, white smearing kind so many of us remember, and dread, from our childhoods. EltaMD specializes in being both absurdly affordable and wildly inoffensive. It's perfect to take on that holiday cruise!

Some men (ahem*my brother*ahem) get all sorts of sensitive about the packaging their products come in. If it's too colorful or pretty, they become worried that what they're using is for women, concerned that they may actually become a woman if they use said product. To be fair, though skin is skin, there are some man-specific concerns that a number of brands try to address (see the grooming kits above). But if skincare in general is the concern and packaging is something that will concern your recipient, Dermalogica may be the way to go! With dedicated lines for any issue, their gender-neutral packaging holds safe, effective, well-known products that have been developed and used since 1983. It’s a great (and greatly varied) line that has something for everything he’s looking for.

About his hair. He has a product that he uses daily in his hair that gives him a certain…je ne sais quois? You love it, as you love him, but you still want him to have clean hair beneath all of that product. Enjoy is affordable, delicious smelling and healthy-hair-inducing, and spoiling him with Enjoy will help him achieve “a good hair day every day!”

See? I told you not to panic! We’ve got your back when it comes to shopping for that special guy, no matter who he is. And all of us here are happy to talk to you about questions or concerns. If he doesn’t know how to use it and you’ll strangle him if he asks again, send him our way – we’ll help him out! And don’t forget that a number of these very awesome products and brands will be given away in our Sweepstakes – sign up and save yourself some money this Holiday Season!


Happy Holidays!!!
Still need more information? Feel free to contact us at

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Head to Mistle-Toe Holiday Giveaway

Hey all you beautiful people,

It's that time of year again! And what better way to kick off your holiday season than with a chance to win over fifteen-hundred dollars worth of head to toe luxury beauty products?! We've got some great sponsors this year that have been generous enough to donate some magnificent items that will help you care for your locks all the way down to your tootsies. Read on to learn more about the brands behind the products that you could win this year!

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals' goal has always been to be able to help everyone achieve the maximum in skin health and anti-aging wellness, by providing top quality, natural skin care products. Their skin treatment solutions are uniquely formulated without the use of chemical parabens, added fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, or animal testing. One thing that sets Sircuit apart, is that they use chiral technology to ensure that they have chirally correct ingredients. Chirally correct ingredients simply result in the most effective product with the fewest side effects. Chiral technology used in the development of skincare products ensures the delivery of the ingredient (absorption) to your skin receptors. This means that the absorption of nutrients is not inhibited by the incorrect shape molecule of the active ingredients. Providing a product with the "wrong shape" ingredient molecule not only renders the product virtually ineffective (because only a small fraction of the ingredient can be absorbed into the skin); it can also be the source cause of irritation and other negative side effects. Sircuit is treating our lucky winner to their hair care and skincare essentials.

Therapearl offers a new degree of relief with their doctor designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. Therapearl packs are dual action, and use an innovative pearl technology to absorb and deliver both heat and cold so you can get twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack! You can use the packs as cold therapy to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief. Therapearl is used and loved by many top athletes and is constantly being featured in fitness magazines all over the country. Though best known for their hot/cold therapy packs, they also feature a foot care system called Pedigenix and warming topical pain relief products called Perform Atomic Heat. The Pedigenix Foot Care System consists of four products that were designed to cleanse, exfoliate, soften and deodorize feet. The products are meant to establish and reinforce a proactive regimen for preventive foot care. Each Pedigenix product is formulated with natural extracts of cucumber and menthol to refresh feet. Perform Atomic Heat Roll-On focuses on an effective solution for both acute and chronic pain with the power of two active ingredients: capsaicin and methyl salicylate. For those who prefer a warm therapy solution over a cold therapy solution, Atomic Heat hits the spot. It's great for both pre and post-workout, as well as joint stiffness and soreness. You'll get to experience all three of these beneficial systems in this giveaway!  

EltaMD provides a simple approach to daily skin care that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. They are committed to helping you have great skin for life, and do so by developing effective products based on their own medical heritage. EltaMD has been developing wound healing and skincare products trusted by physicians for more than 25 years, right here in the heart of Texas. They apply that experience to create innovative products that help develop, protect, and maintain healthy skin. They are most known for their sunscreens, which are formulated for specific skin types and lifestyles. All of their sunscreens are fragrance-free, sensitivity-free, paraben-free, and noncomedogenic. And unlike most "fragrance-free" sunscreens, these products don't have that "sunscreen" smell to them, so you can confidently apply and reapply throughout the day. In addition to those ingredient specific benefits, all of their sunscreens provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This is crucial in order to help prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. Enter to win, as this giveaway will feature three of their staple sunscreens in order to introduce you to superior sun protection!

Enjoy Hair Care is all about salon quality hair care! Practically all of their products are color safe and feature their "color-holding" formula. Enjoy's passion for the salon industry is made apparent through their salon grade products, which are all 100% cruelty free! They offer a range of different products tailored to specific hair concerns. They take great pride in understanding the needs and desires of the professional hairdresser and value strong industry partnerships and are firm believers in the “Evolve or Die” philosophy. In light of this, they change as often as needed to ensure that every ENJOY product remains at the forefront of hair care technology and consumer demand. With decades of industry experience in professional hair care, Enjoy understands and supports all aspects of the hair care experience. This giveaway features ten of their top products that you'll be sure to enjoy

Dermalogica began with a vision to create a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) that would improve skin health. Some people see results the first time they use the products, and practically everyone that uses their products have noted that their skin feels different straight away. The skin feels, clean, smooth, hydrated, and reflects a new level of health that's visibly noticeable. They have many different product systems that are tailored towards skincare needs. In this particular giveaway, you'll be treated to the entire Clear Start line! The Dermalogica Clear Start line is a system of eight serious products that utilize medicated ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results. It's tough on breakouts, but gentle on skin! 

Rock Your Hair was designed by the founder of Big Sexy Hair, LA celebrity stylist Michael O’Rourke. Rock Your Hair delivers big volume and endless styling capabilities by combining ingredient technologies that protect and repair your hair from damage brought on by heat and chemical processes. They are going to help you get your hair ready for the festivities with some great styling and cleansing products. 

Gunilla of Sweden features a botanically derived skincare line called AKTÄ (Swedish for "genuine"). The AKTÄ line contains aloe-based medical grade skincare products that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They help heal the skin, slow the appearance of fine lines and moisturize in a non-greasy feeling manner. Gunilla of Sweden is going to help you maintain beautiful skin with a surefire skincare system. 

Jan Marini products are designed to provide not only superior results, but also a user experience that is unmatched in the professional marketplace. By holding their products to this higher standard, you'll receive products that not only work, but that you'll want to use! They'll help you experience long-term anti-aging results with two of their most popular holiday products.

Now that you know a little bit more about the brands behind the basket, it's time to win! Enter now through the November 29th to win our "Head to Mistle-Toe" Holiday giveaway!

Good Luck & Happy Holidays!!!

Still need more information? Feel free to contact us at

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Basic Skincare Routine for a Busy Life

Let's face it, we don't all have hours to go through the perfect skincare routine in the morning. I try to do my strict "cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize, protect" regime daily, but find myself struggling to muster up the time or the effort. If you're like me and strive for complexion perfection, yet lack the discipline to do everything possible to achieve said goal, read on for some cheats and helpful hints!

You don't HAVE to follow a complicated routine to better your skin, but you do have to wash your face! Like, seriously. "But I didn't wear makeup today and I'm really tired"...NO! Your face is exposed to all sorts of dirt, oil, and bacteria throughout the day. There really is no excuse. If you find yourself strapped for time, you can use a facial cleansing wipe, but remember to rinse afterwards to prevent any preservatives from drying your skin out. If you want to eliminate toning your face after washing it, try a cleanser that is pH balanced, like iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. Whatever you do, don't use a wash cloth. Wash cloths are the worst! They usually irritate the skin with their rough texture...and don't even get me started on their "cleanliness". Even if they come straight from your washer/cabinet/whatever, they are FULL of bacteria after the first few minutes of being in your bathroom. After they get wet? FORGET ABOUT IT. Lose the wash cloth. I personally use the Foreo Luna Mini because it's super hygienic, washes my face in a minute, and it softens my skin with minimal effort on my part.

Speaking of hygienic and bacteria, the best thing you can do for your skin, besides washing it daily, is to change your pillow case regularly. Now I'm not talking about once a month... I'm talking about once a week, AT LEAST. Take it from me, I struggled with adult acne for quite some time before I even made the connection that: Clean Pillow Case = Less Bacteria on Face = Less Acne. And when you have less blemishes to treat, you ultimately have more time to focus on important things like, "What should I wear today?" or "I'm totally stopping for coffee this morning".

Another thing that can prevent you from having to spend a ton of time on your face: Drinking Water. When you stay hydrated, your skin thanks you. Water ultimately plumps your skin up, which means the wrinkles fill in, giving you an ageless appearance. In addition to this, adequate water intake can also lead to a "glowing" appearance and less blemishes. As I've mentioned before, less blemishes equals less time trying to perfect! We're not talking about a glass or two a day. I mean REALLY staying hydrated. Drinking water hydrates your skin, clears your complexion, helps your brain function, and keeps you overall energized and healthy. It's recommended that you drink half an ounce to an ounce per pound that you weigh. (i.e. if you weigh 150 lbs, you'll need 75 to 150 oz of water. If you live in a hot climate and exercise frequently, you'll need closer to 150 oz, whereas if you are in a colder climate and tend to be more sedentary, 75 oz would suffice). 

Now if you do find the time to treat your face to some post-wash products, be sure that your products are easily accessible! The average woman has about a drawer and a half full of all kinds of skincare products, but how many do they actually use? Clear the clutter and line up your skincare products in the order that you (should) use them. At least then, if you're feeling productive, you can utilize both the time and the products that you have wisely. One thing I will tell you not to skip is sunscreen. I don't care if it's going to be cloudy all day... USE. YOUR. SUNSCREEN. Your skin will thank you by staying youthful and healthy as your 20th birthday starts having its 10, 20 and 30 year anniversaries!

In general, you should be giving your face the full pampering that it deserves. (What with it being your biggest organ and all...) But if you have to skimp, just remember these tips to increase your results while minimizing your efforts. 

Until Next Time!


Do you have any time saving tips that we did not mention? Maybe you've tried a few of these out and want to let us know how they worked for you? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us  via email at or call us at 1-800-926-5219

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Pre-Holiday Preparation!

Halloween was crazy.

There is something incredibly special about getting to pretend to be someone else, even just temporarily, and the added bonus of getting to play with dramatic makeup and hair cannot be ignored! Kimberly gave us some great tips last week for how to achieve various excellent makeup-based costume-looks, and pulled one off herself as a Viking. I went a little more basic this year with a Catwoman getup and some very dramatic contouring/highlighting/(obligatory) cat-eye goodness. It was fun.

The craziness wasn’t limited to costumes and makeup, though, but spread to the weather. Our little hometown of Austin flooded, again, making national news and bringing an extra element of chaos to Travis and Hays counties. Wimberley, the scene of the massive Memorial Day floods, was hit hard again, even as recovery continues from those May high-waters. We were lucky at beautystoredepot. Sure, a number of us had to call in because of impassable roads, but each of our staff members were safe, and we are thankful for that.

Speaking of being thankful, this has all been an interesting start to the season of Giving Thanks, however you celebrate it. This is the time of year when holiday shopping takes off, where the insanity of finding the perfect gift for all of the wonderful people in our lives starts to take on monumental importance, where we look at our bank accounts and calculate how much each person is worth, exactly. Despite everything going on here, even I found myself asking family members which of the samples I have sent them they liked. For me, it’s not just about finding the right products for their skin types or concerns, it’s about finding a combination of things I can send them that they’ll open and LOVE.

Acneic skin is a common issue, and it's something you can shop for easily. You can truly change someone’s life with the right products, but a back spray may not make your girlfriend feel sexy, even if she’ll use it. Replacing her Clarisonic brush heads with some for acneic skin, putting them in a cute travel bag with a cleanser might address the same problems, but in a way that makes it feel more like a gift. Giving my mom anti-aging products could possibly have some ill-conceived connotations, but a beautifully packaged serum, that is the very height of elegance (and aids in reducing wrinkles and enhancing radiance!) is a different story. Combine that with her favorite lip balm and a mask we can do together later on Christmas night? That’s a gift that not only says, “I know what concerns you,” but also, “let’s spend time together!” Similarly, my impossible-to-shop-for brother has specific skin concerns. He and I don’t have to talk about those concerns at length, but if maybe he’s a little happier with his skin after using a few targeted products, I’m willing to invest in them.

In order to be able to spoil my people the way I truly believe they deserve to be spoiled, I’m trying to feel out what they want and need now, early in this holiday season though we may be. Halloween has just passed, and Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, but it is the winter holidays that loom ever closer. It is especially now that I want to curate presents that aren’t about vanity, but are about confidence, that aren’t about reason and are, a bit, about madness. After all, as Nietzsche assures us, “there is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” For the people I love, I need this opportunity to express my appreciation for having them in my life.

If you have a hard to shop for family member or great ideas of what you’d like to receive, let us know! You can contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-926-5219.

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