Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lipstick Fridays

For all of you loyal followers of the BeautyScoop Blog, I am the “Meet the Staff” member who couldn’t admit to being a product junkie, though I do have a makeup buying addiction. The detail I left out of that already too complicated answer is that I don’t actually WEAR the makeup I buy. It’s strange, I know. 

I love makeup. I love the pretty packaging, the gorgeous, saturated colors, the eye-catching effect makeup has when worn well or boldly. I loved watching my grandmother “put on her face” and the subsequent confidence the already strong, passionate, independent woman gained. Makeup is a tool, a weapon, and I’m a fan of anything that assists us in getting through any given day!

All of that being said, I traipsed into the beauty world nine months ago barely applying mascara, let alone eyeliner, on the daily. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I definitely don’t wear mascara daily. Eye makeup is to be worn on those special occasions when I actually want to make an impression, to stand out, to look nice. You know, dates! Or interviews! Or in moments when I need that extra bit of confidence. Unfortunately, for my new career path, this doesn’t cut it. 

My manager is a complete sweetheart and started gently, at first. “Brienz, why don’t you buy this lipstick and let me know what you think of it!” Or “Hey, Miss B, that new eye shadow that just came in would look fantastic on you – put it on!” My reluctance made her take a more firm approach.
“Okay, ladies! New rule at BSD! Every Friday is Lipstick Friday! Every Friday you MUST come into work wearing a fabulous shade of lipstick! I will be watching…!”
Well, goodness. 

I may not be competitive where my looks are concerned, but my review matters to me,  and that was (hilariously) the implication. More importantly, if my inability to wear makeup was changing company policy, maybe it was time to step up a bit. So it began, first with Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks (my favorite shade is Berry Pretty). Those are a light and easy cross between a gloss and chapstick – some color, yes, but subtle enough to not make me run screaming from my mirror, but also buildable and easy to apply. I can look like I’m wearing more color when my manager comes to check on me, and I can throw it on without looking when I hear her heels in the hallway. Next I ventured on to Glominerals Lip Stick in Rose Petal…and started getting compliments from my lovely and stylish coworkers. Being forced to apply lipstick suddenly didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world! 

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. GloMinerals dropped a new product, a beautiful new product, a popular new product, a product that reflected runway trends the world over. Matte Lips. While our GloMinerals rep was introducing the product to us, I stepped out of the office to answer a call. When I returned, my fate was sealed. We had been asked to choose samples. My manager had chosen mine. GloMinerals Suede Matte Stick in Pinup was coming. For me.

I waited nervously for the following Friday, ducking into the office first thing in the morning, taking our staff mirror in hand and applying the, ahem, bright product to my bare lips. This wasn’t just red. This was screaming red. Flame-wreathed red. Terrifyingly bold and intimidating red. I was…oddly elated. True, despite its application ease, my lips weren’t even. But my teeth looked whiter. My face looked intentional. I looked like an adult. 

My manager strutted in not long after and stopped, shocked. “You look fantastic!!!” She exclaimed. “You look more mature,” an affronted sounding warehouse manager mentioned.  “Wow – I guess you’re serious today!” My boss let slip.

I looked awesome. And felt awesome. Now maybe I can work on using a lip liner to actually get my lips even and perfect! I think GloMinerals has one that looks pretty easy to apply…
They’ve created a monster!

If you have tips or a similar story of your breakout into the world of beauty, let us know! We love hearing your stories and thoughts in the comments section below! ;)


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At June 29, 2021 at 3:03 AM , Blogger sri said...

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