Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quick Beauty Fixes

Hello Beautiful People! Let's face it, flaws happen. We may strive for perfection, but occasionally some things try to get in our way. Perhaps it's that oily hair that you could have sworn looked perfect an hour ago. Or maybe your back decided to break out, despite the fact that you're trying to unveil your new summer wardrobe. Maybe, you have a date coming up and you need kissable lips, but suddenly you're chapped? Many things try to ruin our special days, but rest assured, we have tools to fight back! Read on for some quick beauty fixes.

1. Hair Hang-ups

By now, we've learned not to shampoo daily. Our natural oils are there to help. But when we want to make an impression, do we want our oily, weighted down, not-so-fresh hair to do the talking? Luckily we have a secret weapon: Dry Shampoo. A few spritzes of one of these and your locks are instantly transformed. Dry Shampoo absorbs oil, adds volume, and smells fantastic!

2. Still Fabulous

Who doesn't want to look absolutely radiant and youthful at a reunion? Maybe you're trying to impress an old friend or show that special someone what they missed out on. Whatever the case, if you wish to magically erase those years apart, try out Instantly Ageless. This serum makes wrinkles disappear for up to eight hours! 

3. Bacne Beware

The weather is warm; time to break out those cute summer outfits. Problem: the dreaded "Bacne". With sweat at an all-time high, bacne rears its ugly head and tries to keep you from adorable backless gowns and bikinis. Time to bust out that Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray! This potent salicylic spray keeps your hard to reach areas clean and acne free.

4. Afternoon Shine

My oily ladies can attest, there is nothing fun about a shiny T-zone by noon. Remember to prime before applying foundation and carry around blotting papers. They absorb oil amazingly and leave your makeup intact. Why not finish off your lunchtime touch-up with a perfecting powder? 

5. Smooch Saver

Chapped lips can really put a damper on your look. When your lips are chapped they can render putting lipstick on IMPOSSIBLE! Remember to always exfoliate your lips and keep them moistened for a totally kissable look. Achieve a pampered pout with gloMinerals gloExfoliating Lip Wand

For additional product recommendations, feel free to contact our beauty experts at customerservice@beautystoredepot.com. Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!!

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