Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quick Beauty Fixes

Hello Beautiful People! Let's face it, flaws happen. We may strive for perfection, but occasionally some things try to get in our way. Perhaps it's that oily hair that you could have sworn looked perfect an hour ago. Or maybe your back decided to break out, despite the fact that you're trying to unveil your new summer wardrobe. Maybe, you have a date coming up and you need kissable lips, but suddenly you're chapped? Many things try to ruin our special days, but rest assured, we have tools to fight back! Read on for some quick beauty fixes.

1. Hair Hang-ups

By now, we've learned not to shampoo daily. Our natural oils are there to help. But when we want to make an impression, do we want our oily, weighted down, not-so-fresh hair to do the talking? Luckily we have a secret weapon: Dry Shampoo. A few spritzes of one of these and your locks are instantly transformed. Dry Shampoo absorbs oil, adds volume, and smells fantastic!

2. Still Fabulous

Who doesn't want to look absolutely radiant and youthful at a reunion? Maybe you're trying to impress an old friend or show that special someone what they missed out on. Whatever the case, if you wish to magically erase those years apart, try out Instantly Ageless. This serum makes wrinkles disappear for up to eight hours! 

3. Bacne Beware

The weather is warm; time to break out those cute summer outfits. Problem: the dreaded "Bacne". With sweat at an all-time high, bacne rears its ugly head and tries to keep you from adorable backless gowns and bikinis. Time to bust out that Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray! This potent salicylic spray keeps your hard to reach areas clean and acne free.

4. Afternoon Shine

My oily ladies can attest, there is nothing fun about a shiny T-zone by noon. Remember to prime before applying foundation and carry around blotting papers. They absorb oil amazingly and leave your makeup intact. Why not finish off your lunchtime touch-up with a perfecting powder? 

5. Smooch Saver

Chapped lips can really put a damper on your look. When your lips are chapped they can render putting lipstick on IMPOSSIBLE! Remember to always exfoliate your lips and keep them moistened for a totally kissable look. Achieve a pampered pout with gloMinerals gloExfoliating Lip Wand

For additional product recommendations, feel free to contact our beauty experts at customerservice@beautystoredepot.com. Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Avene Summer Protection

During the summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the sun, but with that we need to keep our skin safe. Avene has a great light of sun care that can meet every need your skin has this summer!

New Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ is for the face and body providing maximum broad-spectrum sun protection without irritation. It is a sheer, lightweight lotion and also provides intensive 24 hour hydration and maximum water resistance. It has a UVA/UVB filter system that will defend against the free radicals that are sun induced. They also have an Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+. The ultra-light, alcohol-free non-aerosol spray is packaged to deliver 360 degree controlled application (even upside down), if you prefer the spray over the lotion. 

If you have sensitive skin or just prefer products that are chemical free then the Avene MINERAL sun care is the way to go! MINERAL Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ is an advanced, lightweight, chemical-free sunscreen for the face and body that provides maximum broad-spectrum sun protection without irritation. This product is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, formulated for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, paraben-free, oil-free and cruelty-free. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen. If you also want something that is complete for your face, to give it that extra protection, Avene has the MINERAL Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50+. This is a sheer, non-whitening lotion provides 8 hour hydration and maximum water resistance (80 minutes).  This is perfect for all shades of skin.

For additional product recommendations, feel free to contact our beauty experts at customerservice@beautystoredepot.com. Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lipstick Fridays

For all of you loyal followers of the BeautyScoop Blog, I am the “Meet the Staff” member who couldn’t admit to being a product junkie, though I do have a makeup buying addiction. The detail I left out of that already too complicated answer is that I don’t actually WEAR the makeup I buy. It’s strange, I know. 

I love makeup. I love the pretty packaging, the gorgeous, saturated colors, the eye-catching effect makeup has when worn well or boldly. I loved watching my grandmother “put on her face” and the subsequent confidence the already strong, passionate, independent woman gained. Makeup is a tool, a weapon, and I’m a fan of anything that assists us in getting through any given day!

All of that being said, I traipsed into the beauty world nine months ago barely applying mascara, let alone eyeliner, on the daily. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I definitely don’t wear mascara daily. Eye makeup is to be worn on those special occasions when I actually want to make an impression, to stand out, to look nice. You know, dates! Or interviews! Or in moments when I need that extra bit of confidence. Unfortunately, for my new career path, this doesn’t cut it. 

My manager is a complete sweetheart and started gently, at first. “Brienz, why don’t you buy this lipstick and let me know what you think of it!” Or “Hey, Miss B, that new eye shadow that just came in would look fantastic on you – put it on!” My reluctance made her take a more firm approach.
“Okay, ladies! New rule at BSD! Every Friday is Lipstick Friday! Every Friday you MUST come into work wearing a fabulous shade of lipstick! I will be watching…!”
Well, goodness. 

I may not be competitive where my looks are concerned, but my review matters to me,  and that was (hilariously) the implication. More importantly, if my inability to wear makeup was changing company policy, maybe it was time to step up a bit. So it began, first with Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks (my favorite shade is Berry Pretty). Those are a light and easy cross between a gloss and chapstick – some color, yes, but subtle enough to not make me run screaming from my mirror, but also buildable and easy to apply. I can look like I’m wearing more color when my manager comes to check on me, and I can throw it on without looking when I hear her heels in the hallway. Next I ventured on to Glominerals Lip Stick in Rose Petal…and started getting compliments from my lovely and stylish coworkers. Being forced to apply lipstick suddenly didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world! 

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. GloMinerals dropped a new product, a beautiful new product, a popular new product, a product that reflected runway trends the world over. Matte Lips. While our GloMinerals rep was introducing the product to us, I stepped out of the office to answer a call. When I returned, my fate was sealed. We had been asked to choose samples. My manager had chosen mine. GloMinerals Suede Matte Stick in Pinup was coming. For me.

I waited nervously for the following Friday, ducking into the office first thing in the morning, taking our staff mirror in hand and applying the, ahem, bright product to my bare lips. This wasn’t just red. This was screaming red. Flame-wreathed red. Terrifyingly bold and intimidating red. I was…oddly elated. True, despite its application ease, my lips weren’t even. But my teeth looked whiter. My face looked intentional. I looked like an adult. 

My manager strutted in not long after and stopped, shocked. “You look fantastic!!!” She exclaimed. “You look more mature,” an affronted sounding warehouse manager mentioned.  “Wow – I guess you’re serious today!” My boss let slip.

I looked awesome. And felt awesome. Now maybe I can work on using a lip liner to actually get my lips even and perfect! I think GloMinerals has one that looks pretty easy to apply…
They’ve created a monster!

If you have tips or a similar story of your breakout into the world of beauty, let us know! We love hearing your stories and thoughts in the comments section below! ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Makeup Trends


Ease into Summer with these Hot Makeup Trends:

Hello beautiful people! The sun is shining and the heat is coming; summer is officially right around the bend! Try some of these makeup trends to get your summer started. 

This summer is all about bold features, fine lines, and the ever so popular natural look. You can also try out a new spin on the classic smoky eye by substituting black with brown! 

Bold Features
Bright lips are SO in, as well as hints of bold color on your lids! Remember to alternate each style so you don't end up overdoing it. Try a colorful pop on your lips (like gloMinerals Suede Matte Stick in Punch) and then switch it up another day by pairing a nude lip with bright eyes (like Pur Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner in Queensland or Rio De Janiero). A little color can go a long way! 

Fine Lines
Another thing that we are seeing a lot of this season is the winged-out look. This is a dramatic look that is a step above the classic cat eye! You can achieve this look by starting with a cat eye and exaggerating the tip up in the shape of a wing. We recommend the new Grande Liner in Rich Black because it not only looks and feels amazing, but it also improves the appearance of your lashes!

Natural Look
One of the most beautiful looks for this summer is the seemingly bare face. Not all of us were blessed with immaculate skin and naturally chiseled cheek bones. Because of this, there are many products that help us achieve the "I'm naturally this perfect" look. The key to healthy skin is to cleanse, tone, treat, and protect. Wearing sunscreen daily is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-SpectrumSPF 46 is a great daily sunscreen that is formulated to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, discoloration, and photo-damaged skin. It's also fragrance free and noncomedogenic! 

After your healthy skin routine, it's time for damage control. Try a buildable mineral base, like gloMinerals gloPressed Base, and then conceal any blemishes that need more coverage. If you can get away with low coverage, you can skip the base and go for a tinted moisturizer! After your skin is looking and feeling divine, give yourself some color with the Pur Minerals Let It Glow Cheek Trio or a quality bronzer to sweep upwards along your cheek bones.

Brown Smoky Eye 
The smoky eye is a timeless classic and this season it's all about the brown smoky eye. Try this look out with the Osmosis Colour Eye Shadow Trio in Bronzed Cocoa or go for an earthy feminine smoky look with the gloMinerals gloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit.
*Make it even more dramatic with a fierce brow using Osmosis Colour Water Resistant Brow Gel in brown

Whatever trend you decide to take on, we are here to help! Let us know if you need any assistance. Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!!