Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Minute Makeup How-To

Are you always running late or just want a quick makeup routine for everyday?  Whatever your needs, we've got a quick 5 minute makeup tutorial to get you out the door.

A great base for your look is a multi-tasking beauty cream.  Pur Minerals CC Cream saves so much time because it's a moisturizer, primer, concealer, sunscreen and foundation all in one!  If you're on the fence about using a BB or CC Cream, check out Beauty 101 to see which one is best for your skin type.

If you have dry skin, the beauty cream will help hydrate and keep your skin looking fresh.  If your skin is combination or oily, swipe on a little Pur Minerals Balancing Act Oil Control Powder to keep your skin looking flawless all day.

A quick look for the eyes is to define with eyeliner and smudge with a smudge brush.  This will soften the line and add to our "effortless" look.  We recommend Osmosis Colour Water Resistant Eye Pencil for long-lasting wear with the gloMinerals gloTools Smudge Brush or the all-in-one Pur Minerals Eye Defining Pencil with Smudger.

Mascara is our go-to makeup product.  For a quick and perfect look, choose a formula that thickens, lengthens and dries fast so you can skip the lash curler and don't have to worry about it smudging.

Keep lips smooth and hydrated with a balm or swipe on a moisturizing lipstick for a pop of color.

Really in a rush?  If you don't even have 5 minutes on your hands, use a multi-tasker like Pur Minerals Pur Rocks.  It adds a little color and the perfect glow to eyes, lips and cheeks.

What's your go-to makeup product for a quick and easy look?

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My "Me" Time

As a new mom, I've really had to learn how to multi-task and manage my time.  I've always heard that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of those around me.  Whether you're a mom or not, it's important to find your "me" time.

It's not always convenient to find this time for yourself, but all it takes is a few minutes to feel refreshed.  Whether it's your morning coffee time, your 5 minute reading break or treating yourself to a mani pedi, try to clear your head and relax during your special time so you feel renewed and de-stressed.

My "me" time is the occasional, wonderful hot shower.  I shut the door, play a little music (while my hubby watches our son) and wash away the stress and spit-up of the week.  Since I don't always get much time for myself, I need products that get the job done.

I'm not too picky about my hair products at the moment, but I always love Phyto.  These plant-based products are highly concentrated so you can use less.  Your post-partum hair will probably lose the luster and fullness you got while pregnant.  Luckily, Phyto has products for all hair concerns and over time, will visibly improve the health of your hair, making it possible to use less products to get the hair you want - all of this means saving money too!

A little dry shampoo will also keep your hair looking fresh, add a little volume at the roots, and get you by until your next shower.

I have always and will continue to recommend a Clarisonic cleansing brush to everyone!  It takes just 60 seconds to take my skin from grubby to glowing.  Pair it with the right cleanser for your skin and you're good to go.  Get your customized Clarisonic consultation directly from our beauty experts and learn all of its amazing benefits.

I'm not gonna lie, if I've got the time, I might just stand under the hot water to help ease aches and stress.  Luxurious body products are also a sure treat and your skin will feel the benefits long after.  I love the products from basq, bliss and Cuccio - great exfoliating and moisturizing products with invigorating scents. 

Whenever you get the chance, I hope you're able to treat yourself to some me time.

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Flowers

After a long winter, we are so excited that Spring is finally here!  With springtime, comes beautiful weather and beautiful flowers.  We're feeling inspired this season so we're adding some spring flowers to our beauty routines.  Floral and botanical extracts provide many natural benefits for all skin types.

Chamomile:  This calming and soothing herb offers healing properties for conditions like eczema, sensitive skin and redness.  It also soothes itchy skin, minor burns and sunburns.  To wake up to baby smooth skin, add Sircuit Skin Cloud 9+ to your nighttime regimen.  If you got a little too excited about the warmer weather and spent too much time outside,  Dermalogica After Sun Repair will soothe your sunburn.

Hibiscus: As a natural exfoliant, hibiscus fights aging, breakouts and dull skin.  It's even referred to as natural botox.  For a skin refresher this season, check out Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster.

Jasmine:  Helps fade scars and protects skin from aging.  It's also used in body and bath products for its relaxing scent.  Boost your skin's elasticity with Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Firming Marine Elastin Cream.

Sunflower:  This natural moisturizer contains many vitamins and minerals that promote healing and overall health in skin and can protect hair from damage.  Cleansing oils, like gloTherapeutics Essential Cleansing Oil, are really popular now and provide many benefits.

Marigold:  Calendula Officinalis is commonly used to heal irritation and inflammation.  Osmosis Skincare Immerse Moisture Booster is the perfect deep and therapeutic moisturizer.  Spot treat sensitivity and rosacea with G.M. Collin Vasco-Tonic Concentrate.

Ylang-ylang:  Naturally balances inflammation in dry or sensitive skin and excess sebum in oily skin.  Balance your skin with a multi-tasking mask/scrub like Bioelements Measured Micrograins or a gentle cleanser like Basq Rebalancing Facial Cleanser.

Rose:  Benefits all skin types with its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, moisturizing and healing properties.  A great pick-me-up for your skin is bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner.  Its unique formula does it all - soothes, softens, balances skin and tightens pores.

Gardenia:  Contains age-fighting antioxidants that help boost collagen in your skin.  Gardenia also helps your skin retain moisture, further fighting off wrinkles.  For instant and long-term benefits, add bliss Firm, Baby, Firm Anti-Aging Serum to your skincare regimen.

Which floral product would you most like to try?

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spotlight on: bliss

From the fun names and cute packaging to the proven results, we are very excited to carry bliss products!

Brief Background:
  • bliss spas first opened in New York City in 1996
  • Pampering products help you get spa results at home 
  • bliss aims to give you flawless skin AND make you smile
Products we can't wait to try:

To help us get prepped for swimsuit season, we can't wait to get our hands on the Fat Girl Treatment Kit.  This 4 piece kit contains everything you need to create the Fat Girl Slim spa service at home.  Smooth, stimulate and firm your skin with proven ingredients like orange peel, caffeine and shea butter.  As an added bonus, the funny product names can help you look at your "flaws" with a sense of humor.

If it's got the word instant in its name, we want it!  After months of crazy changing weather, many of us feel like our skin is just kinda "blah."  bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is perfect to brighten dull skin.  Its innovative formula repairs and protects by delivering oxygen and anti-aging Vitamin C to your skin.

bliss That's Incredi-'Peel'! was like love at first sight.  With convenient individually wrapped treatments, you can target all factors of skin aging - fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and imperfections!  A spa-strength, one-step glycolic acid peel that does its work overnight?  Sign us up!

You gotta check out:

Still searching for that perfect cleanser?  The best-selling 2-in-1 bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash cleanses and gently exfoliates, while calming and balancing your skin.    It's a great value that feels and smells great too!   

Beauty technology and tools really excite us!  You gotta check out the Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine.  While celebrities like Kim Kardashian pay big bucks to banish their cellulite, you can conquer yours in the privacy of your own home with this contouring system.  Save time and money while you slim up at home!

If you're a beauty junkie like us, treat yourself (or a friend) to compact on-the-go treatments that won't break the bank.  Get targeted treatments and perfect travel sizes with the Triple Oxygen Facial in a Box, Ingrown Eliminating Pads, and Multi-'Face'-eted Anti-Aging Clay Mask.

Which bliss product are you most excited to try?

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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