Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meet the Staff: Renee

Name: Renee

Department: General Manager and Buyer

About Me:  I am 35 years young :) I have a son who just started his first year in college....Go Raiders!!!! I have my B.S. in  Family and Consumer Science with a major in Fashion Merchandising and my Associates in Psychology. I love to follow current trends and to stay in the know about all the latest beauty products and fashion trends. I love to research new products and bring them on board at BSD.

Personal beauty motto or beliefs: Beauty is not flawless; it shines through your flaws…..   Whenever you are feeling down just put on your favorite heels and red lipstick and it is sure to turn your day around :)

Skin type: Oily and beginning to get wrinkles :(

Hair type: Oily hair but very dry scalp. Color treated hair that is fine.

Beauty concerns: The occasional breakouts and earlier aging skin

What's in your makeup (or beauty) bag?: Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Foundation, Big Look Mascara, Chateau de Vine Lipstick (I have several shades and LOVE them all!), Mineral Glow, Jupiter Palette, Dermalogica AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex

What's in your shower?: Phyto Phytocedrat Sebo-Regulating Shampoo to balance my oily hair, Phytobaume Color Protect Conditioner, Sircuit Savior Problem Skin Cleanser, Clarisonic Mia 2, Clarisonic Skin Renewing Peel Wash for night time use. Cuccio Naturale Milk and Honey Body Butter Wash.

Can't live without product(s): Dry Shampoo, Phytodefrisant and Phyto 7 for my everyday hair care and ALL OF MY PUR MAKE UP and of course my Mia 2!!!!

Are you a product junkie?:  The best part of my job is all the samples I get to try!!! I love to try new things and I love even more to write reviews on everything I try. I am honest on how it works for me so if you ever read a review from Renee on a product you can be sure I am giving my honest advice!

Favorite Brand(s): Sircuit, Pur Minerals, Phyto and NuFACE

Favorite Celeb Beauty: Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s most famous and talented young actresses, but there’s more to this beauty than just good looks. She also contributes her time to many different charities and causes. In this day and time it is crucial for public figures to give back. I love that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Product(s) you want to try next: Dying to try my new PMD Personal Microderm Device

Since working at beautystoredepot, I've learned...: a lot about my skin and how important it is to wash off your make up. I also learned that it can take up to 90 days of using a new product continuously to actually see results as you have to give your skin enough time for cell growth to turn over.

If you have any beauty questions for Renee, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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