Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Treat Blackheads

Blackheads...nobody wants them but everybody has them.  They can be super annoying and hard to get rid of but with our tips and tricks, you'll clear up those spots and prevent future ones.

Before we treat blackheads, we need to learn what they are.  Blackheads are caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil which in turn, clog pores.  If the pore has an opening, it lets air inside, turning the clogged pore black.  (If it doesn't have an opening, it turns into a whitehead.)

So to clear up these clogged pores, you want a product that will exfoliate away dead skin cells and go deep down into pores to clear up buildup.  When choosing a product, look for something with chemical exfoliants like Salicylic or Lactic Acid, or physical exfoliants like microbeads.  Don't pick at your blackheads!  This can damage your skin and allow more bacteria into your pores.

Recommended Products:

When using a product with potent or skin scrubbing ingredients, it's important to follow the product's directions.  Overuse can further irritate your skin or cause sensitivity issues.  Also, since you have scrubbed away dead skin cells on the surface, it's essential that you protect your skin with a sunscreen everyday!  Look for oil-free formulas like EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 to keep skin clear.

What skin issues are you struggling with?  We'd love to help!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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