Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet the Staff: Brienz

Name: Brienz

Department: Customer Service :)

About Me:  I am an explorer, an adventurer, a seeker, a finder. I love reading and music and drinks with friends, getting dolled up and getting grimy. I am always excited about tomorrow and making the best of today. I love problem solving and information gathering, and I’m always happy to help!

Personal beauty motto or beliefs: Pretty is as pretty does.

Skin type: Very sensitive!

Hair type: My hair is fine and curly, but very thick.

Beauty concerns: Patches of dry skin, very sensitive skin, controlling the curls.

What’s in your makeup (or beauty) bag?: Pur Big Look Mascara, Pur Minerals Wake-Up Brow Pencil, gloMinerals Graphic Liner, G.M. Collin Sensiderm Cream.

What's in your shower?: Sircuit Skin X-Trap Daily Gentle Cleanser

Can’t live without product(s): I cannot live without a good moisturizer, and I have fallen madly in love with the Sircuit Skin X-trap Cleanser.

Are you a product junkie?: My skin is pretty sensitive, so it's a bit tricky for me to switch products too often. I like to find a good cleanser and moisturizer and stick with them. Make-up, however, is a BLAST to try. I'm very laid back and low maintenance (when it comes to hair/skin/beauty care, anyway), so I don't wear very much make-up most of the time. But I love eye and lip products and buy them shamelessly. I find it's all about simplicity...but I never remember that when I'm shopping!

Favorite Brand(s): Sircuit Skin is my favorite so far, but as I hear more from customers, I want to try more!

Favorite Celeb Beauty: Thandie Newton, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and Michelle Rodriguez. These women are (obviously) incredibly beautiful, but also fearless and confident. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing who you are and owning it.

Product(s) you want to try next: Pur Glisten & Glow and Pur Lip Gloss Sticks. I love illuminating sticks! They add dimension without needing a ton of product or a ton of work. And I find chubby sticks the most laid back way to do color on lips - not the heaviness of lipstick or the stickiness of gloss, just a touch of color to perk up my look. I'd also love to get to investigate our curly-specific products to see if they can tame my mane. ;)

Since working at beautystoredepot, I've learned...: So much. I have to admit that I came into this industry with horribly out of date knowledge. Skin and hair products have become MUCH more eco- and skin-friendly, using organic ingredients that are meant to work with our bodies rather than try to exert force against them. Makeup companies are using fewer dyes and bleaches and are focusing on healthy ways of making us feel beautiful. We carry some of the most forward thinking lines in the industry, and it's an honor to get to hear and see and talk about what they're doing well already and what they're developing!

If you have any beauty questions for Brienz, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meet the Staff: Sara

We love getting to know our clients and felt it was long overdue that you got to know a little more about us!  Over the next few weeks, you'll get to know some of our beautystoredepot staff.  Feel free to ask us any beauty questions!

Name:  Sara

Department:  Content, Marketing and Social

About Me:  I love a good book, a great meal and some guilty-pleasure tv.  My favorite weekend activity is napping.  I have a Miniature Pinscher who has been my best friend for 8 years now.  I am expecting my first child (a BOY!) at the end of 2014 with my amazing husband and am absolutely thrilled!  At the time of this post, I'm probably out on maternity leave and adjusting to life as a new mom. :)

Personal beauty motto or beliefs:  It's easier to prevent than repair.  Less is more.

Skin type:  Dry, somewhat sensitive

Hair type:  Color treated, fine, frizzy, long and lots of it!

Beauty concerns:  Hormonal acne, dull skin tone, preventative aging and pregnancy safe products

What’s in your makeup (or beauty) bag?:  Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Foundation (Porcelain), Chisel Brush, Lip Gloss Stick (Berry Pretty) and gloMinerals Lash Boosting Mascara.  Sircuit Skin Cloud 9+, iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance, CosMedix Benefit Balance

What's in your shower?:  MOP C-System C-Straight Smoothing ConditionerSircuit Skin Supermild Sensitive Skin Cleansing Creme, Clarisonic Cleansing Device

Can’t live without product(s): Sircuit Skin Cloud 9+ (my all time fave!), Clarisonic, Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, gloEssentials Re-Energize Dry Shampoo in Brunette, Vitamin C serum (I sometimes switch which one I'm using)

Are you a product junkie?:  Kind of.  Since I manage our blog and Beauty 101, I get to try all kinds of products but my daily routine is pretty simple.  I always love trying new mascaras, lip products and facial scrubs or anything citrus scented.

Favorite Brand(s): Pur MineralsSircuit Skin

Favorite Celeb Beauty:  I think Blake Lively is gorgeous!  She looks great all dolled up or all natural and her hair is amazing!

Product(s) you want to try next:  Dermablend Cover Creme, CosMedix Purity Detox Scrub, Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow Pencil

Since working at beautystoredepot, I've learned...:  So much!  What's helped me the most personally is the importance of Vitamin C products, how to use a Clarisonic and what hormonal acne is and how to treat it.  I've also learned more about ingredients and how their formulation affects your skin.  Be sure to check out our Beauty 101 Education Center :)

If you have any beauty questions for Sara, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moisturizers for Men

While most men tend to have oily skin, it can become dry and flaky during the winter months.  Stop struggling with it, and deal with it!  Psst...moisturizers and skincare aren't just for women!

For very dry skin:  If your skin is especially dry or flaky, or prone to eczema, Billy Jealousy Assassin Intense Face Moisturizer will soothe and deeply moisturize your skin.  With special ingredients to reduce water loss, fight free radicals and help regenerate skin, this will definitely save your face during the winter.

For irritated or acne prone skin: You need a moisturizer that will soothe irritation and won't further stress your skin.  Sircuit Skin Cool Aid Soothing Gel Moisturizer will calm and protect skin, and provides healing relief in a lightweight formula.

For anti-aging: Dry skin ages faster than oily skin, so fight back with Billy Jealousy Combat Lines Face Moisturizer SPF 30.  With added SPF benefits, this lightweight moisturizer helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

For lightweight moisture: If you just need a little added moisture, Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF 15 is a lightweight lotion that will balance your skin while adding UV protection.  It's a favorite among men for its non-greasy and non-chalky formula.

Need other recommendations?  Check out our Men's Skincare section or feel free to contact our beauty experts!
Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Beauty Trends - Jewel Toned Eyes

While Jewel Tone Eyes aren't a new trend, they're especially popular during Fall and Winter.  You might be afraid to try much color on your eyes, but with our tips, your look will definitely shine this season!

First, which shades are best for you?

  • Blue Eyes really pop with brown-based tones like bronze and gold.
  • Brown Eyes look rich with violet/amethyst or blue/cobalt.
  • Green & Hazel Eyes are complemented by violet, silver or other green tones, like emerald.
To help color last, use a eyeshadow primer before application.  With such a bold eye look, try to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.  It's okay to mix it up and try different hues, but don't try to match your eye makeup to your clothing.

Shades we're loving this season:

Which jewel tone is your favorite?  Let us know!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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