Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Glow: Top Tips for Glowing Skin

The holidays are always a whirlwind time.  They bring about gatherings and gifts, food and fun, and oftentimes a whole lot of stress!  The last thing you want to worry about is how you look.  Leave that stress to us and follow our tips on achieving the perfect Holiday Glow.

Top Tips for Glowing Skin this Holiday Season

Start with a clean canvas:
Every now and then, we'll admit that even we get a little lazy with our skincare.  What helps us stay on track is a multi-tasking, and skin correcting cleanser like iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.  This handy face wash will remove your makeup (even tough eye makeup!), deep cleans pores, acts a toner and exfoliant all in one!!  It makes your morning and night routine so much easier!

Scrub away dead skin cells and unclog pores:
Once a week or every other week, incorporate a mask or peel into your routine.  A favorite of ours, especially around the fall and winter seasons is SIRCUIT Skin Youth Accelerator Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.  First off, it smells divine!  But what really counts is it's amazing benefits - improves skin tone and texture, fights blackheads/blemishes, increases collagen and elastin, improves hyperpigmentation and improves skin health.  Using once a week for 10-15 minutes will definitely get your skin a-glowing!

Other faves are Bioelements Pumice Peel, which utilizes pumice crystals and Vitamin C and Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel, with natural exfoliants of bamboo extract, fig extract and bitter orange peel granules.

Target trouble areas:
If we told you that you could firm, lift, tighten and plump your skin in as little as 5 minutes a day, would you be interested??  We thought so!  Our go-to anti-aging tool is the NuFACE Trinity (and when traveling, the NuFACE Mini).  Both devices also stimulate collagen and give your skin a fresh, youthful glow.  (Check out our exclusive experience with the Mini)

If you're more troubled with age spots, dark spots, acne or scarring, your key to glowing skin is the PMD Personal Microderm Device.  This handy tool gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home, how awesome is that?!  Add iS Clinical Active Serum to your regimen to further promote a healthy glow and smooth, clear skin.

Replenish and reinforce skin:
Once you've got a clean canvas, the best way to promote an overall glow is with your treatment serums.  By thoroughly cleansing your skin and using additional treatments like a peel or skincare device, you will increase the penetration of your other skincare products, thus increasing results!

Our two favorite skin-strengthening serums are Osmosis Skincare Replenish and SIRCUIT Skin O.M.G.+.  It's fair to say that you can imagine the results of these products based off their names.  Replenish is packed full of antioxidants to repair your skin and protect against further damage.  It's also a great alternative for clients sensitive to Vitamin A.  O.M.G.+ also utilizes antioxidants plus Epidermal Growth Factors to supercharge your results to give you healthier and more radiant skin than you've ever had!  We hear from EVERY client that uses this serum how much of a difference it has made in their skin.

Dry skin = dull skin.  Complete your Holiday Glow with a rejuvenating moisturizer like our favorites, Osmosis Quench and SIRCUIT Skin Cloud 9+

Now that we've given you our tips, would you like a chance to win ALL of these incredible products and MORE, valued at over $2000?!?!  Enter our Winning Wonderland - Holiday Glow Giveaway between now and December 31!  Visit for full giveaway details and to see all the amazing prizes!  Good luck!!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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At December 21, 2014 at 6:02 PM , Blogger Carmen Mora said...

Your product sounds amazing will have to try

At December 22, 2014 at 9:54 AM , Blogger beautystoredepot said...

Hi Carmen! Thanks for checking out our blog. We do carry so many amazing brands and products!! Please let us know if we can recommend anything specific for you. Merry Christmas! :)

At November 14, 2016 at 6:48 AM , Blogger amit gupta said...

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