Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Win Your Battle Against Dry Skin!

During the winter, for a lot of people, it is a constant battle with dry and/or itchy skin. Many people may normally not have dry skin, but are now temporarily plagued with it. I am one of these people.

When it comes to the winter, I was lost for many years as to how to get the dry and itchy skin under control. I  have found two lines of products from Bioelements and Avene that have helped to overcome dry skin.

I would suggest to start off with a kit. Kits are a great way to give a whole, basic regimen of skincare products for your needs. It can be challenging to figure out which products work best with each other and can get very overwhelming.

The Bioelements Great Skin in a Box Starter Kit - Very Dry and Dry Skin includes  Moisture Positive Cleanser, Power Peptide Revitalizing Toner Spray, Crucial Moisture, and  Measured Micrograins (a gentle cleanser, spritz of moisture, creamy moisturizer and an excellent exfoliate). The combination of products in this kit gently removes dead skin cells while hydrating and relieving skin from irritation. It also smooths skin by reducing fine lines.

Another great kit to kick the dry out of your skin is the Avene Revitalizing Hydration Kit. This kit is great for dry skin along with very sensitive skin. This kit includes Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream, Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum, and Avene Thermal Spring Water (a moisturizing cream, hydrating serum, and a spritz of moisture). This kit delivers long-lasting hydration while it reduces redness and unmistakable signs of early aging.

Both of these kits are wonderful with clearing up the winter drought and to end the season with a little holiday hydration. If you have dry to severely dry skin, take a look at these kits, along with the individual products.


See more tips and information in Beauty 101.

What skin concerns do you encounter in the winter and spring?  Let us know how we can help!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: For the Woman that Has Everything

We've all got that friend or family member that really just seems to have everything... but does she really?  With our list of innovative beauty products and tools, you're sure to find a gift that will wow her.

Gifts for the Woman that Has Everything

If she has "everything," she probably appreciates products that deliver instant satisfaction.  The G.M. Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch provides results in just 20 minutes and is definitely a hot new beauty innovation.  This 5-pair pack will smooth any eye concerns and save her a trip to the dermatologist.

Speaking of eyes... She may already have an eyelash curler and a favorite mascara, but does she have a heated lash curler?  The Blinc Heated Lash Curler is sleek, compact and heat-controlled for the perfect curl every time.

Airbrush technology has been utilized in makeup for awhile now.  For an easier, everyday version, give her Pur Minerals Liquid Veil 4-in-1 Spray Foundation.  It's easy to choose the right color with 4 available shades.  She'll love the unique formula (with Liquid Crystals and Ceretin Complex) and the extraordinary look it provides!  Pair it with the Liquid Chisel Brush for the perfect gift set.

A definite innovation in health and beauty is Osmosis Harmonized Water.  There are a variety of options to treat different ailments from the inside out.  The most popular options we see are Natural Defense, Digestive Health, UV Protection, and Hangover.  We can guarantee that she doesn't have any of these in her "everything."

Another unique product she isn't likely to have yet is the brand new iS Clinical Youth Serum.  The woman that has everything will appreciate its immediate and long-term results with patented technology and highly advanced growth factors.  This pretty little bottle will definitely wow her!

For an all-in-one skincare gift set, choose Sircuit Skin The 7 Essentials Sample Collection.  Though she may already have some travel products, she will absolutely love the beautiful and innovative product packaging, not to mention the incredible results of these all natural products!

Spoil her gift:  The woman that has everything is probably always trying the latest and greatest gadget.  For the mani/pedi lover, spoil her with the Clarisonic Pedi.  If she's more into skincare and loves a clean, chic design, she'll be thrilled to receive the NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device.  It's an at-home 5 minute facelift in an updated, smaller design.

Follow our blog for more helpful gift guides and exclusive details on our Winning Wonderland 2014 Holiday Giveaways!  Enter to win our $2000+ Holiday Glow exclusive giveaway now through December 31!!!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Glow: Top Tips for Glowing Skin

The holidays are always a whirlwind time.  They bring about gatherings and gifts, food and fun, and oftentimes a whole lot of stress!  The last thing you want to worry about is how you look.  Leave that stress to us and follow our tips on achieving the perfect Holiday Glow.

Top Tips for Glowing Skin this Holiday Season

Start with a clean canvas:
Every now and then, we'll admit that even we get a little lazy with our skincare.  What helps us stay on track is a multi-tasking, and skin correcting cleanser like iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.  This handy face wash will remove your makeup (even tough eye makeup!), deep cleans pores, acts a toner and exfoliant all in one!!  It makes your morning and night routine so much easier!

Scrub away dead skin cells and unclog pores:
Once a week or every other week, incorporate a mask or peel into your routine.  A favorite of ours, especially around the fall and winter seasons is SIRCUIT Skin Youth Accelerator Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.  First off, it smells divine!  But what really counts is it's amazing benefits - improves skin tone and texture, fights blackheads/blemishes, increases collagen and elastin, improves hyperpigmentation and improves skin health.  Using once a week for 10-15 minutes will definitely get your skin a-glowing!

Other faves are Bioelements Pumice Peel, which utilizes pumice crystals and Vitamin C and Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel, with natural exfoliants of bamboo extract, fig extract and bitter orange peel granules.

Target trouble areas:
If we told you that you could firm, lift, tighten and plump your skin in as little as 5 minutes a day, would you be interested??  We thought so!  Our go-to anti-aging tool is the NuFACE Trinity (and when traveling, the NuFACE Mini).  Both devices also stimulate collagen and give your skin a fresh, youthful glow.  (Check out our exclusive experience with the Mini)

If you're more troubled with age spots, dark spots, acne or scarring, your key to glowing skin is the PMD Personal Microderm Device.  This handy tool gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home, how awesome is that?!  Add iS Clinical Active Serum to your regimen to further promote a healthy glow and smooth, clear skin.

Replenish and reinforce skin:
Once you've got a clean canvas, the best way to promote an overall glow is with your treatment serums.  By thoroughly cleansing your skin and using additional treatments like a peel or skincare device, you will increase the penetration of your other skincare products, thus increasing results!

Our two favorite skin-strengthening serums are Osmosis Skincare Replenish and SIRCUIT Skin O.M.G.+.  It's fair to say that you can imagine the results of these products based off their names.  Replenish is packed full of antioxidants to repair your skin and protect against further damage.  It's also a great alternative for clients sensitive to Vitamin A.  O.M.G.+ also utilizes antioxidants plus Epidermal Growth Factors to supercharge your results to give you healthier and more radiant skin than you've ever had!  We hear from EVERY client that uses this serum how much of a difference it has made in their skin.

Dry skin = dull skin.  Complete your Holiday Glow with a rejuvenating moisturizer like our favorites, Osmosis Quench and SIRCUIT Skin Cloud 9+

Now that we've given you our tips, would you like a chance to win ALL of these incredible products and MORE, valued at over $2000?!?!  Enter our Winning Wonderland - Holiday Glow Giveaway between now and December 31!  Visit beautystoredepot.com for full giveaway details and to see all the amazing prizes!  Good luck!!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: For the Groomed Guy

Don't forget the men when beauty gift-shopping this year!  True, it may not be your first thought, but pampering him will definitely show that you care.  If you're shopping for a well-groomed guy who likes to take that extra step in perfecting his appearance, check out this week's gift guide.

Gift Guide for the Groomed Guy

If he's a multi-tasker, Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense is his all-in-one cleanser, aftershave and moisturizer.  It's also all natural and the glass bottle will certainly look chic on his sink.

If he enjoys the occasional mani/pedi, treat him to Pevonia Botanica Multi-Active Hand Cream and Foot Cream.  These spa products will pamper him without seeming too "girly."

To help buff away the daily grit and grime, Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub is the perfect gift!  It's a creamy, foaming and super polishing scrub with the great natural scents of Sandalwood and Patchouli.  Just be forewarned, you'll probably find yourself stealing it from him!

Is your guy "beardiful" or clean-shaven?  For the beardiful beau, keep him looking great with Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit.  This 3-piece set cleanses, tames and smooths facial hair.  For the clean-shaven man, he'll love getting pampered with Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream Traditional Shave Lather.  Pair it with an old-fashioned razor for the perfect gift set.

To keep his skin looking and feeling great, Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist controls oil without drying skin, helps blocks UVB rays, while providing anti-aging and anti-acneic benefits.  Its spray formula is also super convenient and fits easily into a gym bag.

Spoil him gift: Clarisonic Mia.  This device will improve his grooming routine and he'll love how great his skin looks and feels!  Its compact size and one button feature also make it easy to use.

Follow our blog for more helpful gift guides and exclusive details on our Winning Wonderland 2014 Holiday Giveaways!  Enter to win our $1800+ His & Her exclusive giveaway now through December 14!!!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

His & Her: Skincare You Can Share

I don't know about you, but my hubby isn't always that concerned with what grooming products he uses.  I can't help but laugh when I see him sneaking into some of my products.  While some beauty products may be geared for just men OR women, most skincare can be enjoyed by everyone.

His & Her Skincare Tips

Facial Skincare Essentials:
For a solid skincare regimen, you need a few key products - a cleanser, treatment serum, and moisturizer:
  • A great all around facial cleanser, like Brave Soldier Clean Skin, will gently remove dirt, sunscreen, and makeup.  We keep a bottle of it in our shower because it's a great body lather too!  I recently was able to get my husband to try my Clarisonic.  Your hubby may be hesitant at first too, but with customizable brush heads, you can both have the ultimate cleansing experience!  The Clarisonic will also prep his skin for shaving and helps prevent any ingrown hairs or razor bumps.  (I currently use the Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head, while his go-to is the Deep Pore.)
  • Even though we're both still in our late 20's, we know we've gotta take care of the skin we have now to help prevent future lines and wrinkles.  While he doesn't always stick to a regimen, we both love the super effective SIRCUIT Skin Sircuit Addict+.  This firming serum gives incredible antioxidant protection and plumps the skin.  Even though I have dry sensitive skin and he has more oily, rough skin, we both still benefit from this potent and pure product.
  • My favorite daily moisturizer is CosMedix Hydrate.  It's lightweight but nourishing and contains natural SPF protection.  Hubby uses it sometimes during the winter when his skin is drier from the cold air.

Body Essentials:
Many of us tend to neglect the skin on our body, but our bodies can also experience common skin issues like clogged pores, bumps, or dryness.  You'll find the G.M. Collin Citrus Fresh Shower Gel and Billy Jealousy Illicit Pearlized Body Wash in our shower.  Both are a treat for the skin and smell great!  After showering, I have to apply body lotion or my skin gets so dry!  My favorite right now is G.M. Collin Body Hydrating Cream because it's super creamy and fragrance-free.

Shaving Essentials:
Whether it's shaving your face or your legs, we all know the importance of a good quality shave product.  Though my hubby is hooked on the Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit right now, he prefers Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream when he feels the urge to shave.  I secretly borrowed it once and now I'm hooked too!  It's a great smooth shave for face or body.

Extra, but Must-Have:
One product that is ALWAYS in our medicine cabinet is Brave Soldier First Aid Antiseptic Healing Ointment.  It heals cuts, scrapes and burns so much faster and its ingredient list gives me peace of mind.

Now that we've given you our tips, would you like a chance to win ALL of these incredible products and MORE, valued at over $1800?!?!  Enter our Winning Wonderland - His & Her Giveaway between now and December 14!  Visit beautystoredepot.com for full giveaway details and to see all the amazing prizes!  Good luck!!

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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