Friday, October 3, 2014

iS Clinical Pro-Heal

We all have different skin types, concerns and certain beauty preferences.  What works for one person won't necessarily work for the next.  Because I have tried so many products and have finally reached the point where I appreciate what I see in the mirror, I wanted to tell you my personal skin story.  (Jump to the end for an incredible discount too!)

For the past few years I have struggled with acne along my chin and jawline.  It wasn't until I started working with beautystoredepot and began learning about beauty conditions that I figured out I was fighting hormonal acne.  Not only was I suffering from hormonal acne, but I would constantly pick at these blemishes.  I couldn't stand having a pus-filled pimple or dry, flaky scab on my face.  Constantly picking at these places wasn't helping them heal or go away (of course!) and was actually spreading bacteria.

About five months ago, I wasn't doing anything particularly different with my skincare, but I did notice that my skin was clearing up.  A short time later, I realized it was because I'm pregnant!  My skin went through the original "glow," then a bit later, started breaking out again.  I was also planning our upcoming wedding and like all brides, wanted my skin to be absolutely perfect - but now I had to be especially careful about ingredients and side effects.

Recalling the training we had with iS Clinical, I remembered that all of their products are chemical-free and pregnancy safe.  Their products are also pharmaceutical grade, so they multi-task and provide many benefits in one product.  The product that stuck out in my mind was iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance.  Recommended for cystic acne, rosacea, inflamed skin, and even insect bites, this potent Vitamin C serum packs a mega dose of skin healing ingredients.  Since I knew it would be safe for my skin and also provide the antioxidant protection of Vitamin C, I thought, why not?

Since I was determined to get clear, glowing skin before my wedding, I started using Pro-Heal all over my face, morning and night.  Instantly I noticed that my skin was smoother and softer, almost glassy feeling.  My typically dry skin, which became even drier with pregnancy, was instantly hydrated - a great benefit of Vitamin C.  I can't remember exactly how long it took to notice my skin clearing up, but I would definitely say within a couple of weeks.  The blemishes I had were going away, while my newly clear skin stayed clear!  Since I was a picker, I also had some residual marks which became darker with my pregnancy hormone changes.  Pro-Heal also helped fade these spots.

I continue to use this serum every morning to keep my skin clear and provide antioxidant protection.  If I feel or see a blemish coming up, I'll use a little extra to spot treat that area.  I am completely thrilled with my results and would definitely recommend Pro-Heal to anyone with similar skin issues.  Months later, my skin is softer, smoother, clearer and back to its natural glow.

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If you have any questions about Sara's experience or any other skin issues, feel free to comment below.

Until next time... stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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