Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Go All Natural.....and SAVE!

Many people are choosing to "Go All Natural" with their beauty products.  I myself insist on natural products for some of my daily usage, but still love some of my old faithful products and simply can't let them go. 

With Earth Day being TODAY, I thought I would share some of our AMAZING all natural product lines for you to research.  Take a look below and remember if you have ANY questions, you can contact our professional and courteous staff via our Online Chat or toll free at: 1-800-926-5219.

Even better?  Save 15% today by using code: BEAUTY at checkout! 

For a FULL LIST of all of our Natural Brands click here.

Although we have several to choose from, below are my absolute FAVORITE natural brands.

  • PHYTO - They care about the environment by not only using natural plants for the ingredients, but by taking it a step further with all of their packaging being environmentally friendly.  They also offer a WIDE range of products for literally EVERY hair type or concern.
  • MACADAMIA - The smell....oh the smell!  I personally LOVE this line not only for the results and lovely aroma, but also the price point is incredibly reasonable for the amount of product received!
  • All Things Pure by Bioelements - Natural and completely safe to use during pregnancy, this has become my new fave!  It's also incredibly popular with our clients quickly becoming a best seller!
  • SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals - It takes ALOT for me to ditch an old school favorite product, but SIRCUIT managed to have me ditch not one, but several of my old products that I had used for years!  They are VERY highly effective and have become a hot product amongst many celebs too! 
  • gloMinerals - I've been using their concealer for years and have yet to find one that's better! 
  • Osmosis Colour - LOVE their primers!
  • colorescience - Their powder sunscreens are a staple in my purse and beach bag!  SUPER easy application and great for kiddos! 

How do you celebrate Earth Day?  Let us know by mentioning #beautystoredepot on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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