Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 411 On Chemical Peels

Today's guest blogger is Alana Andrews.  Alana is a Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist who has been working in the beauty industry for 10 years.  She is my personal "go to girl" for all of my aesthetic services here in Austin, TX.  Many thanks for today's contribution!

Clients are always asking me "What is a good chemical peel?".  My next question is always "What exactly are you wanting to accomplish?"  I find that 90% of my clients fail to know what ingredients are in a chemical peel, what they actually do, and certainly do not know about the potential recovery time.  So, let me provide you with some basic education.  We will start with:

What Chemical Peels Can Be Used For

  • Moderate to severe acne treatment
  • Soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fade skin discolorations
  • Even out skin texture
  • By removing and diminishing acne, can reduce the appearance of skin pores
  • An over all exfoliation to reveal brighter, healthier skin

Now let's discuss the:

3 Categories of Chemical Peels

  • LIGHT:  This is a surface only chemical peel.  A light peel will include such ingredients as lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid and a few other natural exfoliators at a low %.  These peels should not have any recovery time or flaking/peeling of the skin.
  • MEDIUM:  This is a peel that will penetrate deeper into the skin.  They typically will have a higher % of the same ingredients and often times may include more than one of these ingredients.  Stinging upon application can occur in some cases.  Recovery time can occur (depends on the % and individual) and can include redness, flaking, and or peeling of the skin lasting for a few days. 
  • DEEP:  This is a peel that penetrates deep into the skin.  A deep peel will include such ingredients as TCA, Retin A, phenol, and/or Jessner at 20% or higher.  Stinging will occur once the peel is applied to the skin (amount depends on peel and individual) and a down time of up to 10 days is expected including redness, flaking, and peeling.   

The category of the peel will typically effect the achieved results.

The peeling can be very intense.  Here are a few examples below.  Do keep in mind that every individual responds differently.

There is more to the process and you should always discuss the risks of chemical peels with a licensed professional.  Risks include:  Burning, Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation, Scabbing, and Scarring (if proper care not taken).  You should ONLY have a chemical peel performed by a licensed professional and after a consultation.

The results speak for themselves!  Check out these BEFORE and AFTERS!

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this blog and I will be happy to assist you.

Again, many thanks to Alana for today's blog!

If you are in the Austin area, Alana can be reached for a complimentary consultation at Austin PhotoFacial 512-468-7502.  Winter is a great time to do a peel due to less sun exposure...so call for your FREE consultation today!

Next week we will be discussing pre and post treatment for chemical peels,

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Fix Your Dry, Cracked Hands!

I'm not sure if it's just because it's been a colder winter around here this year or if I am simply not hydrated enough, but my skin has been incredibly dry this season.  My husband, daughter, and myself are struggling with our hands being so dry that they are even cracking open and bleeding.  On our search to find relief, I thought I would share a few products that have become our saving grace!

We have blogged about this product several times in the past, but when something works this well you just have to keep mentioning it!  One Minute Manicure has worked wonders on my dry skin.  My poor hands started looking literally ten years older due to being so dry!  I stumbled across this in my bathroom cabinet and immediately used it.  My hands feel and smell amazing.  I will definitely be passing this along to my husband as soon as he gets home.  **Note - it did sting me a little due to my hands being cracked open, so I haven't yet tried it on my daughter**  It does have a gritty feel to it, so just be cautious if your hands are already seriously dry. 

Billy Jealousy Golden Gloves is another fantastic option.  While doing research for the recent 12 Brands of Christmas promo I stumbled across the above article stating how amazing this product is for the harsh Winter months and for men who work with their hands on a regular basis.  I immediately grabbed one off the shelf for my husband to try.  It did take a few days, but the results were definitely impressive and it's now a staple on his night stand.

Here are a few tips to also help with dry skin:

  • DRINK EXTRA WATER!  Keeping yourself hydrated is key!
  • AVOID HOT BATHS AND SHOWERS!  When water is too hot it actually pulls the moisture from your skin which will worsen your dry skin.
  • EXFOLIATE then MOISTURIZE!  Removing that flaky skin so you can moisturize the healthier skin underneath will make a BIG difference.  Just make sure you don't over exfoliate.

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AMAZING Pregnancy Safe Products

I figured I would share with everyone some of my pregnancy MUST HAVE products.

Pregnancy Safe Must Haves

I am half way through my pregnancy and my skin has been incredibly dry.  I started using LEROSETT Moisture Matte and it has truly been a lifesaver! Not only am I loving this product, but my husband has been using it too.  No breakouts, just the perfect amount of moisture!

Not only is my face dry, but my entire body!  I was already using the Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter on my tummy, but decided (since I LOVE the smell and because I had ran out of my other lotion) to use it on my legs and arms too.  The results?  INCREDIBLY smooth skin!  When I went in for my annual skin check at the dermatologist office she even commented on how smooth my legs were. I have also started using the Basq Citrus Sugar Exfoliating Body Polish as a little treat!  I use it about once a week (sometimes twice) while in the shower to help prevent stretch marks, exfoliate, and hydrate my skin.  I LOVE the smell and the fact that it reminds me of a spa body scrub without the cost!

Pregnancy breakouts are always a ton of fun, but there's no need to worry with LEROSETT Acne Clay Treatment.  I had already been using this product for years as a regular acne treatment and was SO THRILLED to know that it (along with the majority of the LEROSETT line) is completely safe to use during pregnancy.  This treatment is seriously a miracle treatment!  You can use it both as a mask and as a spot treatment...AND IT WORKS! 

Wanna try any or all of these amazing pregnancy safe products?  Starting TODAY you have TWO WAYS TO SAVE!  Save 10% on all orders using code: 2SAVE10 OR Save $20 on orders $75 or more by using code: 2SAVE20.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hydrate and SAVE With beautystoredepot!

Hope everyone is having an AMAZING 2014 so far!

Starting today through 1/13/14 you can save 20% on Skin Care Items AND Moisturizers!  Just use code: PROTECT20 at checkout.

This is the perfect time for this sale as most of us are struggling with moisture issues with the dry winter months.  Check out a few of our new and old FAVORITE Moisturizers!

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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