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SAVE Money With At Home Manis and Pedis

Almost every woman I know prefers to have pretty nails, but when times get tight it's little luxuries such as going to the nail salon that are the first to go from the budget.  We are going to show you some fantastic products and tips to aid you in not only saving money, but giving yourself a fabulous at home mani and pedi.

The process for both is essentially the same, so I will break it down in easy, bullet steps with some helpful hints along the way.  Remember to find a proper work area.  I typically place a towel on my floor and have all of my mani/pedi supplies in a tub so I can simply grab them when I need to.

At Home Mani Pedi
  • REMOVE OLD POLISH:  Start with removing any old polish you may already have on your nails.  I use a generic version at my local grocery store and it works perfectly for my needs.  TIP: If you have old polish gathered along your cuticles, you can use an orangestick with tissue at the end to help get into the groove to remove.
  • CUT AND FILE NAILS: Fairly self explanatory here, but for a quick tip use your shortest nail as a guide for cutting.  This will make your hands look more uniformed.  As far as filing and shaping....I feel like it's a personal preference.  If you like your nails squared, then square them, if you prefer oval then simply follow/duplicate the curve of your nail base.
  • DEAL WITH THE CUTICLES:  This is a must for me, but not for everyone.  I personally use the OPI Mini Cuticle Nipper.  It's been one of my favorite purchases and prevents me from my old method of biting and ripping (I know...terrible and disgusting way to deal with them so you understand why I appreciate the purchase).  My cuticles are also typically dry, so I use CND Solar Oil because it's the best...and not just because I think so, it was ranked #1 by InStyle Magazine too.  I allow mine to set absorb for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.  Another method for cuticles is to soak and push them back.  You can create a soak with warm water and really any sort of oil although jojoba or almond is most commonly used.
  • EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE:  You can do both of these in one amazing step with One Minute Manicure.  You simply grab a small amount and rub on your hands and feet and then rinse off.  It's AMAZING ladies and gents!  One Minute Manicure is the original and still the best in my opinion.  The bottle will last you for a bit as well and is awesome for cracking heels!
  • CLEAN NAILS:  After applying all of those lovely moisturizers to your nails, you MUST remove them to have a better polish application AND so the polish will also last longer.  Simply take your polish remover and clean the nails prior to beginning the polishing process.
  • APPLY BASE COAT:  Not everyone does this, but they should!  I have found this one simple process will help my polish to last for DAYS longer!  I use OPI Start to Finish - Regular Formula because we all know how I love those 3-in-1 products!  This gem will act as your base coat, top coat, AND is a nail strengthener. 
  • APPLY POLISH:  Again, rather self explanatory here.  One tip is to do several thin coats instead one thick.  This will help your polish to last longer and be less likely to chip.  Wait two minutes between each coat.  Looking for a new color?  Check out some here.
  • CLEAN UP:  I seriously am awful at applying polish.  I just do not possess the patience I guess so there is always a mess to be cleaned.  I simply have Q-Tips in my bucket that I dip in polish remover to clean up.
  • APPLY TOP COAT:  Apply the top coat of the OPI Start to finish - Regular Formula.
  • GIVE TIME TO DRY:  I set my timer for 15 minutes before starting to cook, clean, or put on my shoes for a pedicure.  This is important because why waste all of the time you spent by being too impatient to wait a few minutes to ensure proper drying.
And you're done!  A few other quick tips to remember is that anytime you tear a nail...ALWAYS cut it!  If you have any nail fungal issues check out Dr. G's Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment.  For specific foot concerns check out Footlogix for some amazing options and treatments. 

What are the savings?  Well, depends on what type of salon you go to and what type of manicure or pedicure you typically pay for....but these products last me for several months and I use to go twice a month to the tune of about $100 including tip saving me $100's each year!

Don't forget...you can save 15% on all of these amazing products and plenty of our others by using code: BEACH at checkout.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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