Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Top Father’s Day Gifts

If your dad is anything like mine, he probably cares more about providing to others than pampering himself or really keeping up with a “beauty” regimen.  This Father’s Day, show him that you care about his needs too, and that taking care of beauty needs isn’t just for the ladies.

We have many brands dedicated to providing excellent products just for men:  American Crew, Brave Soldier, Billy Jealousy, d:fi, Grooming Lounge… just to name a few.  When choosing a product for your dad, you’ll choose the best gift if you keep in mind his schedule and activities.

Here is our list of the Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas:


Father's Day Gift Ideas: Must-Haves

  • Grooming Lounge Razor & Stand Set:  He’ll love this “fancy” razor for its form and function.  Featuring a polished chrome stand and bone-colored handle, this razor uses convenient Gillette Mach 3 blades for a close shave and easy replacement.
  • American Crew Classic Fragrance:  This popular fragrance utilizing spice and citrus, is a step up from his “old man cologne,” and comes in two sizes – a convenient travel size aluminum bottle and sleek full size glass bottle.  If he travels or visits the gym a lot, go for the travel size.
  • Tend Skin Air Shave Gel:  It may not look like much, but this unique shaving gel is a favorite among men and women.  This gel doesn’t foam up, so you’ll be able to see wear you shave.  It also provides an unbeatable glide, soothes and moisturizes skin, while decreasing the chance of painful nicks, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 
  • Billy Jealousy Combat Lines Face Moisturizer SPF 30:  As the name suggests, this oil-free moisturizer will fight lines and harmful UVA/UVB rays.  He’ll protect his skin with a refreshing, clean Green Tea scent.   
  • Dermalogica Clean Bar:  If he’s still using bar soap (and chances are he is), introduce him to this soap-free, balanced formula.  It will comfort skin, giving him a deep down clean without stripping skin of essential oils.


Father's Day Gift Ideas: Multi-Use

  • Tao of Man:  For the ultimate convenience, treat your dad to Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense.  This 3-in-1 product is a cleanser, aftershave and moisturizer, giving dad a no-fuss routine.  Its herbal formulation deep cleans to rid skin of dead skin cells and reduce ingrown hairs and redness associated with shaving.  
  • American Crew 3-In-1:  As its name states, it has many uses.  This huge bottle is a great value too as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  So it’s perfect for the man who needs a quick morning routine.
  • Billy Jealousy Triple Crown 3-In-1 Body Wash:  This triple threat is a foaming body wash, moisturizer and great shave formula with beneficial antiseptic and antioxidant properties.  After all, no king should be without his crown.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Spoil Him

  • Billy Jealousy Golden Gloves:  If your dad works with his hands, give him this reparative and moisturizing hand cream to treat rough, dry hands.  It absorbs quickly and with Tamanu Oil, it provides anti-microbial and anti-viral benefits.
  • Therapearl Heat and Cooling Packs:  If he's an athlete or suffers from aches and pains, treat him to a Neck, Back, or Knee Wrap.  Therapeal even makes a Koozie!
  • Men’s Hair Products:  We carry a wide variety of top selling hair products for men too.  From energizing shampoos to best-selling hair pomades and creams – check out our selection to find his favorite.
  • If you really want to spoil him, treat him to a skincare device to target his concerns or a complete shaving kit.

Do you have any plans for Father’s Day this year or a special memory you'd like to share?  We can also recommend products for the dad in your life.  Leave us a comment – we love your feedback!

Until next time… stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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