Monday, May 6, 2013

MaMa Mio = The BEST Mommy Products!

Calling all MaMas!

I remember when I was pregnant with my little one, how frustrating it was to find products that I knew for certain were safe to use during pregnancy. I'm not sure if everyone has this struggle or not, but I was one incredibly cautious (maybe even overly so) MaMa. Especially since it took us five years to conceive so I was going to make darn sure that I didn't do anything to jeopardize our pregnancy!

Fortunately, things have changed over the last five years and there are several pregnancy safe marketed lines available today. By far, however, the absolute BEST on the market are offered from MaMa Mio.  I recently started using a few of their amazing products and thought I would share my results with you and a few more that are on my Gotta Try List.

Mama Mio - Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

The Mama Mio Omega Shower Cream was the first thing I grabbed from the shelf.  I tend to be a little picky when it comes to my shower cream.  I deal with those lovely bumps on my upper arms and legs and have used the same shower gel for years now.  Honestly, the only reason I even tried this is because hubby and I are making one last attempt for baby, being ever so hopeful, I figured I should venture and try a pregnancy safe shower gel.  Results?  I REALLY like this stuff!  It's incredibly moisturizing and I love the fragrance!  It reminds me of being at the spa....ahhhh!  I love this product so much AND we are running a current special where if you purchase $45 or more of MaMa Mio, you will get an Omega Shower Cream for FREE!  Check here for more details.  

The next thing I snagged was the Mama Mio Omega Super-Rich Body Cream.  I have tried a ton of lotions...and I seriously mean a ton!  The more I can manage to exfoliate and moisturize, the less I have to deal with my body, needless to say that since I have dealt with this skin issue since I was a child, I have seriously tried practically every lotion on the market.  Again, I was impressed!  The lotion goes on well (some lotions take forever to absorb), smells heavenly, and is incredibly hydrating.  If you have a loved one who is pregnant, I would most definitely recommend both of these products!

Now onto my GOTTA TRY list......

First is the Mama Mio Bootcamp for Tummies.  After having my little girl, things just aren't the same in that department.  I have heard phenomenal raves about this system.  The kit includes two products, the Skin Tight Toning Serum and the Get Waisted Body Shaper.  The products combined with an exercise program will flatten, tighten, smooth, AND define your tummy....all things that need to be happening to my tummy right now!

I honestly would love to try all of their bootcamps the tummy, arm, and boob (yes, that's right boob bootcamp!)   I personally prefer to work out at home away from all of the madness of a gym, so these bootcamps are ideal for me.  You will definitely be seeing future blogs on many of their products from me!

Wanna win a gift certificate?  We will be giving away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner!  You will receive one entry for doing any/all of the following.  Our winner will be announced Monday, May 13.  Good luck! ***PLEASE respond with your email address along with what you did below (including like #)***

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Don't forget about our Mother's Day Sale.  You can receive 20% off at checkout by using the code: BESTMOM.  Sale lasts from 4/30-5/13

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our courteous and knowledgeable staff toll free at: 1-800-926-5219.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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