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Celebrate Earth Day with All Natural Products

What you put on your skin and hair can be just as important as what you put in your mouth.  Many of us today have incorporated only natural and organic products into our diets for healthier living.  You can also use natural or organic beauty products to address your beauty concerns.  Many clients with specific skin allergies trust their beauty to natural products.  Just beware… when looking for natural products, be sure to do your research and look at the ingredients!  Some products may falsely claim to be all natural.

We carry many all natural products at  Today I would like to tell you about some of my favorite ones for hair and skin.

Earth Day - Shop All Natural Products

Let’s start with hair!  Phyto has been a trusted botanical hair care line for over 50 years.  Not only are products formulated with 95% botanicals, but they are packaged in eco-friendly aluminum and glass containers that also minimize the use of preservatives.  Phyto products are also made so that you can alternate use to achieve your best results, like rotating between Phytovolume Shampoo and Phytocitrus Shampoo if your concerns are fine, color treated hair.  My absolute favorite Phyto product is Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream.  I have long, fine hair, and lots of it!  It can be so hard to keep it tangle-free, healthy, shiny and soft.  This is where Phyto 7 does its magic!  After showering, with my hair still damp, I apply a small amount from roots to ends then brush through.  (Helpful hint: when hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage, so only use a brush suitable for wet hair, like Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush – another great all natural hair care brand)  This cream hydrates my hair while detangling, and minimizing frizz.  I also love that it’s lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair.  After blow-drying, my hair is soft and smooth! 

For an extra treat, I apply a pea-size amount of Phyto 7 on the ends of my hair right before bed.  This helps prevent split ends and breakage.  Though I got my hair cut over a month ago, my ends still have that fresh cut feel to them that I love!  Also, if you have ultra-dry medium or coarse hair, you can get the same benefits from Phyto 9.  You treat your skin to a night cream, so why not your hair?

My favorite all natural skin care products are from Sircuit Skin.  I suffer from dry, sensitive skin, with occasional break outs along my chin and jaw (hormonal acne).  These next products help target my concerns while improving my overall skin tone and texture.  They’re so amazing that I actually get excited about using them!

My skin care regimen with Sircuit starts with the Supermild Sensitive Skin Cleansing Crème.  This cleanser is so luxurious!  I feel like some cream cleansers just sit on my skin and don’t really clean.  But with Supermild, it foams up nicely so you get that good deep down clean without irritating your skin.  It’s fragrance, paraben, sulfate and gluten free and is gentle enough for post treatment, rosacea, and inflamed acne.  On a weekly basis, my skin needs a hydrating mask.  I am so excited that we are now carrying Sircuit Skin Cool Lychee Wa+.  I have never used a facial mask that is this rich, creamy and even yummy looking!  Did you know that dry skin tends to show wrinkles and fine lines at an earlier stage than oily skin?  This hydrating mask will plump and firm skin, providing an overall radiance.  The mask won’t feel dry or cracked on your skin either – just a cool, refreshing feeling. 

For extra moisture, I follow with Sircuit Skin Cloud 9+.  This is another dreamy, creamy treat for my skin – it even smells a bit like cinnamon!  This intense moisturizer will also calm skin, while encouraging cell renewal.  I mostly use this at night, unless my skin needs the extra moisture during the day or winter time.  I get occasional breakouts that turn dry and flaky and are incredibly annoying.  Using this moisturizer at night (following cleansing and treatments), putting a little extra on these flaky spots, really helps soothe and heal them so much quicker!  My skin is instantly soft and moisturized.  Cloud 9 can be used as a nighttime moisturizer or cocktail with your favorite Sircuit Serum for additional anti-aging and hydrating benefits.  Because Sircuit products are highly concentrated and contain no fillers, you will truly get your money’s worth.  A little bit really goes a long way too.  Out of a 4ml sample size, I got 5 uses out of a Cool Lychee Wa sample; the full size is 40ml!  Sircuit’s all natural products treat my dry skin concerns, and with targeted treatments for every skin type, you’re sure to find the right regimen too!

These are just a few of the all natural brands we carry.  Phyto and Sircuit offer products for all beauty concerns, no matter your hair or skin type.  Need a product recommendation?  Let us know in the comments section of this blog.

Celebrate Earth Day and save 20% on orders over $50 with code NATURAL now through April 30!!!

Until next time…. stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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