Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get Your Tan On & Find YOUR Perfect One Piece!

I don't know about you, but the idea of getting into a bathing suit is no where close to appealing right now.  I'm pale, packed on a few winter pounds, and have had a little one....so things just aren't what they use to be.  However, putting a little color on my skin ALWAYS makes me feel sexier, more confident, and makes the idea of a swimsuit more tolerable.  So, if you are venturing to a sunny climate for your Spring Break adventure...then I highly recommend getting a little color before you journey.  Sure, you could do a spray tan, but for a quality spray you will definitely pay...and you all know how we feel about tanning beds...NO GO!  

But before we discuss tanning options, let's chat about swimsuits.  I am 35...eeks, it's hard to type that...and I have just ordered my first one piece as an adult.  I know, I know....one pieces have come a long way and some of them are actually cute and sexy,  but for some reason I have just kept a stigma in my head about a one piece.  My main reasons for ordering one is simple....my 3 year old daughter always grabs me (or my bikini) in the wrong place and my mid drift isn't what it was before having my precious little angel.  After talking to some other mommy pals of mine the logic was clear that a one piece is more conducive for bending, chasing, picking up....and everything else that goes along with kiddos.  So, I just placed my first order....check it out, it's the blue one below...pretty darn cute, huh?  Several of the suits below come in a variety of colors.  You can also check out Target's junior section for some super cute options too!

CUTE One Piece Swimsuits

Now....on with the tanning!

My personal fave is the Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Light/Medium Luxe Daily Self Tan.  I first used this product over a year ago for a wedding where I was a bridesmaid.  Times were...and are...a wee bit tight, so instead of paying for a spray tan, I opted to try this product out.  I started by using the Xen-Tan Body Scrub  to exfoliate my skin and provide a more even application.  I really love this scrub!  It smells heavenly and not only exfoliates, but also hydrates my skin.  Then, I simply dry off and apply the Xen-Tan Transform Luxe on just as I would any lotion.  I did keep a close eye on those hard to tan areas such as my knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles.  Then I went about my day.  The first application definitely made a difference, but it was after the second application (the following day) that I achieved the dark tan that I prefer.  The results were amazing!  I had several ladies from the wedding ask where I tanned...talk about an easy sell for the company!  I used the lotion at least 3-4 times following before I needed a new bottle.  This is awesome since the price for the bottle is only $30!  Quick side note...my favorite thing about this product is you really can't screw up.  The day of the wedding we noticed that I had completely missed a portion of my back!  I was fortunate that I had brought the Transform Luxe with me for a friend to try....so, we simply applied some to the whiter area....and voila!  By the time it was go time, you couldn't even tell that I had missed a spot.  If you are darker complected, then check out the Xen-Tan Morroccan TanAnother gal in the office uses this on a regular basis and loves it! 

Get your perfect tan with beautystoredepot.com!

If you prefer to use a spray, then check out the Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self Tanning SprayThis spray creates a flawless tan that also penetrates deep in the skin to provide longer lasting color.  The unique design of the spout allows for even application at any angle....even those lovely hard to reach areas.  I have also used this product in the past and loved the results.  I just tend to prefer lotions as they seem to be less messy to me.

Speaking of hard to reach areas, my biggest issue when self tanning is always my back...hence the large white area for the wedding...but, those days are long gone now with the Body Buddy.  This cool tool works to reach those hard to reach areas with ease.  Simply place the tanning product on the body buddy and use both ends to manipulate so you can reach ANY area.  Even better?  They are washable so you can continue to use it for years to come.  

Are you not a fan of self tanning simply due to the mess?  I use to refuse to self tan because (back in the old days before the tanning products improved) my hands use to always end up being that oh so lovely shade of orange.  Although with these products you definitely will not experience any orange, your hands still can darken when applying a lotion.  But...no worries.  Simply use the Xen-Tan Deluxe Tanning Mitt.   The incredibly soft velour makes for an oh so comfy and even application.  Better yet you can use this with not only lotions, but any tanning product.  You can also clean the mitt with cold water and squeeze out any access color after each use.  All for the low price of $7!

The Amir Argan Oil Touch of Tan Moisturizer literally flies off of our shelves.   I finally grabbed a bottle today to try.  It smells delicious and with the argan oil and acai berry extracts this lotion will moisturize your skin while slowly providing you with a natural sun kissed glow.  Typically when something sells this much, the masses aren't incorrect, but I will let you guys know.  Another quick tip....some of the ladies around the office use this in conjunction with a spray or lotion since it keeps their skin glowing, soft, and allows for the lotion or spray to last even longer.  

You can save 10% on all of these amazing products from now until 3/4/13 AND get FREE shipping.  Simply enter the code: BEAUTY10 at checkout.  And don't forget....we always provide free samples, so if there are any specific concerns or products you would like to try, just make a comment on your order.  

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!  


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