Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brand 14: Rx Systems

Rx Systems is another brand that I go way back with.  I started using their products when I was working at a salon about 8 years ago.  I have those lovely little bumps on my upper arms and, one of the aestheticians advised me to give the Rx Systems Reparative Body Wash a try.  I did, and boy was I impressed.  It worked better for me than anything else I had ever used.  Since I loved the wash so much, I also began using the Rx Systems Reparative Body Cream in conjunction with the wash.  The results?  Even better so I was obviously hooked.

Rx Systems is a comprehensive product line that offers products not only for skin, but for hair as well.  I love the fact that the categories and products are easily divided up making it a breeze to select the product you actually need.

If you are looking for a new anti-aging line, then definitely check out this brand.  They offer a unique, customized blend of glycolic and alpha lipoic acids called the Glypoic Complex.  This fabulous combo provides you with the benefits of glycolic (removal of dead/damaged skin to reveal new brilliant skin) and the benefits of alpha lipoic which is not only required for new cell growth, but also assists with cell metabolism.  The alpha lipoic acid will actually attack free radicals that damage normal cell division and collagen formation and makes them inactive. This allows for even better and faster results!  This is a product where you will continue to see improvements the longer you use the products.

The product that is on my wish list this year is the Rx Systems Rejuvenating Facial Firming Mask.  This product is loaded with collagen, for that youthful radiance we are all trying to regain and will also moisturize while tightening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  What more could I ask for in a product?  (Hopefully I will get it for Christmas so I can review it for you guys!)

If you are wanting to give the Rx Systems products a try, then they offer spectacular trial kits including the Rx Systems Anti-Aging Skin Care System and the Rx Systems Acne Control Clear Skin System.  The anti-aging kit includes a Reparative Cleanser, Reparative Cream, and a Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30.    The acne kit includes a Acne Control Cleanser, Acne Control Lotion, and an Acne Spot Treatment.  Both ot these kits are smaller sizes so they are perfect for a trial use and reasonably priced at just under $40.  They are also great starter kits for those uncertain of what products they need.

Rx Systems is one of our featured brands this week during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away 3 kits...that's right...3 kits!  Two anti-aging and one acne (exact same kits described above).

Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for details, FREE samples, FREE professional advice, and more!

It's hard to believe, but Rx Systems is our last brand during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We have given away thousands in GRAND prizes and have loved providing so many of you with professional, personalized skin care recommendations.  Remember, if you have any questions or concerns with any of our recommendations, samples, or products that we are always available and happy to assist.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful! 

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brand 13 : iS Clinical

If you have been following our blog for awhile, you already know how much I LOVE iS Clinical.  My husband and I both use several of their products weekly and are obsessed with iS Clinical Active Serum.  It's an amazing three-in-one product that treats acne, aging, and redness.  I could go on more....but since I have blogged about it so many times previously, I will stop myself.

Another fave is the iS Cosmeceuticals Extreme Protect.  This is an amazing sunscreen and perfect for everyone especially those who may be more prone to skin cancer.  This sunscreen actually protects and repairs collagen and cell DNA making it truly unique.  Our company representative shared a personal story of her mother who suffers with skin cancer.  She typically has to go in annually and have several areas removed.  After using this sunscreen, she hasn't had to go back in for ANY removals....and it's been well over a year.  If that doesn't speak for this product, I don't know what will!

iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum is another favorite in our household.  It was the very first moisturizing serum I had ever used...and I'll admit, I was skeptical and pleasantly surprised.  Hydra Cool is fast absorbing and still incredibly effective.  I actually now prefer the moisturizing serums over creams...which I never thought I would say. 

You have all heard me rave about iS Clinical Youth Complex and iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, but for those who may be reading for the first time...these are two of my all time favorite products.  I use the Youth Eye Complex daily with my Clarisonic Opal and LOVE the results.  Check out some before and after pictures here.  The Youth Complex is also equally as awesome with 97% of people seeing results within the first hour of application.  That's right....THE FIRST HOUR!

Bottom line?  iS Clinical is simply one of the best lines I have ever used.  They offer a broad range of products to treat practically every skin concern. 

This week iS Clinical is one of our featured brands for our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away an iS Clinical Anti-Aging Kit which includes: Cleansing Complex, Youth Complex, Active Serum, and Sunscreen SPF 25.  This kit is valued at $315!  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for more details, giveaways, and so much more! 

Don't forget....we are also giving away a Clarisonic on our Google+ page. To enter all you need to do is start following our page. Good luck!

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brand 12: SkinMedica

Have you been searching for a skincare brand made with all natural products that is also specifically formulated for ALL skin types?  Then your search is over and you gotta checkout SkinMedica.  SkinMedica strives to know everything about healthy skincare and is absolutely dedicated to do so. Even better?  They divide their products up so clearly that it is easy to find your perfect product!  Let's discuss just a few of their spectacular products that our staff uses and loves.

My favorite cleanser, is the SkinMedica Facial Cleanser.  It leaves my face feeling refreshed, clean, works GREAT with my Clarisonic, and it doesn't dehydrate my skin.  My husband is a foaming man....if it doesn't foam, he doesn't think its cleaning his face so his favorite is the SkinMedica Purifying Foaming Wash.  This was formally called their acne wash and is an excellent option for those suffering with acne since it will provide a deep pore cleansing with gentle exfoliation.

It's winter and so many of us struggle with finding enough moisture for our skin.  If you feel like your daily moisturizer just isn't quite cutting it and need just a little something more...or a lot...then you need to check out SkinMedica Hydrating Complex.  You use this with your regular moisturizer and apply it beforehand.  This product INSTANTLY hydrates your skin, enhances your moisturizer, and provides not only instant hydration to your skin, but also long term.  If you prefer just using one cream, then check out the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream.  It's an amazing cream that not only restores moisture, but also replenishes your skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help combat aging as well!

Ahh, the joys of aging and for me, it's seen around my eyes.  An option that not only hydrates my eyes but also but provides complete rejuvenation of the skin is SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair Cream.  It's one of my all time favorite eye products and that's saying alot since I have tried more than I can count!  I am 35 and can't stand the newly developed lines on my forehead and around my mouth.  I haven't resorted to botox yet, but if it continues, I might just have to....however, I am dying to try the SkinMedica TNS Line Refine.  The reviews are amazing including the one on our site that has convinced me this is my next MUST HAVE!  Definitely cheaper than botox and worth a try!

SkinMedica is our second featured brand this week during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away full sizes of the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum, Dermal Repair, TNS Eye Repair, and a Lip Plump System.  These products are valued at over $500!  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for all the details, FREE samples, FREE professional advice, games, and so much more!

Don't forget, we are also giving away a Clarisonic Mia on our Google+ page

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brand 11: Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy is a newer brand to us here at beautystoredepot, but has quickly become an all time fave!  Several of our guys around the warehouse and office use their products on a daily basis and are completely hooked.  I personally love the fact that it's a complete male line including products for body, hair, shaving, and skin care.  For this blog, I interviewed several of our fellas for their favorite Billy Jealousy products and, here we go!

I started with my husband who says HANDS DOWN his favorite product is the Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment.  This product takes you right back to the barber shop.  He uses this product EVERY time he shaves.  He loves the fact that it adds a little bit of heat to the same old routine AND....since he has a rather thick, course beard....the heat actually helps to soften his skin and beard up a bit for a much closer and more comfortable shave.  I remember when we first brought on the line, one of the guys here in the office put some in my hand and told me to rub my hands together.  The heat generated is really impressive and unique.  Definitely unlike any product I have ever stumbled across and a keeper in both my household and my father-in-law's.

One of our warehouse guys only uses the Billy Jealousy Three-in-One Body Wash.  He says that this is his favorite body wash because it lathers fabulously, moisturizes his skin, AND he uses it as his shaving cream.  The bottle lasts him quite a while too and is only $20!  It smells oh so manly a good way!

Another staff fave is the Billy Jealousy Sucker Punch Face Scrub.  I teased the guys saying they simply like it for the name....sucker punch..hehe!  Much to my surprise, the fellas were able to give a great explanation of the product saying that "I guess it exfoliates....just makes my skin feel and look softer."  Gotta love a man's explanation for things.  This scrub has unique ingredients like Tahitian volcanic black sand, crushed walnut shells, neem extract, white and green tea extracts, and vitamins.  This unique combo penetrates the skin to remove dirt and impurities and reveal smooth, softer skin.  "Sucker Punch will give you the edge you need to go all the way, champ."

If you have a man who thinks he's too manly to use anti-aging products....then maybe he will reconsider with either Billy Jealousy About Face Anti-Aging Serum or Billy Jealousy Combat Lines Face Moisturizer.  Better yet....get them a Christmas gift that is practical AND they will love in the Billy Jealousy Shave3Some

This week Billy Jealousy is our first featured brand during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away THE HITS VOL. 1 kit including FUZZY LOGIC SHAMPOO, OCEAN FRONT BODY WASH, and HYDROPLANE SHAVE CREAM.  This kit is valued at $60....but wait, there's more!  We also have 6 2oz size products to give away too!  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for details on how to enter to win, FREE professional advice, FREE samples, games, and so much more!

FREEBIE TIME!  I have several Billy Jealousy Sample Packets to give away.  Simply follow the instructions below, respond with your email address and what number like you were for each item completed, and which fella (or yourself) will be lucky enough to try these awesome products.

  • Click here and like our Billy Jealousy product page
  • Click here and like the Hydroplane Shaving Cream
  • Click here and like the Liquidsand Facial Cleanser
  • Click here and like the White Knieght Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser
Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brand 10 : Brave Soldier

Got an active guy or gal in your life?  Then you gotta introduce them to Brave Soldier.  Brave Soldier started with the active athlete in mind.  Their products can be broken down into four sections: Skin Protection, First Aid, Skin Care, and Skin Shaving Care making finding your perfect product even easier!

There are several Brave Soldier products that are in both my car and home.  My husband and I both have Brave Soldier Crash Paks in our cars.  They have definitely come in handy with our three year old injuring herself while traveling or just on the go. They are light weight, in a water proof package, and fit perfectly in either the console or glove box of your car.  The packets include everything you need for approximately four major "booboos".  I use it as a replacement for a first aid kit....AND it's only $12!

Brave Soldier Clean Skin is an awesome facial cleanser.  It was even recently raved about by Heidi Klum.  It's simple...and the bottle last forever!  I love the fact that it's gentle, yet is also able to put some of the moisture lost throughout the day back into my skin.  This is one of the few cleansers that both my husband and I agree on!  You definitely can't argue with the price $18 for 8 ounces, it is definitely an affordable option. 

If you have a loved one who enjoys cycling or running and struggles with the joys of chaving...then a fantastic product for them is Brave Soldier Friction Zone (Silicon Skin Protectant).  The Friction Zone's unique formula is long lasting providing cyclists and runners hours of comfort even in wet weather!  It is also safe and effective for wet suits and running shoes making it a fantastic option for triathletes.  If you have a son or grandson who plays football, then this is also a great choice since it can help create a barrier and shield the skin from protective gear....especially during summer training!

Brave Soldier is one of our featured brands this week during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away a  BE BRAVE Kit including: BRAVE SHAVE, CLEAN SKIN, CODE BLUE, and a LIP DEFENDER.  This is the PERFECT gift for the beloved athlete in your life.  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for more details on how to win, FREE professional advice, samples, games, and so much more!

Don't forget....we are also giving away a Clarisonic on our Google+ page.  To enter all you need to do is start following our page and keep an eye out for the posts asking you to enter to win.  Good luck!

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Brand 9: Osmosis Skincare

Osmosis - A common sense approach to skincare

Osmosistheory is about delivering nutrients to the body and skin in the most efficient way possible without causing additional inflammation.  Believing you should treat your skin not only topically but also from within, their products range from straightforward skincare such as cleansers and serums to wellness supplements.

While all Osmosis cleansers are safe for any skin type, they have different products based on your needs including Osmosis Skincare Cleanse, a gentle cleaner; Deep Clean to remove deeper impurities; and Purify Exfoliating CleanserEven using Purify twice a day, I saw no dryness or irritation and my face felt tighter and refreshed after every use.  That is definitely something I have never experienced with other exfoliating washes!

My serum of choice is the Osmosis Skincare Clarify because it targets a wide range of my skin problems.  It shrinks pores, provides protection against acne, while also hydrating, and it has a sunscreen.   I’m all for shortening my morning routine and this is a hugely effective help!  One step does it all.  Their other Treatment Serums address problem such as aging, dark spots and even rosacea.  They literally have something for every skin concern!

One of Osmosis’ greatest products I have found is Osmosis Skincare Quench.  It is an intensive hydrater that is powerful yet still so light weight AND not greasy at all.  My skin tends to go on strike in the winter and this product calms and restores hydration immediately without leaving me feeling like I need to blot my face in an hour.  Definitely loving this product!

I have recently started my husband on Osmosis Skincare Refresh PM Eye Repair Serum for his baggy, dark circles under his eyes.  He’s only been using it about a week and people have made comments that he looks healthier and more rested!  And at least with my husband, just looking like he’s getting more sleep makes him less cranky!  Thank you Osmosis!

The most unique thing Osmosis brings to the table in my mind is their use of wellness supplements in skin health.  I mean, it seems like a no-brainer that you need to heal and treat your skin not only on the surface but also from within.  They have a whole line of Harmonized H2O that help with digestive health, hair and nail strength, and the one I really want to try is the Osmosis Harmonized H2O Hangover!  I could have used this little lifesaver just a few evenings ago!

Osmosis has some great kits based on your skin type that include everything you need to get your skin healthier and looking beautiful at the same time.  Sometimes I feel like I have to sacrifice one for the other but Osmosis proves that you can do both!  Finally!

Osmosis Skincare is our first featured brand this week during our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away 3 kits that include a FULL size Calm, a travel size Purify and Quench.  These kits are valued at $66.00.  In addition, we will also be giving away another single FULL size Calm and a travel size Quench and Purify.  Just watch out for the posts and additional information on how YOU CAN win on Facebook.

Don't forget....we are also giving away a Clarisonic Mia on our Google+ page.  Just become a follower and respond to the appropriate post to receive your entry.  Good luck!

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brand 8: Dermalogica

Dermalogica is one of my favorite skin care lines.  From basic essentials to targeted treatments, they offer products for every skin care need.  I could go on and on about this wonderful brand but today, I will fill you in on some of my favorites!

My hands-down, absolute favorite product is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.  This unique exfoliant starts as a Rice enzyme powder and is activated with water.  I typically use this in the shower so I don’t have to worry about making a mess.  I shake the product a few times into my hand, add a little water, then rub my hands together to activate it and make a paste.  For best results, our on-site aesthetician recommended that I try mixing Daily Microfoliant and water in a small dish to activate the Rice powder to its most effective potential.  Once activated, apply the product in a circular motion and massage for at least one minute.  After just one use, I remember my skin was so baby soft and actually looked brighter and more even, I couldn’t believe it.  And because the end product has a paste consistency, it wasn’t a harsh or irritating exfoliant.

The Age Smart line from Dermalogica has many great products to target and prevent aging.  Though I don’t have wrinkles yet, I’m definitely concerned with preventing them.  A product I have recently fallen in love with is the Dermalogica Age Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30.  At first, I thought the mousse-like consistency and the medicinal scent were weird.  I quickly learned how amazing this primer really is.  It’s free of artificial fragrances and colors so it provides a light, natural tint and slight shimmer.  It goes on so smooth, and instantly evens out my skin tone and texture.  This is a product that I actually look forward to using every day!  It provides a little extra hydration that my dry skin needs and gives the perfect canvas for makeup.  I even let my mom borrow it and she was amazed that after one use, her usual oily skin looked like her makeup was freshly applied, even after a ten hour day.

Dermalogica also has amazing body products.  My favorite is the Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub.  I feel that my dry, dull skin needs both creamy comfort and a good deep down, scrub.  This refreshing body wash provides both with exfoliating rice bran and papaya enzymes paired with essential oils that hydrate and provide a great pick-me-up – whether in your morning shower or after a long, stressful day.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Bottom line:  From oily and acneic, to dry, aging, sensitive, body or shaving needs, with Dermalogica, you are sure to find something specifically for your skin concerns. 

This week Dermalogica is are second featured brand for our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away an AWESOME Dermalogica AGESmart kit that includes: Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, Antioxidant Hydramist, Dynamic Skin Recovery, Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Mask, Skin Perfect Primer, Renewal Lip Complex, Multi Vitamin Power Firm, and a MAP 15 Regenerator.  This kit is valued at $400!  That's right people....$400!!  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for more details, giveaways, free professional advice, and so much more!
FREEBIE TIME!  I am loaded with Dermalogica Samples and will give away Dermalogica Sample packets to several lucky people!  All you have to do is follow the instructions below for your chance to win.
  • Click here and like our Dermalogica product page
  • Click here and like our Dermalogica AGESmart page

***For additional entries simply share us on google and twitter.  When responding, please include your number like along with what you shared, and your email address***

Don't forget....we are also giving away a Clarisonic on our Google+ page. To enter all you need to do is start following our page. Good luck!

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brand 7: Pevonia Botanica

I have recently been introduced to Pevonia Botanica and I must say I am definitely a fan!  They provide a full skin care regimen for every skin type, even body products and a teen line.  I also love how the packaging and quality of the products makes you feel like you’re being pampered in a spa.  Today I will discuss just a few of my favorites from this amazing line.


I have dry skin, no matter what season it is.  I’m always looking for that perfect treatment to remove flaky skin, target blackheads, and brighten my overall skin tone – but, one that isn’t too harsh.  I had been hearing a lot about the Pevonia Botanica Enzyme Spherides Peeling Cream.  At first I thought a peeling cream?  That sounds pretty tough...but I gave it a go.  I love how thick and creamy it really is.  I followed the directions precisely, remembering to massage it in – this activates the enzymes.  After using the cream, my cheeks slightly burned (common with a peel).  So if your skin is quite sensitive, you may want to avoid this one.  After my first use, I could definitely see results the next morning.  My skin looked so fresh, with a more even skin tone, and reduced blemishes.  It also felt so soft and nourished, and when I applied my morning products, it felt like they glided on my skin.  This won’t be a daily use product, but using it once a week is really improving my skin tone and texture. 

For a gentler, daily exfoliation treat, I use Pevonia Botanica Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.  I love the combination of a creamy cleanser with exfoliating Jojoba beads.  I use it at night to really wash away the day.  The scent is refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling so soft!

As I’ve mentioned, Pevonia provides a complete skin care regimen for every skin type.  What I use for a night-time moisturizing cream is Pevonia Botanica Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream (especially if I’ve used the Enzyme Spherides Peeling Cream).  I was surprised that it was more of a lotion consistency, but it feels so rich when you apply it.  It has almost no scent, which is awesome for me.  Since it feels like more of a deep moisturizer, I only use it at night, and awaken to soft, soothed skin.

If you’re in need of a basic, everyday body lotion, try Pevonia Botanica Preserve Body Moisturizer.  It has a light scent and I love how quickly it absorbs into skin.  It doesn’t have a greasy feeling that some body lotions have and my skin feels so soft and silky every time I use it. 

Bottom line:  No matter your skin type or concerns, Pevonia Botanica has amazing products with natural ingredients and proven results.  Pamper yourself and reveal healthy skin with their spa treatment skin care products.

This week Pevonia Botanica our first featured brand for our 12 Brands of Christmas promo.  We will be giving away 2 FABULOUS body kits including: Pevonia Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel, Pevonia Dry Oil Moisturizer, Pevonia Multi Active Hand Cream,  and a Pevonia Multi Active Foot Cream  These kits is valued at $200!  Wanna win?  Just follow us on Facebook for more details, giveaways, and so much more!

FREEBIE TIME!  Simply go in and like our Pevonia Botanica page on our site here, respond with what number like you are, AND a link to one of the many AMAZING Pevonia Botanica products you are most interested in trying.  Don't forget to respond with your email address too.  I have several to giveaway....good luck!

Don't forget....we are also giving away a Clarisonic on our Google+ page. To enter all you need to do is start following our page. Good luck!

 Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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