Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Get Your Fabulous Fall Smoky Eye!

I will freely admit that my makeup routine is limited and basically always the same. I only recently (within the past two years) figured out how to do a somewhat smoky eye on myself. Although not fantastic, it has served me well for those oh so few...nights out on the town. So....I decided that it was BEYOND time for me to learn how to do a proper smoky eye and teach you guys (who don't already know) how to as well.

My first little bit of advice is to avoid using a black shadow. This is how I attempted to learn and it was always too much AND if I made a mistake....disasterous! Shades of brown work much better for me and also help to make my green eyes pop. I found the perfect kit for all of us beginners and all of you pros out there. The shades of brown are much so that one of our aestheticians/make up artist is in love with one of the colors and she thought she had seen every shade of brown possible! The kit is gloMinerals gloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit and I am in love! The kit actually comes with it's very own "how to" again, perfect for us beginners.

Here's a quick before picture....ignore my brows, I am in serious need of a brow wax.

STEP 1: The kit contains four amazing colors....the top left is the base color (a good rule of thumb is to start with the lightest color and progessively work towards the darker). Simply press the base color into the your eye lid from the lashes to directly underneath your brow. The recommended brush is gloMinerals Eye Base Brush which is the one I used. Since it's simply covering the could really use any brush you prefer.

STEP 2: Use the eye lid color (top right) and apply over the base color beginning from your lashes and then stopping just underneath the brow bone. The recommended brush is again the gloMinerals Eye Base Brush, but you could use whichever brush you prefer.

STEP 3: Use the crease color (bottom left) and start at the outer edge or your eye and work the brush back and forth (kind of in a windshield wiper motion) taking the color from your lashes almost to the brow bone. You also use this color directly underneath your eye along your bottom lash line. The recommended brush for this step is the gloMinerals Mini Crease Brush, but I used the gloMinerals Smudge Brush.

STEP 4: Use the liner color (bottom right) and line the upper lash line by pressing the color into the line. Follow the entire lash line from outer to inner corner. Follow the same steps for the lower lash line, but finish with gently running the brush across the line to create a smoother look. The recommended brush for this step is the gloMinerals Smudge Brush which is the one I could use any smaller brush.

And here's a few after pics!

Just a quick side hubby said the pictures do not do it justice and he LOVES it! He even had me retake the pictures with a flash to try and show off the metallic.

TIPS: Especially for steps 3 and 4...make certain you gently tap your brush after you put the brush in the color and before applying to your eye. This will eliminate those nasty little mess-ups that drive us all crazy! Another tip is to make certain you have evened out your lid color prior to beginning. I used gloMinerals gloCamouflage- Golden-Honey, but another fabulous option would be gloMinerals gloLid Primer.

Wanna buy this spectacular kit? For this week ONLY use code SMOKY15 and receive 15% off! This is an amazing deal since the kit is already discounted 10% for a total savings of 25%!!

Don't forget...if you order $50 in gloMinerals you will automatically receive a FREE gloLiquid Lips!

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two steps to give your body healthy glowing skin with Glytone!

New to beautystoredepot, we welcome Glytone. This brand focuses on giving you the maximum amount of results in rejuvenating your skin by delivering the highest level of free acid value. The free acid value is the exact amount of acid that will be available for use by the skin. If a product says “4.7 Free Acid Value”, it means that exactly 4.7% glycolic acid will be available for use by the skin. This also means there are no buffering agents in their products, making them the only company that displays this information.

The magic ingredient key in these products is Glycolic Acid. Some of the benefits of this ingredient include: the reduction of scarring caused by acne, hyperpigmentation and many other skin conditions including wrinkles!

Get smooth, glowing skin!

My new favorite products are the Glytone Retexturize Exfoliating Body Wash and Glytone Retexturize Body Lotion. When combined with an exfoliating pouf you have a kit to treat Keratosis Pilaris. This skin condition, also known as “chicken skin”, is characterized by the appearance of rough, slightly red, bumps on the skin. Most often it can appear on the back and outer sides of the arm. The levels of Glycolic Acid in these products work to exfoliate dry, rough skin and even help to minimize those embarrassing red bumps. These products are also great for people who suffer from dry skin, especially your feet.

To use the body wash squeeze a small amount about 1-2 teaspoons onto the pouf and massage over the entire body. Work into a rich lather and rinse your body thoroughly. For best results follow with the lotion immediately after showering. The consistency of the lotion is very thick, so a little will go a very long way. It will initially feel greasy, but will quickly absorb into your skin and dry. It is also VERY important to follow with a sunscreen, especially if you will be exposed to sunlight as these products do increase sun sensitivy. Make sure to protect your new glow with adequate sun protection!

As with any change to your skincare, you will need to gently transition into using the Glytone line as the higher levels of free acid value can be dramatically different from the previous products you have used on your skin. Another helpful tip is to not use the body lotion on skin that has been freshly shaven. The glycolic acid can cause a slight stinging. Within a week of use I could see results. My skin was clearer, softer and the scarring from blemishes had lightened. These products are a must have for anyone with blemishes, or just for anyone that feels they have dull skin that needs a boost!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Say Goodbye to Your Dull, Dry Hair!

Is your hair dull, lifeless or damaged?

What are your shampoo and conditioning needs?

Find the right products to help any hair type and revitalize your hair to its full beauty potential with these amazing products from beautystoredepot!

With so many shampoo and conditioner formulas on the market, deciding which one is best for your hair can be a challenge. But don't worry...all you need to do is just ask yourself the right questions to find the right products. Is your hair oily or thin or maybe it’s dry and brittle? Our website is great for searching for products by hair type and our courteous staff is always willing to lend a helping hand.

We carry many shampoos for different hair types including Clarifying, Color Protection, Dandruff, Dry Hair, Hair Loss or Thinning, Oily Scalp and Volumizing. Let me tell you about a few of my favorites! I use different products based on my current hair situation. After I have my hair colored, my scalp is always a little dried out, so I use a dandruff shampoo to make sure I don’t get a flaky, itchy scalp. But, I also have very thin hair so my every day product is a volumizing shampoo. When I pair my shampoo with the right conditioner (to be discussed later) I know my hair will always look it’s best regardless of the abuse I throw at it!

Find your perfect shampoo & conditioner at!

Phyto Phytheol Intense Anti-Dandruff Shampoo works immediately to calm my itchy scalp and prevent any flakes or irritation caused by chemical processing. I even got some for my husband, who has horrible eczema and this was the only product that truly worked to stop his dandruff. Thank you Phyto! This is the perfect product for combination hair because you only use it a few times a week in between your normal shampoo days and after about a month of use; you only have to use it once a week! The salicylic acid combined with willow extract purifies and exfoliates the scalp. It also contains an anti-dandruff agent that has been clinically proven to help stop recurrence of dandruff. The combination of soothing ingredients zanthoxylum, fenugreek and shiitake, calms skin and diminishes sensations of discomfort.

For every day use, I go with Kenra Platinum Shampoo for Fine/Thin Hair. This extra gentle sulfate-free formula cleanses without stripping any of your hair color and protects your color. It also delivers enormous volume and shine to fine, thin hair. Kenra uses a Cross-link Polymer that surrounds the hair cuticle, promoting body and volume. Hydrolyzed Silk Protein adds strength to hair while the Color Care Complex Technology provides internal and external color protection with Microsilk, Heliogenol and Benzophenone. Basically, it's the absolute perfect product for color treated, fine/thin hair.

Now on to the Conditioners!

Of course, we also have a conditioner right for any hair type including Color Protectants, Reparative, Volumizing and Leave-In Conditioners. If you are not using a conditioner, you are missing a critical step in keeping your hair both healthy and looking its best.

I’ve always wanted that gorgeous, thick, healthy head of hair I see on TV, but genetics did not give that to me so... my solution is Rx Systems Volumizing Glycolic Conditioner. It adds body, thickness and shine without weighing my hair down and is safe for chemically treated hair. It has a unique and special formula made to repair damage, nourish and moisturize, all with out being too heavy.

If you were blessed with thick hair, you have your own set of problems that might include frizzy curls or a tangle nightmare. I would recommend a leave-in conditioner for these problems. CHI makes a wonderful Curl Preserve System Low pH Leave-In-Conditioner. This curl-friendly product works to rebalance hair while eliminating those nasty knots and tangles. In addition, it adds curl definition and shine while softening and eliminating frizz.

For hair that has been damaged by color, chemical processing or abusive heat styling, Rusk Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner transforms dry, damaged hair into silky, manageable hair. Enriched with pure argan oil, it provides shine and protection against further damage, while hydrating and detangling.

We are still in the midst of celebrating our 7 year anniversary and that means ANOTHER FULL SIZE product we will be giving away! All you have to do is go in and "like" ANY SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER on our site and then respond with the name of that product AND your email address. We will be randomly selecting one lucky winner....good luck!

And don't forget....we are ALSO giving away a Clarisonic Mia this month on our blog! All you have to do is sign up to receive our blog via email. Do make sure that you complete the verification process (if the email isn't verified, it will not be a valid entry). Keep an eye out for a follow up email that may go into junk folders in some emails.

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To Us!!!

It's our birthday and we will give away freebies if we want to! We are turning seven and it honestly doesn't EVEN begin to feel that long. I remember our first day "live" on the internet and my hubby and I constantly checking for our very first sale. We were certain it would be a family member or friend, but much to our surprise our first order came from California and was absolutely no one we knew. That's where it all began to becoming one of the leading online beauty sites.

Even though we have been around for seven years and many things have changed....from new site designs, expanding brands, a larger staff, keeping up with thing hasn't and NEVER will....our desire to provide the absolute best customer service! From an employee's very first day, they know the importance that we place on treating every customer the way we would want to be treated and striving to go above and beyond. friends....will ALWAYS be our company philosophy.

All of the brands we carry are amazing, but I want to highlight the brands that we first started with and still carry, love, and are alot of the staff's absolute faves! They are: Cosmedix, Obagi, gloMinerals, iS Clinical, RxSystems, Brave Soldier, Clarisonic, and Tend Skin. If you haven't tried these brands, then definitely take a second look. Every single one of these brands I still use products from today. Below are a list of products that both my husband and I have used and continue to use from day one:

Celebrate 7 Years with!

* Cosmedix Purity Clean: We both use this cleanser several times a week. It's perfect for acne prone skin or if you just need a little bit more exfoliation throughout the week.
* Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel #1: This is one of my hubby's absolute faves! It is a fantastic daily cleanser and foams beautifully. My husband loves the fact that it's the only cleanser he feels penetrates through his facial hair.
* gloMinerals gloPressed Base: It's their number one selling product for a's the absolute BEST! The compact is perfect for on the go, the coverage is great, and the range of color options is huge.....better yet? It's actually great for your skin. You just can't go wrong!
* iS Clinical Active Serum: LOVE this product! It's a 3-in-1 to say the least. Active Serum studies have shown DRAMATIC decreases in acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging. This is another one you really can't go wrong with.
* Rx Systems Reparative Body Wash: This is a wonderful exfoliating body wash that is safe enough for daily use. Perfect for those nasty body bumps.
* Brave Soldier Crash Paks: We keep one of these in our cars and my husband takes one with him every time he goes on a mountain bike ride. It has everything you need to appropriately treat a wound....especially road rash.
* Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System: I have my original one from 8 years ago and it is still going strong. From my very first use, I was hooked...and if you're not already, you will be! Definitely worth the investment.
* Tend Skin Solution: I, most unfortunately, am incredibly prone to razor burn and bumps. This is my saving grace! Love it!

Our Anniversary Sale starts today! Save 20% on ALL orders...PLUS FREE shipping and always! Just use code: ANNIV20 at checkout. In addition, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Google+. We will be giving away WEEKLY grand prizes, OPI polishes, a $25 gift certificate each week, and MUCH more.

It's everyone's favorite time...FREEBIE time! This is an AWESOME one people! If you would like to try one of these amazing products, simply go in and like the product below and respond with your email address and the product that you liked. We will pick one lucky person who will receive that product in a FULL SIZE....that's right...FULL SIZE!

To like one of the products, simply click below:

Cosmedix Purity Clean
Obagi Nu Derm Foaming Gel
gloMinerals gloPressed Base
iS Clinical Active Serum
Rx Systems Reparative Body Wash
Brave Soldier Crash Paks
Tend Skin Solution

In addition....we will also be giving away a Clarisonic Mia at the end of this month for new individuals who sign up for our blog. (And don't try to unsign and resign, because I made a copy of our master list :) ) All you have to do is sign up to receive our blog via email. You MUST verify in order to be entered so keep an eye out for the verification email. It may go into some spam boxes. Good luck!

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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