Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Treat Yourself This Labor Day with beautystoredepot!!

Labor Day is here and I personally can't think of a better way to celebrate then with a little relaxation! We all work hard and we need to know when to take a little time for ourselves to rejuvenate. I am going to chat about a few products that will help you relax and feel pampered, all in the privacy of your own home.

Treat Yourself this Labor Day with beautystoredepot.com

Who doesn't love a good salt glo?! Back before my little one (when time and money were both more available), I absolutely loved going into the spa for a salt glo and massage. I would always leave the salon relaxed, refreshed, and my skin would look and feel amazing! Why go to the salon when you can have the same benefits at home with Basq Citrus Sugar Exfoliating Body Polish. This is your own personal at-home treatment that not only exfoliates and hydrates your skin, but also helps tone AND prevent stretch marks. The entire Basq line is also safe for all of us ladies either trying to conceive or already pregnant, which is definitely a plus for me. Simply apply the product from your neck down using a circular motion and then rinse thoroughly. For those nasty problem areas, just apply more pressure.

Rinse off your body polish in a relaxing bubble bath with Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash. This is a staff fave in our office! The body wash is conditioning, smells amazing, and will soothe your senses and de-stress your mind with natural scents of eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood and lemon.

Massages have so many more benefits for your body than most people realize including pain reduction, enhanced immunity, reduced spasms and cramping, and lessened anxiety and depression...just to name a few! Unfortunately the expense of having a professional service often prevents most of us from enjoying these benefits, but not anymore! Start exchanging massages with your loved one with Basq Sweet Dreams Calming Oil Aromatherapy. Not only will it add a little bit romance, but you will also enjoy all of the benefits of a massage in the privacy of your own home. Even better? The Sweet Dreams Calming Oil promotes healthy sleep with its unique combination of pear and lavender AND it can be used to help calm and soothe both Mommy and baby! Simply dab a small amount on your pressure points and then cuddle your little one. Relaxation for the entire family!

Want to try one of these amazing products? Just use code: LABOR20 at checkout and receive 20% off orders $49 and over PLUS FREE shipping and FREE samples! Speaking of free samples....it's FREEBIE TIME! Who wants LOTS of samples of Dermalogica's Conditioning Body Wash? I have a TON to giveaway....equal to a travel size! Simply "like" the product HERE and then respond with your email address. I have several to give away and will randomly select winners.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got Dull/Dry Hair?

I wish I could tell you that I woke up every morning and styled my hair....but that is definitely not the case for me. My weekly routine consists of washing my hair 2-3 times and then throwing it up in a bun. Occasionally...and I mean very occasionally, I will flat iron my hair from time to time. Even with so little heat or styling applied, my hair most definitely still gets damaged from highlighting. This week I am going to chat about a few products that will help restore you hair to a healthy, shiny glow!

Love your hair again with beautystoredepot.com!

products available at beautystoredepot.com

I recently used the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque and was quite impressed. After washing your hair, while it is still damp, apply the product and comb through thoroughly leaving it in for 5-10 minutes. Afterward, you simply rinse with warm water. My hair definitely looks and feels so much healthier. It helped with my glorious flyaways and restored shine to my hair...which I feel like I can never achieve naturally (too many years of coloring). I would only use this product twice a week max. Anymore will leave your hair too oily. The price of this masque is perfect too! Only $13.50!

If you need even more of a reparative treatment, (like myself), try Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. Since the masque drastically improved my hair, I am excited to give this product a try. The treatment can be added to either dry or damp hair and can be used as a styling product OR be added to a masque for even better results. I just grabbed one for myself and opened the bottle...the smell is delightful! The benefits of the oil treatment make me even more excited to start using it:

•Intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
•Hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
•Natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
•Reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%

Another fantastic option for over processed hair is Phyto Phytokarite Mask. I adore Phyto and use several of their products on a regular basis. This mask will deeply nourish, strengthen, repair, and rejuvenate hair from within. It also helps to minimize future breakage while maximizing shine, silkiness, and manageability. The application process is identical to the Deep Repair Masque except they specifically recommend using a wide-toothed comb. In addition, while the Deep Repair Masque is suited for all hair, this mask is recommended for medium to coarse hair or over-processed hair.

Another fabulous thing about ALL of these products is that they are all natural AND right now you can save 15% on all hair product orders over $25 plus get FREE shipping. Just use code HAIR15 at checkout.

These are just a few of MANY amazing hair care products we offer to assist you with your beauty needs. Remember, you can always contact our courteous staff to receive recommendations for any and all of your hair care concerns toll free at 1-800-926-5219 or via email at: customerservice@beautystoredepot.com.

FREEBIE TIME! Who wants samples of Phyto Phytokarite? The first two people to respond with their email address will receive these glorious samples! Remember....if you have won in the past 6 weeks, let's give others a chance to win.

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Your Guide to Essential Travel Products

It’s summertime and many of us are traveling and going on vacation. When you’re traveling, it is important to keep up your beauty routine. The most essential products you’ll need include travel sizes, a refreshing facial mist, and multi-use products. These products will help you travel with ease, while packing less and taking the stress out of maintaining your beauty routine while away from home.

Travel Essentials from beautystoredepot.com

For travel size, TSA-approved skin care, you need BioElements Travel Light Kits. Each convenient kit comes with five products covering everything you need: cleanser (that doubles as a makeup remover), toner, moisturizer, exfoliant, and overnight cream. Best of all, there is a kit for every skin type! The Very Dry and Dry Kit features products that nourish skin and buff away surface flakes like an exfoliating scrub that doubles as a mask, and a moisturizing night cream. The Combination Skin Kit contains an oil-free gel cleanser, an exfoliating peel to target pores and fine lines, and other skin essentials to balance your skin. Lastly, the Oily and Very Oily Kit contains amazing products for oily skin like an anti-aging liquid gel exfoliant that balances skin tone and unclogs pores and an overnight cream with time-released retinol that controls oil production. All the products you’ll need in convenient, reusable travel sizes!

Traveling can definitely stress out you and your skin. Whether it’s from flying or being in a different climate, your skin will need to be soothed and refreshed. The easiest way to restore skin’s moisture, while giving it a refreshing boost is by using a facial mist. Avene Thermal Spring Water is specially formulated with rich elements to soothe, calm and soften all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is naturally bacteriologically pure, so it can be applied to open wounds, razor burn, sunburn, diaper rash, almost any skin problem that needs soothing relief. This has definitely become one of my go-to products. I have one bottle for travel and one that I keep at home. I recently used it while at the lake, and after a hot, humid day, it provided the perfect cooling refreshment.

Multi-use products are also essential when traveling. They cut down grooming time while taking up less space in your luggage. Phyto Plage Moisturizing Hair and Body Wash is perfect for summer travel since it washes away any buildup of dirt, sand, salt, chlorine and sun. Though I don’t always favor 2-in-1 products, this one is great and effective because it provides the moisture and nourishment your skin needs, while cleansing your hair and not weighing it down. Another one of my favorite travel products is the Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50. Available in Beige or Honey, this creamy tinted sunscreen is 100% mineral, safe for sensitive skin, won’t clog your pores, and is water resistant. The tint goes on smooth, provides light coverage, and most importantly the SPF protection you need – just don’t leave it in your car or out in the sun because it will melt.

So remember when you travel, that maintaining your beauty routine is essential and beautystoredepot.com makes it easy. Right now enjoy 20% off all orders over $49 and FREE shipping on domestic orders. To stock up and save, use code TRAVEL20 at checkout.

FREEBIE TIME! This week's freebie is a FULL size Phyto Plage Moisturizing Hair and Body Wash AND I have 5...that's right 5 to give away! All you have to do is "Like" the product on our website at: Phyto Plage Moisturizing Hair and Body Wash AND respond to this post with your email address. I will RANDOMLY select our lucky five winners and who knows...maybe I will throw in some more freebies too, so even if you see five responses, DEFINITELY still participate!

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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