Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brave Soldier: A REAL Man's Skincare Line

Looking for skincare products for your active man? Then your search is over!! My hubby LOVES this stuff and is an active mountain bike rider, recently getting into rebel races, etc.

Brave Soldier began with a simple idea: The need for a product that would speed the healing and jagged scarring of road rash. Their product line now includes Protection, First Aid, Basics and Combination Kits.

For the Active Men - Happy Father's Day!

Protecting the skin should be the first thing any athlete or outdoor enthusiast considers before venturing out. Brave Soldier has developed three specific defenders of outdoor dangers.

Friction Zone has superior anti-chafing and it is cold water and sweat resistant as well. Occlusive silicone/botanical barrier protects and conditions skin for hours. Helps prevent blisters and reduce rash irritations without the use of petrolatum making it safe for wet suits. Friction Zone provides long lasting protection from any sports activity where gear chafing of your skin is a problem.

Solar Shield is a remarkable hypoallergenic moisturizing sunscreen specifically formulated to provide broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection. Non-irritating, non-whiting and non-greasy, Solar Shield is water resistant and contains the powerful sun block, micronized zinc oxide. For a bonus, it also Includes anti-oxidants to fight the aging effects of the sun

Lip Defender is a formulation with SPF 15 that prevents chapping, sunburn, windburn and leaves lips soft, never sticky. Lip Defender comes in a tasty and refreshing Citrus Mint flavor.

If you do happen to hit the pavement or receive a skin injury, Brave Soldier’s First Aid products help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced keloid scarring.

The First Defense - Antiseptic Healing Ointment which was the original Brave Soldier product, formulated specifically to speed the healing of road rash. A unique blend of healing botanicals and powerful pharmaceuticals helps wounds heal up to 40% faster and greatly reduces the chance of scarring. Great for sports injuries as well as everyday cuts, scrapes and abrasions.

The best time to treat skin abrasion injuries is immediately after they happen. Uniquely designed to be stashed in a backpack for immediate attention to wounded areas, First Defense cleanses away debris with a powerful yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn't sting and helps to reduce scabbing.

The Crash Pak kit contains everything you need to effectively treat a common road rash injury immediately after crashing and an absolute MUST for my husband while bike riding. Proper use of this kit helps prevent abrasions from healing with dirt and debris embedded in the wound. Compact packaging stows away perfectly in any jersey pocket or backpack.

With all of their knowledge of skin healing, the creators of Brave Soldier decided to go a step further and create a line of everyday use products: Brave Shave is a luxurious formula for men and women, Shower Shave for the closest possible shave, Clean Skin for deep cleaning pores and Code Blue to reduce skin irritations.

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