Monday, November 28, 2011

Pevonia Botanica World Renown for a Reason!

Pevonia Botanica is not only a prestigious natural skincare brand found in spas worldwide; their at-home products can help you maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin as well. These products create an ideal home regimen customized for your convenience. Proven effective around the world and chosen by the finest spas, Pevonia Botanica Skincare delivers outstanding skin health to all skin types, ages and ethnicity. Pevonia products have received numerous awards such as Best Skincare System, Most Popular Brand of the Year & Best Spa Product Line. 

Dedicated to protecting the earth and maintaining an affinity with nature and its precious resources, their products are never tested on animals and they insure the least impact possible on the environment including fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Pevonia Botanica’s green skincare products unite the finest natural marine & botanical for truly phenomenal results.

The Pevonia Botanica Phyto-Gel Cleanser has natural foaming agents, neutralizes the effect of calcareous water and controls oily skin. It uses key ingredients such as saponaria, burdock, rosemary, lemon, sage that rid your skin of impurities and surface toxins as well as leaving a wonderful scent. This gel is suited for all skin types as it is Non-alkaline and non-drying.

Pevonia Botanica Preserve Body Moisturizer combats dryness and promotes velvety-soft, smooth skin with the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and repairing Vitamins B, and E. This moisturizer absorbs quickly and leaves skin instantly soft and toned. You can smell a hint of the natural ingredients that make this product so effective such as rosemary and safflower oil.

With award-winning skin care lines and a wide range of prices to fit any skin type and budget, Pevonia can provide the perfect holiday gift for yourself or someone special!

It's hard to believe....but we are on week 3 and brand 5 of our 12 Brands of Christmas.  We will be giving away 2 Pevonia kits that include: Power Repair Hydrating Cleanser, Power Repair Hydrating Lotion, Collagen Cream, and Collagen Concentrate valued at $200 and of course a TON of free samples.  Just follow us on Facebook for your chance to win! 

Don't forget....we are also giving away 3 Clarisonics.  Just sign up for this blog, follow us on Twitter, and "like" us on Facebook for your entries.  Winners will be announced after the first of the year.

Until next time, stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gloTherapeutics...the PERFECT ingredients for the PERFECT products!

This is another fantastic blog by one of our new bloggers, Kelly! 

All gloTherapeutic’s products are mineral formulations that nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing faultless coverage and a variety of color palettes. They use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are entirely talc-free. gloTherapeutic’s skincare products are intricate formulations that work to support skin health and treat skin concerns. They offer a full range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and specialty treatment formulations based on recognized research and cutting-edge science. Utilizing innovative technology, their advanced formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin but are free of parabens and dyes.

Winter weather can do a number on your skin with its bitter winds and freezing temperatures.  gloTherapeutics uses pumpkin, the perfect representation of the season, to help nourish your skin, marvelously sloughing off dead cells to reveal your fresh new skin underneath. Pumpkin is naturally rich in antioxidant bioflavonoids and vitamin A that assist in breaking down dead and irregular cellular buildup that can leave your skin looking dull and aged.  gloTherapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub skillfully removes dead skin cell build up and stimulates cell regeneration with granules and enzymes that exfoliate without stress or irritation to the skin.  This scrub is ideal for all skin types and conditions, except for incredibly sensitive skin. 

For a milder, all day exfoliation, after cleansing, use the gloTherapeutics Renew Serum that stimulates cell renewal to smooth skin and improve texture and tone. The serum is blended with antibacterial and oil control agents for problem skin.

Following any exfoliation, a moisturizer should be used to limit over-drying of skin.  gloTherapeutics Cyto-lux Face Cream improves aged skin with the ultimate combination of advanced ingredients and increases production of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to counteract the effects of time.  Or choose gloTherapeutics B5 Hydration with hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 that naturally provide nourishment and hydration to the skin while ingredients such as Cromoist CM Glucan protect skin from environmental hazards and oxidative stress in addition to aiding in cell renewal.  Either moisturizer you choose will provide the right amount of hydration while improving skins look and feel. You just can't go wrong with gloTherapeutics!

This week in our 12 Brands of Christmas we will be giving away 3 gloMinerals makeup kits valued at $200. The kits include 2 glosses, lip liner, eyeliner, 2 shadow compacts with four colors per compact, bronzer, blush duo, lid primer, and 3 makeup brushes.  In addition, we are also giving away a total of 12 Pumpkin Enzyme Scrubs.  All you have to do is follow us on Facebook!  On top of that....we also have daily games and giveaways!  6 weeks....12 brands and THOUSANDS in giveaways! 

And let's not forget about our Christmas Clarisonic Giveaway!

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

gloMinerals Makeup....simply the BEST!

I'm not a huge foundation girl, but when I am wanting to put my best foot forward I ALWAYS use gloMinerals Makeup.  Why you may ask?  Because it's simply the BEST!  The coverage is amazing, but the "feel" is still light and above all it doesn't set in my wrinkles like many other foundations tend to do.  It lasts all day long and it's actually good for your skin.  Mmm, maybe I should be wearing this daily?

If you're curious how makeup can actually be good for your skin, then please allow me to enlighten you.  gloMinerals is packed full of advanced antioxidant complex of Vitamins A, C, and E and green tea extract.  gloMinerals also provides broad-spectrum UV protection and helps to defend against free radical damage, to deliver a radiant, healthy complexion.  This remarkable product does all of this while making you look and feel beautiful.  You simply can't go wrong!

It is gloMinerals' belief is that good-for-you beauty doesn't have to be basic. Innovative eye, cheek, and lip products are offered in a rich color palette of fashion-forward shades and timeless color classics designed to enhance every complexion. gloMinerals' five foundation formula options offer the most comprehensive shade range available, allowing every skin tone to find a perfect match and all of us know how difficult finding the perfect shade can be. 

I also have to mention that if you are in the market for any makeup tools or brushes then definitely check out gloMinerals.  I absolutely LOVE mine and will never go back to another brand.  I've had my blush brush for several years now and it is STILL in perfect condition. 

Don't forget our 12 Brands of Christmas just kicked off and gloMinerals is one of our featured brands this week.  We will be giving away 3 gloMinerals makeup kits packed full with brushes, blush, shadows, glosses, liners, and primers valued at $200.  All you need to do is follow us on Facebook for your chance to win!  And if you're checking our blog out for the first time, then sign up to receive it and you will automatically be entered into winning a Clarisonic.  You MUST verify your email for the entry to be valid. 

Until next time, stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

12 Brands of Christmas Brand 2 PHYTO...PHYTO to the rescue!

I would like to introduce a second blogger we have recently added to our team.  Her name is Kelly Schmitz and she is a dear friend of mine, mother of two, and an overall fabulous gal!  Thanks again Kelly for your help and here is her very first blog.

Cooler weather got you dry and frizzed? Or maybe your daily routine leaves your hair a little parched and over processed. I recently tried the line from Phyto designed to combat just these kinds of problems. I used the Phytonectar Oil treatment, the Phytonectar Shampoo and Phytodefrisant the botanical hair relaxing balm on my dull,frizzy hair last week and it did wonders. Now my hair is incredibly soft with none of the dryness I usually get this time of year. This line is also a must have for color treated hair that struggles to remain supple and moisturized. These products are effective and very easy to use.

First, I covered my hair root to tip with the oil and combed it through.  I let it soak in for about twenty minutes then proceeded to wash with the restructuring shampoo and finally finished with the smoothing hair balm.  The oil conditions without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling after washing like some similar products. Although pricey, it is a great value since a little goes a long ways. The shampoo has a wonderful herbal scent that left my hair feeling clean and not weighed down. It doesn't have many of the chemicals that other shampoos have. While it doesn't lather much, it still cleans effectively. It is also so nourishing, a separate conditioner is not necessary.  Phyto’s relaxing balm tamed all the remaining fly aways and smoothed the curls for a perfect and highly manageable look.  These products are made for people with dry or over processed hair, not for fine or oily hair types.
This is a real triple play that I will be adding as part of my normal routine. I also look forward to using the oil treatment before I have my hair colored next time to assure it will remain soft and less damaged from the chemicals.

If you're not already following us on Facebook, then do so now! This is our first week of our 12 Brands of Christmas holiday promotion and we are giving away thousands of dollars in kits, packets, products, and so much more! We will be giving away 2 Phytokeratine kits over the next few days that include a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment.  Don't forget in addition we also have our Clarisonic Christmas Giveaway and will be giving away 3 Clarisonic Systems.  For more information visit our contest page at:!/BeautyStoreDepot?sk=app_201742856511228.

I also have FREE samples of any of these products.  If you would like some, please just respond with your email address and I will get it contact with you. 

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 1 of our 12 Brands of Christmas: LEROSETT....Acne Beware

I'm 34 years old and have recently just finished a series of hormone treatments. Even without the hormones, I struggle with the "Mr. Monthly" and occasional outbreaks, but let's just say that with the addition of these fabulous hormones, my face has been a wreck!

Ladies and word....LEROSETT! I have been using the LEROSETT Acne Kit Plus for several weeks now and it has made a TON of difference on my face. The great thing about it is that even if you're pregnant, interested in organic/natural, or simply want an effective product these products will be perfect for you. My face has dramatically cleared up. My husband is even stealing the face wash from me! The LEROSETT Purifying Acne Toner is incredibly refreshing and the Organic Acne Clay is my little miracle. It's perfect for spot treating or for an overall face mask. Since I've been a "wee bit" hormonal lately, I've had to deal with the "whoppers" (as I call them) or, basically, very large and painful pimples. The LEROSETT Clay Treatment cuts the healing time to a few days and immediately eases any discomfort. I have fallen in love! Speaking of the discomfort, the LEROSETT Moisture Matte is an acne moisturizer that contains potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents and is loaded with vitamins to speed up the healing process even more.

Thank you LEROSETT for helping me with my not so fabulous hormonal acne!

If you're not already following us on Facebook, then do so now! This is our first week of our 12 Brands of Christmas holiday promotion and we are giving away thousands of dollars in kits, packets, products, and so much more! This week Lerosett and Phyto are our featured brands and we have two kits to give away along with FREE samples of the LEROSETT Acne Clay Mask. If you would like to try some, just respond to this blog with your email address and I will contact you for your shipping address. If you have acne at all, I HIGHLY recommend trying this sample. LOVE IT! Don't forget in addition we also have our Clarisonic Christmas Giveaway and will be giving away 2 Clarisonic Systems. For more information visit our contest page at:!/BeautyStoreDepot?sk=app_201742856511228.

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BeautyStoreDepot's 12 Brands of Christmas Promotion

I have been working on this promotion for weeks and can't even begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am!  We have thousands of dollars of kits, gifts, packages, and samples from our top brands to give away to YOU!  Most of these gifts are several $100's of dollars in value including Clarisonic Systems, 2 LEROSETT 3 part kits, gift baskets, and MUCH, MUCH more!  All you have to do to win, is follow us on Facebook.  If only certain brands interest you, then take a look below for a quick glance of each week's brands and prizes.

  1. LEROSETT and Phyto - giveaways include 2 LEROSETT kits, a Phytokeratine gift basket, gift with purchase, and FREE samples of these amazing products!
  2. gloMinerals and gloTherapeutics - giveaways include 3 complete makeup kits and 12 Full Size Pumpkin Masks...and of course, samples!
  3. Pevonia and iS Clinical - 2 Pevonia kits, 2 iS Clinical kits, and samples
  4. RxSystems and Dermalogica - 2 Rx kits and 2 Dermalogica kits
  5. Colorescience and SkinMedica - 2 Colorescience kits, 2 SkinMedica kits, and samples
  6. Blinc/Cellex-C and BioElements - Heated lash curlers, mascaras, travel kits, samples, and more to come!
This is just a summary of our giveaways.  There's more rolling in EVERYday!

We are proud of the brands we carry, our high customer satisfaction ratings and are ecstatic that we have put together such an astonishing promotion for all of our wonderful clients and friends.  Each week there will also be two blogs highlighting each of the brands featured in that particular week, so make sure to keep an eye out for those as well.  Bottom line?  If you aren't following us on Facebook yet, then I would definitely start!  There will be winning opportunities practically daily all in our own, uniquely fabulous BSD fashion!

Until next time....stay tuned and stay beautiful!