Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Minute Manicure....seriously AMAZING!

A quick update on the breakout is clearing up and the results are fabulous!  My skin has tightened up, pore size reduced, and the lines around my mouth have visibly diminished.  Remember, it is the perfect time to do a peel and we offer the products you need for before and after care.  I'll post a pic of my skin on the next blog.  I've also started using the Clarisonic Opal this week and am already noticing a difference around my eyes...most especially with the puffiness.  I will blog more on that in another week or two. 

My baby girl just got over a nasty stomach bug that lasted for over a week.  We are already a wee bit nutty about washing our hands in my household, but when anyone is sick....we wash even more!  Add on top of the even more frequent hand washings...was the use of sanitation wipes throughout the house attempting to prevent anyone else in the house from getting sick.  The result?  Incredibly jacked up hands! 

I had used One Minute Manicure years before at a nail salon where I use to get my manicures.  I always loved the end result, but had assumed it had more to do with getting a manicure than the actual product.  Boy, was I wrong!  I grabbed some off the shelf today and after only one treatment my hands feeling a 100x better and feel surprisingly soft.  This is definitely a product I am now hooked on and I'm ecstatic that I discovered it before Winter!  Maybe I can save my hands from the painful cracking and bleeding that I unfortunately typically deal with.  Woo-hoo!  Take a look at the photos...they aren't the best, but take my word for it...this stuff rocks!

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Until next time, stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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