Friday, September 2, 2011

iS Clincal YOUTH... It's hydration in a so much more!

I've been using iS Clincal YOUTH for years now and love the results it has on my skin.  If you read information on the product, you will see that SOME people experience results within a few hours, while others it may take a week to see any noticeable difference.  I am one of the fortunate people that see results within a few days due to the skin hydration qualities of the product. 

I have to be careful when selecting moisturizers since I have oily skin and am, most unfortunately, acne prone.  The fabulous thing about Youth, is that it has NEVER caused me to break out and definitely gives my skin that "healthy glow" that so many of us are trying to achieve.

iS Clinical YOUTH immediately increases hydration within the skin to plump fine lines and wrinkles, promotes controlled exfoliation to smooth and refine skin, while encouraging the production of the skins key support structures like collagen and elastin.  The longer you use the product, the better results you will get!

A downside is that upon stopping the use of product, the effects will lessen.  So, once you start, you most likely will NOT want to stop!  When I started using the product several years ago, I was working at a salon and ALL of us gals decided we just HAD to start using this product.  Next thing you know....we had stylists, aestheticians, massage therapists all buying this product in back bar sizes for their own personal use!  Most of us STILL use the product today.

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Until next time...stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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