Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Instant Facelift....still a little in shock about how well this product works!!

The same evening that my hubby and I ventured downtown, I also tried Instantly Ageless Instant Facelift.  Since I am a 30 something year old and...most a part time smoker...I have those lovely lines around my mouth.  (Just FYI  I WILL be quitting for good this month!)  I've tried several products that make a small difference, but nothing like this stuff. 

The product reads to use a small amount and massage it into the areas of concern.  Then, you allow the product to set for a minute of two.  You can feel the skin tighten up a bit, but actually the "feel" was far less than other products I have used and that failed to deliver near as good results.  After letting it set, the difference is noticeable and remarkable!  I took some before and afters with my husband's iPhone and will load those pics as soon as I can.  I did apply too much leaving a whitened area where I had used the product.  With a little bit of water on a towel I was able to remove the residue.  It did seem to lessen the effects though. 

The next time I used less product and didn't have the white residue.  The results lasted all day!!  I still need to "tweek" when I put the product on during my morning ritual.  I will get with one of our medical aestheticians and ask their opinion and let you know!

Overall.....I REALLY recommend this product.  I had actually been contemplating doing Juvederm or some sort of "filler" for the first time because I can't stand how deep my lines have become.  With Instantly Ageless Facelift in a bottle, I feel like I can hold off on doing anything more drastic.  Phew!!....because I REALLY HATE needles and at only $59.95 AND FREE SHIPPING this is a FAR cheaper alternative!

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