Friday, July 22, 2011

My Two Year Olds Tub Tantrums Have Disappeared!

My daughter absolutely refuses for me to brush or comb her hair.  When I put her hair up, I can only use my hands.  If she even SEES a comb or brush, the breakdown begins!  It's been somewhat of a nightmare, so for a long time she just ran around with the "crazy baby hair" as I call it.  It's especially difficult because she has curly hair ontop of it.  Luckily for my husband and I the battle of the hair has finally come to an end!

My hubby brought home MOP Pear Detangler a few weeks ago.  My first attempt (very much to my surprise) was a complete success!  We were having our bath time and after washing her hair I reached for the spray.  I allowed her to play with the bottle for a little bit and then let her smell the product.  Her response was "Yummy".  So good.  Then, I started to spray her hair with absolutely no tears or tantrums.  Okay, again...looking good, but now for the true test of breaking out the big ol' comb.  She did begin to meltdown, but when I explained that this was spray that takes the hurt away, she allowed me to continue and ladies and gentlement.....SUCCESS! 

The product smells so good that I started using it too.   The detangler works fabulously and to top it off it doesn't leave my hair feeling or looking greasy! 

Thank you MOP for making this Mommy's life a little less stressful. 

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Stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Got Brassy Hair? I got a remedy...

My hair color tends to change colors...or at least shades...with the season.  This Summer I went much blonder that what I have in past years.  Unfortunately, my hair tends to "pull brassy" as EVERY stylist I have EVER had has advised me.  Since I went even lighter, my a** has been fighting the brass! 

I've tried several purple shampoos and all of them have been somewhat beneficial.  However, I recently started using Phyto Phytargent Whitening Shampoo and much to my surprise, it is working FAR better than previous products.  Since my hair is now so light and my natural hair color is so NOT...I tend to book an appointment with my stylist every few weeks.  The in between appointment is usually just an all over color on the roots to "break the base".  I have NO idea if it's the previous hormones or just my fabulous brassy hair, but the last two times I have gone in..I end up having to do a redo because my hair ends up looking incredibly orange.  Fortunately, I can eliminate some of the orangeness by using Phytargent which is a wonderful thing since I am now having to wait a few more weeks before I can rebleach thus fix.

The even better news is that the rest of my hair looks extraordinary!  The blond radiates and my hair actually has shine to it (despite all the bleaching!).  If you have been searching for a new blond shampoo, then definitely give this one a shot!

Now...more shameless bribing!  If you write a review on ANY shampoo carries and comment that you have on this blog, then you will automatically enter yourself into winning an awesome beauty package valued at over $150!  Don't forget to tell your friends too!

As always, I appreciate any feedback and will try or "dummy" any of our products you suggest.  Heck, I'll even try products we don't carry! 

Stay tuned and stay beautiful!!

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