Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fake Bake....this stuff ACTUALLY works!

We are heading to the beach people!  My family and a few dear friends are venturing to the beach for the holiday weekend.  It will be the first time our two year old has ever been to the beach and we are all oh so very excited!  I'm even MORE excited now that I am taking this adventure with some COLOR!

Yesterday, I tried the Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Spray since we leave for the beach tomorrow.  The application was definitely mess free, which was a nice surprise.  You simply spray on long streaks and then use your hands (with the gloves provided) to rub in the product.  The instructions SPECIFICALLY warn you about doing thick applications and advise to do light applications ontop of each other...after it has dried completely.  The great news is that the spray pretty much dries instantly.  If you just move around from one spot to another, by the time you come back around, you're ready for the next application.  I ended up doing three total.  I've used several at home tanning sprays and lotions and must say, this is the best so far.  I don't have any orange tint at ALL and although I didn't use their recommended products, which probably would have produced even better results, I did take their advice and applied lotion on my knees, elbows, and feet.  This definitely worked!  I don't have any streaks or discolorations on these areas which I usually always do!

I did have difficulties with the spray toward the end.  I admit I am not the strongest of ladies, but after hauling around my two year old everywhere, I have definitely developed some muscle!  I had a horrible time getting the spray to come out.  I'm uncertain if I shook the product too much or what, but was literally just using my entire hand and spraying the product into the palm of my hand and applying it.  This was the only issue I had with the product and there's still a TON left so I plan on trying it again without shaking the product to see if this eliminates the issue.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Spray!  I should get at least three applications from the bottle and at only $27.85, it's a remarkable deal.  I've paid $60 for an individual to spray tan and have to say, this is almost as good!  I totally think that after figuring out the application process the outcome will be even better and for a fraction of the cost!

Take a look at the before, immediately after, and a few hours after application to see for yourself!  These aren't even the best pictures since I used my cell phone!!

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