Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let my product "dummying"days begin!

Since I've only recently rejoined the workforce....been pretty busy chasing my two year old daughter around..I will have to admit that I am guilty of "letting myself go" a bit.  My ritual of products for my hair, skin, and face was quite long prior to having my daughter.  After she was born, I was so busy with her that it didn't take too long to cut down and cut out those rituals.  Heck, in the early months I was lucky if I even showered everyday!

So, I am in need of getting up to date with the thousands of products that we offer and I figure what better way than to start trying them all out!  It will probably take me an eternity, but here's the first few I will be reviewing.

Lerosett Acne Kit Plus
Fake Bake Xtreme Self Tanning Gel
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Instant Ageless FaceLift in a Bottle

Is there a product that you may have wanted to try but don't particularly want to spend the money to try it out?  Let me be the dummy for you!  Email, call, respond to this blog...or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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