Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABBA Hair Care and Win a FREE $35 Gift Certificate!

Wanna win a FREE $35 gift certificate?  All you have to do is go to BeautyStoreDepot and write a review on your favorite product.  Then either respond to this blog, our Facebook post, or Tweet us the name of the product you reviewed.  The winner will be announced on Thursday!  See... told you I would be giving away freebies.

In case you win the gift certificate, I have got an AWESOME and AFFORDABLE product recommendation for you.  ABBA Hair care is an all natural, vegan, 100% environmentally friendly product line that offers a variety of hair care products for all hair types.  I personally use their ABBA Pure Color Protect Conditioner.  It smells heavenly and has done wonders on repairing my damaged/highlighted hair.  My husband and a friend have even commented on the smell of my hair and that's a first for me. 

Remember, if you're not already to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  I will continue to shamelessly give away freebies and discounts!

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