Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hand Care

So, as anyone in the beauty business knows, the Creative Nail Design "Shellac" has hit the market and has just been HUGE! I see women all day who spend countless hours and dollars on having perfect, beautiful nails, but the skin on the hands around their nails gets no attention at all. A few tips on how to keep your nails and your hands moisturized and perfectly manicured this Holiday season are:

1. Exfoliate! I know it seems like this word is in every one of our blogs numerous times, but it is such an important step that so many people skip. My number one favorite product for this is the One Minute Manicure. I almost think the name sells this product short as it is so amazing on your hands, feet, legs, etc. I would skip the sensitive facial skin, but it is truly amazing at moisturizing and exfoliating in one simple step. My second favorite product, which is a bit newer, but just as amazing, would be the ZO Skin Health Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal. This product is a bit more delicate as its' grains are much finer than the One Minute Manicure, so it may be better for aging or sensitive skin.

2. Moisturize daily! So many people wash and sterilize their hands so many times a day, but so few replenish that moisture that the alcohol in hand sanitizer and soap depletes. For day time, I religiously use the Dermalogica AGEsmart MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment. This product does a great job of moisturizing without leaving my hands so greasy that they feel like they are just attracting more dirt after using it. I also think the ZO Skin Health Oraser Daily Hand Repair with SPF 20 is great for people who are outside or exposed to UVA/UVB rays frequently. Many people don't realize how much aging can happen on your hands in such a short period of time. This is very thin and delicate skin you are dealing with and it has to be treated with care.

3. Night treatments! The one solid 8 hours most people manage to go without washing their hands is while they sleep. So why you're catching your Zzzzz, why not do a little repair with the ZO Skin Health Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery. This product will restore elasticity and original texture, and you can really see the results in a matter of a week or so!

To try these great products, you can purchase the ZO Skin Health Oraser Anti-Aging Hand Care Program ($50) or try out all these other great products at!


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Good tips on keeping the hands looking fresh


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