Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SkinCare Products Prices. What is "too good" of a deal?

I get phone calls every day based on our 115% Low Price Guarantee. Customers call and they want me to match prices on Amazon, Ebay and even Craigslist sometimes! I don't know anyone who likes to "lose" money, so how these products get sold for a serious percentage below our COST just baffles me!

How could a retailer sell a product for less than wholesale cost and still make money? A few different ways, and they're rather scary if you ask me.

1. The product was stolen. If they didn't pay for the product in the first place, why would they care what they're selling it for? They just want the lowest price, to turn over the most profit.

2. The product came from a 2nd or 3rd hand it is expired or not even the same product in the container. I've actually had a customer call me and have to spend another $100 because the $70 or $80 they saved got them not Vitamin C, but water.

The importance of buying products that you are putting on your skin or in your hair from a valid re-seller of that brand is very significant. The number of agents that could have been put in product that is not sealed, brand new or direct from the manufacturer could do some serious damage to your skin, and your wallet. A few ways to tell if a website is a valid re-seller are:

1. Do their prices match the full MSRP (retail price)? If not, some companies allow 5% or 10% off, at the most. Never do skincare companies just say "Sure. Sell our products on your website for 20% off". It just doesn't happen.

2. Does that company sell the full line of the brand, i.e., SkinMedica, Obagi, etc? There are a few brands out there and we will choose not to carry the men's portion of the line, or the body products, but never do we only carry 20 out of 40 products. Many times if someone is only carrying product that they received from an unknown source, they'll just carry what they can get their hands on and not the full line.

3. What is that companies return policy? If someone has a "no returns, whatsoever" policy, it is usually because they do not have a way for being reimbursed for product that is faulty or that a customer is dissatisfied with. At BeautyStoreDepot.com, we will take any product return, as long as it has been ordered from us, within 30 days, we will refund your money or give you store credit. We do this because all of our products come directly from the manufacturer and we have no problem getting a replacement product.

When it comes to buying skincare products online, I understand we all want a good deal. Some of the main things to be careful about are what ingredients are being used, how far is the product away from its expiration date and is this product being sold at a reasonable retailer price. We all have to be careful of this especially around the holidays.

For any questions or for that 115% price match guarantee, contact us at 1-800-926-5219 and speak with a friendly, courteous customer service specialist.


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