Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iS Clinical - Innovative and Amazing

Skin care junkies are flocking toward iS Clinical for a healthy, effective approach to skin care. iS Clinical is the newest, ultimate skin rejuvenation product line, with unique treatments that repair and revitalize the skin. Using the power of antioxidants and effectiveness of hydration, iS Clinical produces visible results. Some results are visible in one day! According to studies, it's truly the best there is.

A noteworthy fact is that iS Clinical works with Washington Cancer Institute in Washington DC - they have developed amazing products that address the unique skincare concerns of cancer and post-cancer patients. Many of these formulas not only help create vibrant and healthy skin, they also address important issues such as acne, chafing, uneven complexion, burns and scar tissue.

All iS Clinical products are designed to promote healthy skin function and durability, rather than just mask the issues and symptoms. With ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to bind moisture, Glycolic Acid to resurface and renew, and Retinol to boost skin density, iS Clinical proves that your skin can look as good as you treat it and many of its products treat multiple skin conditions. Who doesn't want fewer skin care products cluttering the bathroom counter and their checking account?

The Youth Complex is their newest amazing product that shows results in less than one hour. Its' benefits are:

*Rapid wrinkle reduction
*Firming and tightening of the skin
*Anti-oxidant protection
*Immediate, Intermediate and Long Term results.

You can find these skincare products online, BeautyStoreDepot.com. The iS Clinical Youth Complex ($135) , the iS Clinical Super Serum Advance ($130) is for pigmentation issues and supposedly amazing, iS Clinical Firming Complex ($115), iS Clinical Active Serum ($120), iS Clinical Eye Complex ($68), and great values on iS Clinical Skin Care Kits! They have the entire line available.

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