Friday, May 28, 2010

Anti Aging & ZO Skin Health!

If you had heard the words “anti-aging” five years ago you probably would’ve thought of protesters outside a retirement home before you thought of the beauty industry. Today, however, it’s a household term. Personal care and cosmetic brands are hailing the anti-aging bandwagon and will do anything to jump aboard. But, how many of them deserve a ride?
We recently came across an anti-aging fragrance — yes, fragrance — that claims to make you SMELL youthful. Like us, you’re probably wondering what youth smells like. Well, pink grapefruit, mango, pomegranate and musk, of course. The same ingredients half the fragrances on the cosmetic counters contain.
There isn’t a personal care or cosmetic item too far-fetched for the anti-aging stamp. Nail polish has thrown its hat into the ring. Mascara wasn’t far behind. We’re waiting for deodorant, lipstick and mouthwash to get in on the game.
Those are just flat-out ridiculous examples, but other products trying to encroach into the niche we’ve mastered make a more convincing case. For instance, toothpaste. We all know teeth lose their strength and whiteness as we get older. Hair care products also have some legitimacy. Your mane slowly becomes a mop over the years. But, guess what? People who have the misfortune of aging teeth and aging hair have the good fortune of veneers and Raquel Welch wigs.
Let’s face it: Skin is the hands-down most telltale sign of aging on your body. Unlike your hair and teeth, you can’t put on a new face. Not even with the best plastic surgeon money can buy. That’s why skincare lines with ingredients recognized by the FDA to fight signs of aging are legitimately entitled to the anti-aging label.
Dr. Zein Obagi and ZO Skin Health can help you fight aging, but we can’t help you sort through all the anti-aging claims. Exercise wise consumerism. Your skin will thank you for it


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