Thursday, August 9, 2018

Skin Purging - "What's Happening?!?!"

So, you’ve been saving up for the latest and greatest skin care line. The products to end all products and dished out your hard earned cash. Excited at the prospects of perfect, flawless, no-makeup-needed skin. You read all of the directions on your new skincare line to ensure you make no mistakes and properly use them as they are meant to be used. Bedtime approaches as does the time for you nightly regimen:

  • Cleanse = Done.
  • Facial Mask = Expertly Applied. Michelangelo would be proud.
  • Rinse and Tone = Like A Master.
  • Serums = Check!
  • Eye Cream = As if it were applied by a delicate cloud.
  • Retinol = Never used it but it's effective and popular so it's gonna be the best thing I've ever done to my skin. Go Me!
  • Moisturizer = Never better. Your skin thanks you for your indulgent purchase.

Certainly this was the best thing you could have done for yourself. No way will you have buyers remorse as this was important. You deserve to pamper yourself.  You drift off into La La Land dreaming of Goddess/God-like skin…. You wake up and pick up a mirror to revel in the glory of your new found flawlessness only to see the unexpected reflecting back at you. Is “THAT a PIMPLE??!! What the?? What!? Oh wait. Maybe it's...oh no. Right between my eyes! There’s another one! And another....” Tears begin to flow. Shock and awe has commenced. Or, what if it’s an allergic reaction? What if it gets worse!??! Oh no! Date! I have a date tonight!?!? I’m taking all of these products back STAT!  You collapse into a heap of despair and anger…whatever will you do!??!
Okay, okay, so yes all of that was rather dramatic, but you know many of us have BEEN THERE! The big question other than why, is, “What is this? Is this purging or is this an allergic reaction? How can I tell? What do I do?”

After reading many articles and speaking with skin care professionals and experts there seems to be, unsurprisingly, differing opinions. Some experts believe that with many of the higher-end skin care product lines (i.e. iS Clinical, Jan Marini, Osmosis, G.M. Collin, Avene and the ever faithful Bioelements and Dermalogica to name a few) the possibility of having a purging breakout is not as likely as with the use of drug-store brands due to the nature of the ingredients. That said, if you are starting a new regimen that includes Retinol or different hydroxy acids that increase the cell turnover rate you might be more likely to experience a purging effect. This happens as debris and subsurface comedones work their way to the skin surface during this more rapid cell turnover phase - usually at night time. Other professionals say that any time you switch to a new skin care line/regimen you could experience a purge and should possibly even expect it. Especially if you’ve used a drug store brand or basic soap on your skin for years and then make a leap to a quality skin care line.

Either way, if your skin does purge, keep in mind that this should only be temporary and that this is usually, in the end, a good thing even though while it’s occurring it can be less than convenient. Usually the benefits outweigh the inconvenience due to healthier skin. In my studies I did find several skin care articles that say that purging is NEVER a good thing and should not happen with any good skin care line.  However, there was little to no documentation to support this theory. Now that skin care product ingredients have vastly improved over the years with technology and availability, skin care companies are able to target specific concerns and a broader range of skin issues. Cleaner, more pure, Chirally correct ingredients purify the skin bringing pre-existing subsurface comedones to see the light of day, therefore the concept of skin purging is considered normal and definitely possible as skin becomes healthier. Basically sometimes it’s got to get worse before it gets better. This purging period requires diligence and patience and incredible control to not mess with any offending “unpopular facial spots”. The purging stage can last from a few days to a few weeks, although, if this stage lasts longer than 4 weeks or a little more, it could be that there is a deeper skin issue that needs to be addressed and seeing a dermatologist is definitely recommended.
So now what? Suffer through it baby! And leave those little pimple jerks alone. Let your skin do it’s thing. Within reason of course. If your skin is showing signs of extreme irritation, heat or redness, etc., it’s probably best to discontinue use. But if some pimples show up, usually not where you’ve experienced breakouts before then it’s likely just a purge. Often this can progress a bit faster than a normal breakout so...YAY!

Now, if you were to experience extreme redness, itching, hives, or blisters, these are all signs of a skin reaction, so please, for the love of the skincare gods, discontinue use and if your reaction worsens or does not go away see your dermatologist.

In short, stick with your new routine. Don’t give up and decide to return your skin care products unless there is an allergic issue. Continue on. Be patient. Hang in there and most importantly WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! Stick with it and odds are you will be glad that you did and your skin will love you for it.  

“Dang Girl...You’re skin looks like it’s Instagram filtered all day every day!”
                                           Mission Accomplished.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Elite Summer Sun Protection

          Here at beautystoredepot, we pride ourselves in the ability to procure our customers the very best in cutting-edge sun care technologies.  In an effort to continue providing exceptional customer service, we wanted to create a guide for our BSD customers to help direct you to the right Sun Care brand that will best fit your sun protection needs and cater most to your skin type.

          EltaMD remains one of beautystoredepot’s top picks for sun care defense and has earned a prestigious reputation due to their technological advancements in this field.  They have dedicated themselves to incorporating multiple sunscreen properties of defense and at the same time cater to those with certain skin types.  For example, EltaMD’s UV Clear (offered in a tinted option as well) ) is designed to be used by those with acne-prone, rosacea-prone and hyperpigmented skin or UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 that is formulated specifically for mature skin types or those with dehydrated skin conditions.  Another positive of using EltaMD is the ease of application in which they considered greatly when creating their products.  This can be seen in both the UV Aero Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 as well as the EltaMD UV Spray Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 with their inclusion of continuous or trigger sprayers.  Great options for a busy summer day when you are ready to get out in the sun and enjoy all that the season has to offer!  Additionally, EltaMD creates sun care for post procedural skin, water resistance, sensitive skin types, physical-only, extended outdoor/active-lifestyle use all the while remaining fragrance, paraben and oil free as well as non-comedogenic.  All-in-all, EltaMD is a multidimensional line you can feel confident in and help your skin combat the effects of sun damage.

          iS Clinical is another prestigious brand that provides high-quality, efficient sun care in addition in conjunction with skin care benefits.  In iS’ Extreme Protect SPF 30 not only have they created a sunscreen with multi-level broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, but also incorporated protection against environmental stressors with their patented Extremozyme technology as well as providing an antioxidant-rich protective barrier that helps to reduce scar tissue.  In addition to Extreme, there iS Clinical’s Eclipse SPF 50+.  Eclipse (also offered in a tinted Beige option) is a 100% all-physical broad-spectrum sunscreen that is ultra-sheer and fast absorbing with a weightless finish.  With the creation of this product iS demonstrates how much sun care has evolved.  In the past, physical sunblock was a difficult to distribute, thick, pasty, white cream that was near impossible to blend into the skin.  Well not anymore!  iS Clinical’s dermatological advancements in sun protection, have transformed the once disadvantageous opacity of physical blockers (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) and overcome them with utilization of microencapsulation and incorporation of antioxidants. Formulated specifically for daily use and extended outdoor activity, ECLIPSE SPF 50+ is a unique fusion of scientifically advanced physical sunscreens that incorporates their Transparent Titanium Dioxide and Micronized Zinc Oxide.  Both of these combined create a physical barrier to reflect and absorb UV radiation and continue to be the most effective ingredients in sun defense.

From simply walking down the street to extended family beach trips, sun protection is vital to the skin’s health.  EltaMD and iS Clinical are only two of many brands we carry and believe in.  From Glytone to Avene, beautystoredepot will always provide its customers with elite brands that continue to advance in sun protection and skin care.  We encourage you to relay any additional questions to our exemplary customer service team to fit you in the best sunscreen to get you through these blazing summer months and for year around protection.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!  Have a fabulous summer and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Do Your Products Have "Chirality"? wants to know...

Are you using skin products with Chirality? 

Green and clean since 2002, Sircuit Skin Cosmeuticals are 100% fresh.  I was first attracted to their clever names, like “X-Trap” and “Cloud 9" but now, I am attracted to what these amazing cleansing and treatment formula's have done for my skin!  

The key to this extraordinary collection of skin treatment solutions is the extensive use of Chiral (molecular separation or purification) technology. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what this strange sounding word, "Chiral" or "Chirality," (pronounced kirul-it-tee) has to do with safe ingredients and effective skin care products.  And why, should we, lovers of quality and responsive products, want to put anything with “Chirality” on our skin?
There are many reasons, and it can sometimes get very scientific, but to put it simply "Chirally Correct" refers to the form in which the ingredient/nutrient is delivered to your skin, understanding that the absorption of that ingredient takes place ONLY for that portion of a nutrient that fits the cell receptor.

Chiral ingredients (that are put through a purification process to separate the molecules) are "made" in a lab. While many ingredients that are in our products are derived from natural ingredients, they cannot be considered to be purely natural because of the extra processing or purifying.

Still confused?  So was I, but then I used them and discovered that science and beauty really do go hand in hand!

All ingredients/nutrients are composed of molecules that are mirroring images of each other – like, for example… your hands, or your eyes or your feet are all identical opposites; biological examples of mirror images of each other. In virtually all aspects, the two "parts" are physically and chemically identical, except for one critical area: How they link up and interact, or more importantly, react, with other molecules in the body.
Enough of the science! Now let’s talk about the beauty and how using these products have made such a difference in my skin. 

Skin care professionals tout a daily regimen for beautiful skin, and I found “The 7 Essentials Collection” was the perfect way to get to know these innovative products.

A.M. Routine:

Step 1: X-Trap + - Splash face with warm water, apply a small amount to fingertips and massage in circular motions into a lather on face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Step 2: Molecular Mist + - Gently mist over your face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes and press into skin. Let dry. Use any time after cleansing or as needed to refresh, protect and restore moisture balance.
Step 3: White Out + Put a tiny amount onto your finger (use your ring finger for less pressure and always in towards your nose) tapping gently around cleansed eye area in a circular motion following your bone structure.
Step 4: Day Care + - Pump a small amount onto your fingertips and gently apply over entire face (don't forget to include your neck!).  Day Care™+ is non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

P.M. Routine

Step 1:  X-Trap + Splash face with warm water, apply a small amount to fingertips and massage in circular motions into a lather on face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Step 2: Sircuit Addict + Use on clean skin before applying moisturizer. Dispense with dropper a pea size amount on the back of hand and apply to face with light tapping motions avoiding eye area.
Step 3: Molecular Mist + Gently mist over your face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes and press into skin. Let dry. Use any time after cleansing or as needed to refresh, protect and restore moisture balance.
Step 4: Cloud 9 + Scoop out a small amount and apply to face and neck using gentle upward movements.

Treat your skin to extra special products: 
2-4 times per week: Sir Activ +: Splash clean, washed face with warm water and place a small amount into your hands. Smooth on with gentle circular motions. Leave on your skin for 3-5 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Follow with moisturizer. Can be used either morning or night and 2-4 times a week depending on skin condition.

As with any product, I encourage you to look at your labels, and understand what you are putting on your skin.  Simply put, I think we all can agree that idea of slathering chemical filled lotions on our bodies is probably not too good. 

This anti-aging regimen will satisfied any desire for quality and ground breaking skin care products.  Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals are always designed to be "body friendly" and to protect the moisture balance (pH balance) in your skin, with an extremely effective, simple "be good to yourself" approach. - Blogger Catherine Cagle

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa's Picks at!

The Beautystoredepot Staff 

Has Been Very Good This Year!

 What Products Top Their Gift Wish List?!

Mike's Wish List -  American Crew Fiber and Billy Jealousy LiquidSand

Mike likes American Crew Fiber to protect his hair against moisture loss and 
to mold and sculpt his shorter hair in any style. "It's like therapy for my hair when it looks dull and lifeless," said Mike, and I get a stylish look in just a few minutes!"

Mike has also added Billy Jealousy LiquidSand Facial Cleanser  to his daily routine. "Exfoliating daily actually makes shaving smoother," he said, rubbing his chin. "It's not as abrasive as a scrub, yet better than a face wash." It gently exfoliates and nourishes while removing any debris and dead cells.                 
Jade's Wish List - PÜR HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer and Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm 

Jade says she "Love, love, loves the PUR Hydragel Lift Primer!" Her concealer and eye makeup is wearing much longer throughout the day, with a lot less transfer and creasing. 

The trick is to apply with the ring finger, NOT swipe the tube over the entire eyes. Use the ring finger to rub the top of the stick a few times (to load a bit of product onto the finger) then quickly swipe the finger with the product over the undereye area, with a few quick taps to get the product all over the area up to the lash line. 

Jade also loves Phyto- Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm as it's "the best product ever for frizzy hair and humidity."  Achieve the perfect blow-out at home with this non-chemical straightening treatment that's heat-activated to hydrate and protect hair.

Jenna's Wish List - iS Clinical Active Serum and G.M. Collin A.G.E. Total Defense

Jenna's asked for iS Clinical Active Serum as "it's one of Beautystoredepot's best sellers, and now I know why!" Active Serum not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also addresses concerns such as uneven skin tone and acne. This serum is great for both women and men!

G.M. Collin AGE Total Defense is another of Jenna's favorites because she loves how it brightens and evens out her skin's tone and texture. Since this product combines 8 antioxidants and 5 peptides to combat all the visible signs of aging "it's ideal for active women and men of all ages, even with an urban lifestyle!"

Catherine's Wish List - Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid Foundation and Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamante Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

The Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid Foundation is Catherine's favorite foundation, as it smooths across her skin easily, and blends just right to give the look that she's actually wearing no foundation at all!  Her color choice is Naturalle, and it matches her skin tone exactly, giving a beautiful finish.

Catherine also wished for the  Alfaparf Diamond Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum.  This product is a great finisher for hair as it's light, yet very rich and penetrating.  She says "the smell is so fresh and so clean! All in all, I'd say I feel very luxurious when I use it." 

Lilly's Wish List - Avène TriAcneal Night Smoothing Lotion  and Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream for hair

Lilly loves the Avène Line! "The Avene Triacneal Night Smoothing Lotion product is very pleasant and I use it nightly. My skin is definitely improving!" she says when speaking of this night lotion.  This intensive nighttime skin care reduces appearance of residual scarring and blemishes, soothes and refines skin texture and restores  radiance.  

She also raved about Phyto Secret De Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream for the hair.  Before going to bed, Lilly brushes her hair and then spreads a walnut sized amount of the product through her hands.  It's time-released for night-long intense hydration, nourishment and repair. 

Ted and Leroy chose Gift Certificates!

"I not really sure how to pick out products for my girl friend, so I'm going to play it safe and give her a gift certificate," says Ted. 

"My Mom hinted to me that she wanted to shop here, so what better gift for her than a gift certificate!" says Leroy.

From The Family To Yours...


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